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Listen to Eldon's interviews with Dr. Cristian Enescu, a neurologist who uses InnerTalk programs in his own practice and to improve his own life, and performer DeDe Mercer Moffett.

As this year draws to a close, I have so much to be grateful for!

Six years ago my life changed, and honestly, I thought it was over. Everything I knew and loved was gone.

Let me back up a minute . . .

12 years ago I met a man who asked me to be his wife, after 3 years of dating. The marriage was brief, but the personal devastation in my life was long lasting. There is so much I could say about that marriage but it's not what I want to share here.

During the time I was dating this man, I spent $80,000 on a kitchen renovation. I spent close to $100,000 furnishing the home I bought in 2006. After we married, he moved in with me and then, a couple of months later we (he) bought a new house. It was my dream home. It was a house that I found and negotiated a hell of a good deal on. There were odd things missing like a door knob here or a cabinet knob there or a hinge finial somewhere else. Some light fixtures were missing and there were no appliances so I had a great deal of work to do and I made that house a beautiful home for us. There were some pretty extraordinary circumstances surrounding the house that a few girlfriends may recall but it's not relevant to what I'm sharing now.

My former husband had been in an apartment so there wasn't much furniture in his apartment. I had just spent the last year or two buying beautiful furniture for my recently purchased home, so we moved all of my furniture into our new house and I spent the first year making that house our home.

I had tried to sell my home, also tried to rent it, and ultimately did a short sell on it. I took a huge financial hit on that home because I was trying to sell it during the financial crisis that hit after we married.

I left this beautiful home that I found and created, with the very barest of necessities - a sofa, coffee table, a couple of chairs and my guest bed. I left everything else in the house with my former husband. I've since asked him, more than once, for my furniture and other personal belongings I left in the house, but he refused. Repeatedly. It's not that he couldn't afford to buy new furniture, dishes, etc. He could've furnished the house 100 times over.

I was in commercial real estate and there weren't any deals to be done, so I had no income when we divorced. There was no real estate market at the time and frankly I was pretty burned out and wanted to do work that was more fulfilling. I had started on a course of study while married but in the devastation of the divorce, that work was no longer pursued.

I had no direction at all.

I was sad, at the very deepest core of my being.

I don't say all of this to get sympathy, although I certainly felt like I needed it at the time. I've never been in a place as dark as that, ever before, EVER, in my life. I truly believed everything in my life was gone. It was as if everything I believed in was a lie. It WAS a lie.

I took a job in a retail store to pay the rent. I don't really remember how long I worked there, maybe a year, a year and a half, I'm not really sure.

One day, I happened across a Facebook post about background work, so I submitted for it and I got booked on a show called Necessary Roughness. That first year I probably did 100 background gigs. It was fun pretending to have a life again but it wasn't enough. I wanted a speaking role, so I started taking workshops and classes, anything and everything, as often as I could. I started booking student films and independent films and community theater. It was good. Finally, I began to feel like I had something to offer the world again.

I also recognized that what everyone called "set" was actually real estate, something I knew. Once, when working a 4 day background gig, I was talking with a location manager during a break in filming and shared with him the idea I had to create a catalog of locations that the owners had already agreed to be used for filming. That conversation was 4 years ago and that's when I started my location services business. I only did 1 location gig the first year. Maybe 2 or 3 the next year. I was barely making enough money to survive. I was accumulating credit card debt. I was paying my bills on time, but I could never seem to get ahead and certainly could not get out of the 5 digit credit card debt that I found myself accumulating over the last several years.

Fast forward to 2017

I've accumulated a fairly respectable number of IMDb film & tv credits over the last few years since beginning my acting career.

This year I've had principal roles in 2 feature films, 2 network tv shows as well as a couple of roles in shorts and web series.

My location services businesses had the best year ever.

I have zero debt.

I have an 816 credit score.

I just returned from the most amazing trip ever!

Why was this year financially different?

The hard work of the previous years is finally paying off.

My assistant and project manager has been with me for several years to help me on set and to maintain the FFG database for the business. When she told me she was leaving in September, on my dads birthday (no less!), I was devastated, because I didn't know if I could do it without her assistance. And, as life unfolds, it turned out to be a blessing. The last quarter of this year was the best quarter FFG has ever had. And I handled it! With a few good site reps.

It took a lot of work, a lot of focus, and a lot of personal, focused, consistent, positive reinforcement, and extreme belief in myself. I think one of the things that made the difference this year is a subliminal audio program called "Your Personal Best," by Eldon Taylor , and his company, Innertalk. I bought the catalog / series about this same time last year. It was at a reduced price, a year end promotion, I think. I was a little nervous about spending the money, but I knew something had to change, so I bought it. I think there are about 20 different tracks on it. I created an iTunes sleep list of the 5 or 6 titles that were relevant for me. I listen to it when I sleep. Every night. Every Single Night. Even while in Thailand for the last 3 weeks. Basically, it reprograms limiting or negative subconscious beliefs and rewires your brain. You can go to the website and read about

It's pretty impressive. Ravinder invited me review a new program they developed called "Remember Lines: Especially for Actors", which I also love and added to my sleep list. Thank you Eldon & Ravinder for the amazing work you do!

I truly hope someone will be positively inspired by reading my story. It's the story of a woman who was utterly and absolutely devastated - financially, spiritually, emotionally, sexually, physically - and with Gods grace, completely rebuilt her life, from less than zero.

Don't ever stop believing in yourself.
~ Eldon Taylor

Live with passion!
~ Wanda Morganstern

Dear InnerTalk-just a quick note to tell you that a few months ago I purchased one of your weight loss audio programs...I'm definitely  a believer  in this technology.   I've  lost over 40 pounds without  the diet mentality  of feeling (at all) deprived. I've got  another  20-25 pounds to go and feel utterly optimistic  about  continuing.  Thank you so much for empowering me to accomplish this so effortlessly. Many thanks again! - N J (Erie, PA)

I downloaded  and listened to your free “I am stress free.” The difference was instant. I could feel my self feeling a million times better. Thanks  Innertalk.  Expect  orders from me in the future.  Your Pal, Jimmy Scott

I was very pleasantly surprised to see that, in this day and age of corporate greed, that your company offers free programs and cd's to people with cancer and those grieving. Because of this, I will be ordering ALL my future subliminal CDs from your company, and will be referring all of my patients to your web site. Thank you for such a pleasant breath of fresh air in such a cold world.

L.B., D.O.

I promised I would email you. You recall you sent me a healing CD recently?  Well I would like to tell you what happened.

InnerTalk Health and Wellness

You were aware I broke my leg and being 'ancient' (well the consultant seems to think I am) there was some concern over the healing. It was rather a nasty break and it was thought that pinning was the best answer. I resisted this and got your CD instead. That was two weeks ago. Since then the program has not been off - twenty four hours a day it has played. I recently went back to see the consultant and he seemed somewhat puzzled and queried when I broke the leg. I told him and he checked the date of the X-rays. He remained  somewhat puzzled so I was sent for a further X-ray.

When I got back to see the consultant I asked to see both the first and the latest X-ray. The break is healed. I am not saying it is healed enough to stand on but the break is clearly healed. This was a bad break and the consultant is somewhat puzzled at the speed of healing - well considering I am 'ancient'.

I am not at all puzzled.  I attribute this healing to the CD and would like to thank you for your help. As you know I have purchased other CD's from you  and I look forward to similar success with them.

I would also like to thank you, personally Michelle for all your help and sympathy.


I purchased the Stress in Schools for my 3 year old who was going through astage of her hating her nursery which is attached to her Pre-Pre School. I began to dread the journey and her crying 'i don't want to go to school mummy' especially as i realised that i would have that journey to that school until she was 13. I now play the Stress in School CD on the way to school and all i know is that i now have a calm happy little girl who according to her teachers has blossomed and more interactive and socialable. I've since purchased many other Innertalk CDS and my life has changed. I constantly talk about these CDS to anyone who will listen. At first I was quite sceptical but now a firm believer that they work.


InnerTalk Learning

I purchased a few of your programs and I am now a firm believer. One of the titles I Purchased was the Genius Learning Series. I had a huge Anatomy test and felt I really needed some extra help. So as I studied I listened to the cd. I am proud to say I passed and didn't miss one question on the test. My instructors and the other students were so impressed. Thanks for introducing me to such a wonderful study tool. - S.P.

Subject: Re: InnerTalk InTouch News

Hello Inner Talk, My name is Carletta R.

Hodges. I am a Registered Nurse with Multiple Sclerosis. I have been a patient of Dr.Cristian Enescu about three months after my diagnosis in 2002. Initially, when the doctor suggested Inner Talk to me, I was skeptical. However, during my first meeting with him, I was instructed to examine my way of thinking AND believ- ing. He has posted in the exam room this profound notion: "EVERY DAY IN EVERY WAY I AM GETTING BETTER AND BETTER" I truly DO believe this and I also have it displayed throughout my home in subtle areas as a reminder !!

I even laminated a 3x5 file card and hung it in my car.

Dr. Enescu also suggested I obtain a program or two from Eldon "The healer within. powerful immune system" to name a few. He also reminded me that in order to lose weight,I needed to change what I was putting in my mouth. Well. to make a long story short, I have ordered many more self-helpers from INNER TALK, as well as a continuous player that I sleep with during the night.

I have gone from an almost total self-destructive disability, to working two days a week now. I even learned that one of the patients I cared for recently, also sees Dr.Enescu, when I said the "Everyday Logo" to her, she said you see him too, Huh? As a health professional, I was ALWAYS helping others, I now thank you for helping me to learn how to help myself. Thanx Doc & Thanx Eldon


Subject: Impulse Control!

My husband and I have a child that is ADHD/ODD and were virtually at the end of our rope about 6 weeks ago. We were just about willing to try anything to fix the problems we were having with him, when my husband came across your website. We discussed it and decided to order your Impulse Control and Respect & Good Manners CD's.

We received our CD's on Sunday, Oct. 24th and played Impulse Control for about 1/2 an hour before going to the grocery store. While at the store, something happened that had never happened before!!!! Our son.....stopped and thought about what it was he was asking for and then, of his own accord, decided that it was too expensive and put it back to look for something a bit less costly! (Wow...was that our son?)

A bit of background before I go on to the rest - We, as I'd stated above had been having severe trouble with our son....he had been kicked out of school or in ISS for most of the prior two months!! - Now on to the good stuff -

We continued to play Impulse Control everyday in the background throughout the entire house. (We told him it was the ocean and that we liked it because it reminded us of our honeymoon when he asked why we kept playing it!)

That Monday, and every day since, his teacher has had nothing but wonderful comments in his assignment book, he has turned in all his homework, and has even stopped arguing with us at home when we ask him to do things. He has even stopped lying to us when he does do something wrong. (mind you the things he does wrong are quite minor now!!)

We just thought that we should write to you and let you know what a difference it has made! We are very impressed and will most likely be purchasing many more of your CD's in the future!! (some for us I think hehe)

Thank you so much!!!

The proud parents of the most improved student at Hope Academies Canton, Oh for the last grading period!!

Mr. & Mrs. R

I am a success story. I ran across an OZO program way back in 1993. OZO CONFIDENCE program# ISBN 1-55978-289-7. This program changed my life! I'd tried other programs etc. and nothing worked like this one.

InnerTalk Business Winners

I was a struggling comedian back then and I began listening to the program a few times a week. the program made me so confident that I became unstoppable! I went on to work the best clubs all over America. In 1997 I ended up in Hollywood where I became a television writer. I went on to become an award winning television comedy writer. I think the most useful elements of the program were the parts that said I deserved success.

Most recently I've become a T.V. Producer, selling and producing my very own show! The OZO program made me believe whole-heartedly that I could do anything I wanted. And as it turns out that's what it takes to do just that....just believe it.

So thank you! Whoever researched and developed this technology should be awarded the Noble Prize!!!!


I love your FREE mp3 downloads! I listen an hour every day and use the FREE hypnosis you offer. My husband's been unemployed for over a year and we are trying to catch up so your FREEBIES will help until I can purchase your products!
K.E., Louisville, KY

I am so glad I found your site I went to search and your's was the first, I clicked on it and can't seam to get off. Thank you so much, I love the "Thought of the day" and the "Humor".
Thanks, S.B., Elk City, OK

Thank you so much for your free programs! I feel frozen in time. my husband of many years passed on 1-2-05 this year I do o not know how I found your site, but i do thank the LORD above because your site has been so comforting to me. I have been left with so many decisions, my mother in law, my daughter who do not appreciate me. I feel frozen in time and so lost without him. he left no will, no life insurance, need I say more? I love the LORD GOD, and know he will help me through this loss, and thank you all again for your site, it has been a BLESSING from above for me. Love, Patricia

I love your website. Excellent source of inspiration.
M.P., Las Vegas, NV

Thanks for the great programs and CD's, they really work well… Take care and keep up the positive work!
Peace, Rich, Sandy, UT

Love your website! It's great that you can actually see the affirmations used on the CD's…I like to know what I feed my subconscious.

I am working with my first disc from Inner Talk and getting a lot out of it - thanks for a quality product!

Dear Eldon,
Firstly, I would like to thank you for making your wonderful CD's! I only discovered and started using Innertalk a couple of months ago, but what a discovery! I have already seen such remarkable benefits! Again, thank you Eldon, for giving me and so many others, such hope and possibilities for change!
Best regards, N.B.

Serenity - "Thank you for introducing me to InnerTalk - I have been listening to the Serenity CD for three weeks now. I play the CD every night just before I go to sleep, invariably I fall asleep within the first five minutes. I read the affirmations every other day.

InnerTalk Serenity

Both my husband and I are amazed at the difference this technology appears to have made to my general mood. About 4 weeks ago, I was very stressed and bad tempered which was a knee jerk reaction to various problems that were presenting themselves in my life. I now seem more relaxed and reserved in my approach to dealing with the same problems. This change has benefited me in two ways, firstly my sleep patter seems to be better (I had been waking at 4.30am for some weeks), and secondly my relationship with my husband and children is much calmer.

The tight know in the pit of my stomach had gone completely and I feel much more in charge of my emotions. It is a refreshing feeling and had you told me that by listening to a CD for 3 weeks that this change could have occurred I would have thought you were mad - but I can honestly say that there has been a noticeable difference which can only by attributed to this technology, as nothing else has changed!" T.H.

Serenity - "As a busy company director and contributor to the community, who also happens to be a mother of four, I have a pretty full schedule that I usually enjoy. I found the Serenity programme really helped me through the other times when it could have been a bit too frazzling. I feel relaxed and in control and find that my productivity is improved. Considering I can listen to the programme while getting on with my life, the return on my time spend loading the CD player is well rewarded! I now share this and other InnerTalk programmes with my friends, family and business associates!
D.W., Marlow, UK

Freedom from Alcohol -"Alcohol doesn't seem the same any more, not the way is was in my 20's. I'm 34 now, I've had problems controlling my alcohol but now I can easily stop drinking for a week. I used to drink 6 days a week, and then it would be too much around 10 points of lager, on average 7-8 pints in one sitting. The next day my body was feeling heavy and burnt out.
I knew I had to make changes. After a month of using InnerTalk I began to see gradual changes. Firstly I noticed that where before I felt angry I could catch myself in the moment, I used to think 'what the hell, I'm just having a drink with my mates,' I realized that I was deeply sad because I had been doing this for years. I realized I was drowning my sadness in alcohol. I realized that I could identify why I was drinking so much. Two weeks later I had mastered working out the patterns. When the trigger pattern starts I just think "ah forget it" When I do fancy a beer I go to the shop and where I used to buy 4 I now buy 2. I feel in control again and continue to use my CD's."

Freedom from Stress - "Having worked for many years as a therapist in the healing field, it has been my strong belief that whatever the therapy, it is essential to help clients to be able to be in the driving seat of their problem. InnerTalk does just that and more.

InnerTalk Stress Relief

I have been amazed just how powerful these CD's are and how quickly they are changing lives for the better. I myself have had an extremely difficult year, with a heavy workload and a great deal of emotional stress in my personal life. Consequently I felt useless to others and this was a situation that I had never imagined myself to ever be in and what's more, I couldn't find my way through it. I started to use 'Freedom from Stress' CD and very soon has fantastic results. I am now experiencing good sound nights' sleep and no longer have frightening anxiety attacks with heart palpitations. I look forward to every day now and have at last re-discovered my long lost bubble and twink!

Developing Compassion - "After just one week of background music I find myself reacting to life and all its warts in a much calmer and understanding manner, unable to get too worked up about the challenges facing me. I find myself in a much more peaceful place, and the music is great as well, what a bonus!

After just 7 days I began to feel differently. I had let go of the anger as well as the shame I had felt. I no longer felt any emotion about the abuse.
I was able to let it go and move on. Now when similar cases are reported in the media, I no longer feel anger about my own experience. I only feel compassion towards the victims. I've made fantastic progress, I can only thank InnerTalk most sincerely"

Forgiving and Letter Go - After one day of playing the CD I noticed that I was acting differently and was amazed. I have trained in many therapies including hypnotherapy and have heard no other else of this type that works so well. I use kinesiology, the science of muscle testing to test clients needs and the CD's come up well on testing. I can identify exactly which product would serve them best first and which others would help later."
S.P., Colchester, UK

InnerTalk Quantum Younging

Quantum Younging - "I played Quantum Younging overnight by my bed. The next day I felt fantastic. I feel one stone lighter and ten years younger (I'm 64) and much more positive. I expected to wait 30 days for results but this is amazing"
E.M., Braintree, UK

"As a professional hypnotherapist and lecturer in hypnotherapy for several years in training colleges, I have built up a library of many hundreds of hypnotic and subliminal programs. The CD's produced by InnerTalk are better than any others I have ever used and have made most of my collection redundant! I have been using InnerTalk in addition to hypnosis with many of my patients, and have had very good results in cases of weight reduction and confidence building".
J.B., Glossop, UK

Self-Hypnosis - "I took an interest in hypnotherapy many years ago. As well as reading numerous books and listening to programs on the subject I visited six hypnotherapists to learn self hypnosis, to no avail. Last year I took a course held at a college in Exeter by the London College of Clinical Hypnosis, another disappointment. Your CD collection I'm delighted to say was an instant success. I would recommend it to anyone, thank you so much"
J.G., Mid-Devon, UK

Self-Esteem - "I bought Self-Esteem CD some months ago. I didn't fell any different at first but after a week people around me at work started responding must more positively towards me. I can honestly say that your products work."

Sleep Soundly & Weight Loss Now - "Listening to the CD for an hour a day my life has been turned round. Instead of waking every morning about 4am wide awake and annoying my husband, I now usually sleep till 6/7am. I have also been able to cut down on my alcohol consumption and have lost 10lb in weight - Brilliant all round, thank you."
D.L., Bognor Regis, UK

InnerTalk Weight Loss

Weight Loss Now - "The CD helped me tremendously in changing my eating habits and helped me to feel good about myself. Within one week of playing the CD I had stopped snacking completely and had no interest in chocolate or drinking alcohol, which in the past have been huge hurdles when trying to lose weight. The biggest benefit has been in the way I like my body more. I have been on shopping trips and tried on and even bought clothes which previously I would have not felt confident in. Going to the gym and swimming have been less of a chore as I have more respect for my body. Overall the affirmations in the CDs have given my a feeling of control and boosted my self-confidence, resulting in a real belief I myself."

Confidence - "I'm happy to say that I've found it really inspiring. I feel more confident about everything and I find myself trying to inspire that confidence in my children. I look people in the eye and that's a new experience you really see another side to people who previously you might have been somewhat in awe of, they're never quite so imposing once you stare them down. I find myself repeating the affirmations all through the day and especially before meetings. I can only say thanks!"
M.P., Surrey, UK

Weight Loss Now - "The most noticeable change in self image, what I look in the mirror I see a more confident person heading the right direction, I do not see a negative overweight person. I feel better about everything and yet the weight is creeping down - I do not feel so tempted to eat unhealthy foods and I am going to recommend this programme to friends. I was considering joining a slimming club but I am much happier working through this on my own with the strength and willpower the CD gives me".
H.M., Salisbury, UK

Forgiving and Letting Go & Up From Depression

InnerTalk Up From Depression

"Before I tried these CD's I suffered from depression and had trouble forgiving and letting go after my first baby died at only 4 days old. I could not move on very easily or quickly. Since I have tried these CDs I have been able to let go of difficult situations (which before I would have fought and never given in to) I am also generally more relaxed and at ease with myself. I don't get as stressed and have a sense of well-being which was missing before. So thank you InnerTalk for giving me a better quality of life and at last a future to look forward to! I have been so impressed I have bought more CDs to try and recommended you to various friends, family and co-workers."

Weight Loss Now - May I take this opportunity to congratulate you on the excellence of your InnerTalk CD's. They really do work as I discovered to my delight. The CD in question is Weight Loss Now which I purchased from you recently.
The instructions were quite explicit so I followed them to the letter, with the result that at the end of the second day's playing my passion for Plain Chocolate Digestive Biscuits had vanished and I have not eaten one since.
However the best news is that I have lost seven pounds in weight in two weeks of playing the CD.
This must be the easiest and strainfree method of losing weight in existence and I wish your company the greatest success in the future."
Mr. B.W., Lincoln, UK

Freedom from Jealousy - "I purchased the CD a couple months ago. I listened to it for about an hour a day and I found that little things that used to irritate me no longer do. I would get jealous of other women if I considered them very attractive, this does not happen anymore. I even try to put myself in positions where I used to get jealous to see what happens. It really does work, I don't feel that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach anymore. To any ladies out there that don't really want to have negative feelings to others because they look good, but somehow cannot control themselves, this is the CD for you. It worked for me and I am sure it would work for you."

InnerTalk Hypnosis

Self-Hypnosis - "I took an interest in hypnotherapy many years ago. As well as reading numerous books and listening to programs on the subject I visited six hypnotherapists to learn self hypnosis, to no avail. Last year I took a course held at a college in Exeter by the London College of Clinical Hypnosis, another disappointment. Your CD collection I'm delighted to say was an instant success. I would recommend it to anyone, thank you so much" J.G., Mid-Devon

Dearest Eldon,
Thank you so much for your free MP3 programs… I am an American RN traveling with a royal family out of Saudi… and living in Germany. I will, when I am sure of a permanent location order from you… Your MP3 has been a life saver…

This is my first time using this type of product. I've been using my program now for close to a week and have noticed a change in mindset. I enjoy listening and appreciate the integrity of your product.

I received my programs a week ago I can really tell a difference already. You can believe I will be ordering from you again.

Thinking Without Thinking by Eldon Taylor

The book "Think Without Thinking, Who is in Control of Your Mind" by Dr. Eldon Taylor…
Fantastic. Wonderful research. Well written. Extremely informative, Find myself searching for subliminals in every publication… please pass on my comments…
Thank you, A.W.

I thoroughly benefited from your product in spite of my initial skepticism. I never read the affirmations prior to using the CDs. Within a month, I read the label and realized much of my behavioral patterns mimicked those contained in your subliminals. I'm glad that FINALLY, there's a company like yours which reinstated my faith in this technology.
Best to you,

As a former Gateways customer, I'm delighted to have found you again! I still go to sleep many nights with Dr. Taylor's "Personal Peace Meditation". I will be ordering soon!

Thank you for your prompt follow-up on our order. I love the music and I have already seen changes in my behavior toward money and learning. What a revolutionary tool for self-improvement. It's taken the "struggle" out of improvement. If the whole world could utilize your products, "what a wonderful world it would be!".

Success / Satisfaction


I must tell you that I have used programs before in my life, but I have NEVER had them work as efficiently or as fast as your programs. I have owned a small business for 20 years now and we normally don't see slow times at all. We recently had a terribly slow time (due to the economy in our area.) At that point I decided to research companies online and I found yours. I instantly knew it was the right company to purchase from by the professionalism of your web site and your testimonials.

InnerTalk Thinking

I purchased the 5 programs I wanted, listened to them profusely and repeated [them] all day every day. Bingo, within two weeks my small business was overwhelmed with new business (when everyone else in my area is still depressed.) My store is so full I may have to start turning down some orders.

For those who are hesitant to try this method or these programs, you'll never know unless you try. They DO work, and well if you give them a chance.

Thank you Innertalk. You have a repeat customer for a long time to come.


Thank You / Satisfaction
Thank you for your website. For the past 6 weeks I've been stuck in an emotional downward spiral fueled by negativity coming from all different directions. Or so I thought.

Searching for answers I typed "forgiveness" in the search bar, and your website popped up. After reading several articles, particularly the "Seven Fundamentals" and "Owning Your Own Controls" I'm feeling the burden I've placed on myself begin to lift. I realize the downward spiral is directed by my own negativity. It's an upward struggle, but I'm hopeful that I can do it.


InnerTalk Stop Smoking

Thank you for providing such a wonderful product. My husband and I have stopped smoking after listening to "forever free of cigarettes". I was a smoker for over 10 years and quit after only one week of listening to the program. After listening to the program about 3 times a day for one week I felt so guilty whenever I smoked that I just couldn't do it anymore. After I had been free of cigarettes for about 3 months, I decided just for the heck of it to take a few puffs with a drink after I had been working hard during a move. It was revolting and I just couldn't stand it. It tasted like the worst cigarette I had ever smoked when I was sick with a stuffy cold! It sounds weird, but it's true. My husband didn't even decide he wanted to quit, but after I had been playing the program over and over in the background, he stopped even before I did.
Thanks again! Michelle & Mike

My doctor has recommended your programs highly. Thank you! - K.K.

I was actually sitting alone on Mother's day thinking of my unfortunate situation, being a mother of two children, having no job and money to actually buy anything for my babies -- merely having sufficient money to buy food for myself, when I decided to surf the net not knowing what to do and trust me, your website just came on [with] the "search listing" that I requested. I would like to sincerely thank you for creating such a site because though I shed quite a lot of tears that very day , It still gave me a lot of positive spirit to continue facing all [of] life's problems that I'm facing. Please keep up the very good work you're doing because there are many many more people around the world that you may touch with all the good things that you have on your site especially your "Stress Busters". Thank you again for making this years' (2002) Mother's Day a day I got acquainted with a good friend whom I can look up to when I feel lonely and sad. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO EVERYONE ALL AROUND THE WORLD. Thank You Again and All the best in keeping your good work going. Regards - VERONICA


Self Esteem / Weight Loss
After a really traumatic year in which my confidence hit rock bottom, I've started using your self esteem programs and feel fantastic! I've just bought weight loss for my parents and they've lost 9 pounds each in just a week...I am so impressed and now have a passion for life I've never experienced before. Thank you so much. - J.W.

Brilliant! The help you provide is beyond all expectations.
Thank you - M.O.

A few years ago I started using your innertalk programs and found them to be of superior quality and much more powerful than subliminals. I had a library of the programs until they were lost in the flood we had last June. I can certainly feel the difference in my life since not having them to use.
- R.B.

My aunt has been helped tremdously by you Free From Arthritis program.
- D.R.

Anxiety & Stress Free

InnerTalk Brain Puzzle

For the last month or so, I have been using your Anxiety/Stress Free programs (Self Hypnosis and Echo Tech) and have noticed a great improvement. I am feeling much more confident, less nervous and my physical symptoms have gotten better. I am so glad that I discovered this website as I am sure that throughout life we all have things to improve upon. I have recommened the weight loss program to mother in law. Thank you very much.
- Cheryl, PA

GREAT web site!...I've been working [emergency room] crisis intervention this [morning] -- you've made my brief respite on the web WONDERFUL thanks for the break-- it was better than the hospital's coffee.

I just wanted to say "thank you." I've been feeling very poorly about myself over the past couple of days and found it refreshing to review your site. I instantly felt inspired after having just read some of the sample affirmations.
Thank you for sharing your heartful works.
Sincerely, N.S.


InnerTalk Learning

Jesse my six year old just finished her first term of Grade 1 (her first year at school). She has received the most awesome report. Her teacher can't believe that she hasn't done any schooling before. She has started writing, she knows all her colours, numbers and shapes. When the class started learning the alphabet, Jess has managed to learn the whole alphabet in a couple of weeks and has started reading words as well. Jess also goes and puts her Power Imaging program on by herself, because she says it helps her do well at school. When her teacher asked how she had learnt all the basics, even though she hasn't been to nursery school, Jess told her teacher that InnerTalk and her Mom, had taught her all she needed to know. Apparently Jess then proceeded to tell her all about Eldon Taylor, InnerTalk, left and right brain hemispheres - what they do and how they work. Mirror Imaging - and the whole baby gibberish/reverse speech research. The subconscious mind and how InnerTalk works with the music and imbedded affirmations. The teacher then asked Jess a whole bunch of questions, to see if she knew what everything meant. To which apparently Jess gave her detailed replies.

Anyway, I thought it was a lovely story and that you might enjoy it. You have to picture this six year old telling her grown up teacher all this stuff using these big words. Wes, my 13 year old goes to get Jess from the waiting class and he says he stood at the classroom door watching Jess tell her teacher, and the teacher had her mouth wide open with big eyes.

I love your OZO programs. They have been a great help to me

I have been using the two programs you sent me for twice the amount of time you prescribed. The results are astounding. My senses are strong, I sense things before they happen, and much more. Thank you very much.
- Jonathan

Satisfaction / Weight Loss / Forgiveness
Sorry I can't take you up on the money back guarantee, but the programs worked. I don't overeat or binge anymore. I have exercised forgiveness, people that upset me in the past no longer do so. Thanks!

Just wanted to tell Eldon that I appreciate and enjoy is newsletter VERY MUCH!! Not only is it very informative and often "cutting edge" information, but its "straight talk" without the fluff..... Having worked in Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy for over 40 years...there's not much that surprises me about the MIND!

I am a loyal customer of yours. I have tested many of your products and the results were wonderful. Nothing else I've tried has worked so well.


InnerTalk - Unlock Your Mind

Terrific thing about InnerTalk, which also poses a challenge, it's like suddenly finding yourself in a huge candy store of possibilities. There are so many concepts eligible for beneficial programming, it's hard to know where to start. But that's a great problem to have.
I am enthusiastically recommending InnerTalk and other of Eldon's audio betterment technologies to friends & acquaintances.

Thank you for the wonderful product that you provide. I have been using them for over 5 years with incredible results. Thank you again for your fast service, and great products.

Satisfaction / Service
I count myself as having been very fortunate to ever have discovered your company and the outstanding products you provide. Eldon Taylor is always extremely generous with both his time and creativity and has created several custom programs for me which I continue to enjoy on a daily basis. Thank you again for your consideration.
D.D. - Florida

I just wanted to let you know that I received the programs last week, and have been listening to them every day. I love them. They're great!! Thank you.

I also must say that the MP3s on your homepage are working though I don't speak English very well.

Self-Hypnosis Stress
I tried the free sample stress relaxation hypnosis and loved it.

I love your programs, CDs and website. Thank you for providing such a powerful technology for change. It's just so simple to listen and then have major shifts occur. Thanks for your dedication to improving life on Planet Earth.

I have stress,allergies and to much time on my hands. I listened to the stress program. Boy! did it work... . I can't wait to get started with my own CD's. Thank you for being there.


InnerTalk Brain

Hi! I have been browsing through your website on and off for 2 weeks now and I'm going to have to purchase some programs just to satisfy my overwhelming curiosity. A few years back I was fascinated by subliminals and bought many programs and books on the subject. My interested waned however when I wasn't getting the results I wanted. My interest has been rekindled though after speaking to someone who swears by your programs. She's a work colleague of mine who for some strange reason has gone from being very shy and quiet to someone who is very confident and very amusing - and this all in the space of a few months. I think she's told only me that it was because of your programs.

Hypno Disk
Your [hypnosis] disc was so amazing! I had a great time with it!

I have to say that I have only been dealing with your company for a few weeks and I am totally impressed with your EXCELLENT customer service. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. (And I love your products too!)

My son has been using the ADHD program since August 2001. I am very happy to say he is no longer on Ritalin. He is doing fine. Of course, he is still a boy, but he is learning to focus etc. I am very proud of him and happy that I found you. Thank you!! - R.M.M.

If only every one would use your products, we'd all be truly happy. Thank you for your work. - C.W.

I improve everytime I listen! - P.E.

I have had my sons use your programs VERY SUCCESSFULLY with sports for the past 5 years.... Now they WANT the programs to help them with college! I look forward to getting the new programs soon! THANKS! - B.M.

I believe in your theory/work. I am a counselor. - M.B.

My sister had the Hyperemperia with her. One of her friends gets terrible panic attacks so that even her voice goes. The other day my sister let her listen to the CD after she was already voice less for 3 days after a panic attack. After only one session she was perfect. - Annemarie

Platinum Plus

I have a number of your programs and I enjoy them all. One in particular I'd like to comment on is the Platinum Plus program called Emotional High. I think the music is breathtaking and it is one of my favorite musical scores. - T. C.

I have purchased Eldon's programs before and had great results from them. - T.T.

About 13 yrs. ago I bought myself PAR's Positive Thinking & Procrastinate No More. When I moved in 1989, just before Christmas, my trailer was broken into, one of the items stolen was my boom box with my positive thinking program in it. I've tried finding a store to replace my program but to no avail, I'm so pleased to have found you guys after all these years. (I don't think the person that took my boom box and program realized what it was, I wonder if there is a very positive thinking burglar out there. HA! HA!) - A.H.R.

Dear Dr.Taylor: I bought one of your AudioPlus machines and I want to tell you I have had some absolutely fantastic results with clients in my hypnotherapy & N.L. P. practice. I have one hard core Heroin addict that has not touched drugs for almost 4 years. I also have several alcoholics who have recovered and one recent Cocaine & Alcohol addict who is clean and sober for 8 months. I also have many people who have lost weight and kept it off, quit smoking etc. It has been terrific. I thank you so much for inventing it. - N.B.

First, praises to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for in my life, all things come from Him including this because I prayed for changes and the ability to move myself to "the next level"...I have been using the programs for about 6 months now and I would like to thank you! Changes are so subtle...but I noticed that after ordering the "ending self-destructive patterns" program I am able to push myself beyond the "boundaries" I have imposed upon myself...even in selecting a mate. I'm much more assured now that I deserve better in every area of my life and God is working to make this happen! My attitude has changed for the better. I even walk, talk and present myself totally different than before. I've always been considered a successful individual but those darn limitations kept me from reaching my real true goals. And you know something interesting...I'm realizing things about myself. I few days ago, I had an limitations are from fear and worry! You would think that someone as successful as myself would not have those things...but now I "catch myself" doing this quite often. I see now that this practice chips away at your ability to achieve things -- sometimes even unrelated. [from a subsequent correspondence]
InnerTalk - Molecular Thoughts Hi (again), I just wrote sort of a testimonial letter. I've been reflecting a lot lately about the "subtle" changes I mentioned prior...and I want to add one thing. So fascinated by what has happened in my life -- my determination etc. that I read the article "The truth about subliminal programs". [] Loved it! and you know what...I'm about 80 pounds overweight -- my daughter is about 50. I bought the weight loss program a few months ago and I'd put it on for us to listen to while in the same room. Do you know she couldn't stand to listen to it just like mentioned in the article! Also, unlike my experiences with the other programs...I didn't particularly enjoy listening to it either. Now, mind you my weight issues go all the way back to early childhood and I KNEW that there was resistance (deep down) but I guess also (deep down) didn't think the programs were THAT effective. Do you know I "conveniently" misplaced that particular program...can't find it. - D.C., New York

I am so glad you brought back this title. I used to own it but lost it. I own many different technologies on program, CES, L/S machines. This CD consistently trances me out. Thanks Eldon! - D.S.

I spent some time in your website and like it a lot. It was particularly appealing because of the really complete information and the great way it was presented. I expect to get into your program as it appeals to me. - Tom Foster, author of Your Mind Power Unleashed.

Hello Mr. Taylor,
I use your OZO Soaring Self Confidence and Echo-Tech Self Esteem once a day. Wow, what a positive change they make in my life. After I listen, I notice that I can talk to people more easily without the former fear I had. People also seem friendlier, probably a result of the subliminal messages. Your programs are having a surprisingly pleasant and positive effect on me. Thank you again for your wonderful programs. Good luck to you today and in the future and all the best in 2002 - J.W.

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