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Overcoming the Blues

Oct 27, 2020
Find your inner serenity!

It has never been more important to take care of ourselves and keep our immune system working at peak efficiency. But that can be hard to do if you are feeling lethargic and down—when each new day can feel just as dreary as the day before. Well, we have just ...

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Mind as Healer – InnerTalk

Oct 20, 2020
InnerTalk Tree of Health

Whenever we are planning a road trip, Eldon always makes sure to check the car over first. Of course he fills with gas, but he also checks the oil, fluids, and tires. There can also be those things that are just beginning to be a problem but just not significant ...

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Overcome the Abuse of Control

Oct 16, 2020
InnerTalk Brighter Future

Most of us are aware of the long-term effects of physical and emotional abuse, the toll it takes on a person’s sense of esteem and self worth long after the abuse has ceased. It’s very common for the abused to have deep-seated beliefs that perhaps they deserved the abuse because ...

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The Many Faces of Abuse

Oct 13, 2020
InnerTalk Brighter Future

When I first started working for Eldon, I started at the very bottom. Oftentimes I would spend days on end simply packaging product (audio cassettes back then). I actually found this job very educational as it gave me a chance to really look at the affirmations on each of the ...

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Why You Sabotage Your Own Dreams!

Oct 09, 2020
What could you achieve with InnerTalk?

Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you set yourself a goal, start out doing pretty well, but then something happens and you end up failing? This is the classic indicator of self-sabotage and it can show itself in a wide variety of self-improvement areas ranging from weight ...

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Uncovering Self-Sabotage!

Oct 06, 2020
The path to success

This week I wish to discuss self-sabotage. Most people are totally unaware that they are sometimes controlled by internal mechanisms that are designed to protect, but that actually function to sabotage certain goals in their lives. The fact is, all of us possess self-destructive elements that can manifest at any ...

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