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Neutralizing Election Stress

Oct 02, 2020
Election Stress Remedies

In this week’s newsletter, I would like to address stress—not the typical form of stress brought about by life circumstances, but the stress attached to this election cycle. This year, more than 50% of Americans are experiencing serious stress directly brought on by this election.   Another Gotcha? In my ...

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Small Changes Accumulate To Create Big Results!

Sep 23, 2020
Always strive to be better

One of the most common questions we get asked about InnerTalk has to do with the best way to use the programs. While we do have our official recommendations on this, I am not really one for following rules. As such, I have played with it and have tested out ...

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An Accelerated Approach to Self-Improvement

Sep 16, 2020
Nurture positivity

For me, self-improvement really is just part of my life’s journey. I know that I can always reach higher, and so that is what I try to do. As such, most of the things I work on really do not have a sense of urgency to them. For example, I ...

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Change Your Inner Beliefs —Change Your Life!

Sep 13, 2020
Inner Beliefs

One of the things I’ve learned is that it doesn’t matter how obscure a problem is, or how insignificant the problem may seem to others, the only thing that really matters is the significance of the issue to the individual. When you find the solution for your own particular life-challenges, ...

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Our Most Popular Titles

Aug 19, 2020

Periodically, I like to generate a list of our best selling titles as this can tell me a lot about our readers and what is important to them. It is interesting how trends have changed over the years. Below are our top 10 titles. How do you relate to this ...

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