Why InnerTalk Products?

There are a lot of claims out there and very few are supported. In fact, where subliminal communication is concerned, most are not. Science has examined a number of so-called self-help subliminal audio programs and found absolutely no efficacy (benefit). Indeed, some of these programs appear to contain no actual subliminal content.

Not all subliminal programs are the same. Our technology is patented and proven in the most rigorous of scientific studies, the double blind, to be effective. Several double blind studies have been carried out in a variety of domains (subjects) with our programs, and they have repeatedly demonstrated their effectiveness. We publish that information here and provide an extensive overview (bibliography) of research in the area.

Not only is our technology method patented (US Patent # 5,170,381) but our affirmations are carefully selected to be all positive and present true alternatives to old patterns of thought (self-talk). Our author, Eldon Taylor, is world known as one of the foremost experts on subliminal communication and his books on the subject can be found in libraries around the world. In fact, our programs have been studied under the auspices of government in both Mexico and Germany, where they were found to be effective.

We use a special shadowed masking system that involves what is technically known as "dichotic listening." You will hear words from time to time, albeit, you will probably not understand them. The power of subliminal communication largely rests in bypassing critical mind (consciousness). Our technology is designed in such a way that the change you desire begins from within as a result of changing the way you talk to yourself, and thereby your expectation and attitude. For more details, follow the links on this page, or enter our secure shopping cart and take a tour now.