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Become a 21st Century Mystic

Aug 14, 2020
Access Your Inner Mystic

What exactly does it mean to have a mystical mind or to live a mystical life? Many people believe this has to do with special abilities, such as seeing auras, remembering past lives, astral projecting, etc., but this is actually a very shallow interpretation. If anything, I would say that ...

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The Salesmanship of Life!

Jul 31, 2020
Salespeople are made - they are not born!

Nearly everything we do in life involves some form of salesmanship if it’s just to sell ourselves. We are social animals, so we seek acceptance and approval by nature. We sell ourselves to find a mate; we sell ourselves to gain friends; we sell ourselves to get a job; we ...

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Super Sales Power

Jul 28, 2020
Success and sales go hand in hand.

We must all be salespeople in order to succeed. Everyone is in the business of selling themselves every day. We all sell ourselves whenever we put our best foot forward. We did some selling to our spouses. We sold ourselves every time we got a job. Indeed, the largest difference ...

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Reclaim Your Inner Power: Ultimate Self-Esteem

Jul 22, 2020
Reclaim Your Inner Power

While the details in our life experiences may differ, we all still share commonalities in our histories. Today, I want to talk about the most fundamental part of our lives—what we think of ourselves. I learned a long time ago that we have nothing if we are unable to believe ...

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