InnerTalk, the most effective subliminal self-help technology.

Your True Potential

InnerTalk subliminal self-help programs allow you to reach your true potential with absolutely no effort on your part!

5 points of InnerTalk

We know that even if you have the best opportunities available to you, this does not necessarily mean that you will succeed. Why do some people succeed and some do not? Many people become their own obstacles to success with negative inner talk and beliefs.

Some very impressive "success" results are being achieved with the InnerTalk subliminal self-help technology. InnerTalk subliminals actually re-program the subconscious mind, which in turn dictates our realities. Our conscious mind is similar to a computer keyboard and our subconscious mind is like the hard drive. One serves as the input and the other is the processor of the information.

No one's success or failure is predestined. And, yes, everyone does have the potential for success and happiness within themselves.

With InnerTalk subliminal programs, you can receive the successful mental programming to reach your ultimate goals. One of the main benefits of this technology is that it requires no conscious effort or work on your part, to breakthrough to the "ultimate successful and happy you."

Many individuals have used these programs with great results. One young boy, William, used InnerTalk subliminals for his creativity and musical performance. At the age of 12, he composes and performs at genius levels. William attributes his performance to the InnerTalk subliminal program. Another young boy, Matthew, has mastered the game of golf and now performs at amazing levels.

And now, you too can use these special programs to help you reach new levels of success that you may have only dreamed of in the past. By playing these programs in the background, you too can achieve amazing results!

The InnerTalk subliminal technology has a U.S. Government patent with numerous claims to the technology. Here are a few...

Using other self-help programs, most people resort to old behaviors. InnerTalk subliminal programs provide effortless, positive change for the mind. The InnerTalk subliminal technology goes right to the source of the problem and corrects the self-destructive beliefs that need to be changed.

InnerTalk subliminals help to reprogram the brain from the inside out!

Whole Brain InnerTalk Subliminals - Dynamic Left/Right Brain Programming!

InnerTalk - left/right brain

Your mind is truly incredible!

The brain has been compared to a computer. The analogy has power, but it is quite an understatement. Science has discovered many of the connections that appear to give the brain/mind so much control over our bodies (health, wellness, longevity, youthfulness) and our destinies (success, learning, wealth and prosperity). Still, what we have discovered is only the tip of the iceberg.

The Left Hemisphere: The Rational Mind (for right-handed people) controls your logic and reason. It analyzes the information it receives and organizes it into a logical framework. The unique InnerTalk subliminal technology delivers positive messages to both hemispheres of the brain according to how each receives and processes information. To sidestep your rational left brain"s resistance to positive messages that conflict with negative beliefs, InnerTalk subliminals delivers permissive messages such as, "It's okay to succeed." (Direct statements trigger all kinds of negative self-talk from the left brain, such as, "Succeed? I've never succeeded at anything." What makes this time any different?)

The Right Hemisphere: The Creative, Intuitive Mind is non-discriminating. It absorbs information without question or any analysis. It is here that early childhood messages such as, "You'll never amount to anything," are stored, even though you may not be aware of them. No matter how much you try to re-program these negative messages on a conscious level, the emotional imprint is so deep that negative beliefs generally prevail.

Round Robin Effect
Round Robin InnerTalkWhere appropriate positive subliminal affirmations are delivered using female, male and child voices. InnerTalk subliminals delivers authoritative statements which are readily accepted by your right brain, such as, "I succeed at everything I do," to counteract years of negative programming. On one channel, accessing the left brain, words are meaningfully spoken, forward masked permissive subliminal affirmations, such as "It's okay to feel good," delivered in a round robin manner, by a male voice, a female voice and a child's voice. (Research shows that individuals may often respond more favorably according to their preference of male, female or child voice.) On another channel directive subliminal messages, such as "I am good," in the same voices are recorded in reverse. The analytical left hemisphere cannot argue with the permissive subliminal statement and the non-analytical right hemisphere simply accepts the authoritarian subliminal statement, and all of this is a part of our patent! Since the hemispheres are task oriented, both the left and right brain become involved according to their specialties. (For further information, see Thinking Without Thinking.)