Dear Friend,

Eldon Taylor

Years ago, I asked myself; "Wouldn't it be nice to live in a world where everyone was happy and whole... a world where peace, balance and harmony prevailed... a world where patience, love and joy abounded? What if everyone felt successful in their endeavors?"

Just asking these questions motivated me to create a means by which such a world could possibly be brought into existence. Given that self and social alienation underlies so many of the woes of our time, I tried to create programs that would end cognitive distortion (negative/unrealistic self-talk.) These programs would systematically engineer thought modification statements that would result in overwriting the negative by priming powerful, positive thoughts. Today we refer to these in general as thought modification programs. These programs are aimed at:

Our products and services are designed to assist in facilitating self-actualization. Each of us deserves to be happy and whole. We can achieve so much more than the shadow of self with which many come face to face. Our mind has such incredible power over our life that we owe it to ourselves to empower the full richness of our true creative being in all our endeavors. Health, relationships, business, school, etc., are but elements in the path we take. We can bring these elements into a unified place of harmony and wholeness.

In using these products myself, I have found that my entire world changed. For others who have taken that challenge, their letters assure me that the change is spreading.

Thank you,

Eldon Taylor