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The Joy and Benefits from Writing

Mar 13, 2020
Discover the power in writing!

What comes to mind when you think about writers? For the longest time, I thought about it only in the context of famous authors writing incredible fiction—sagas, fantasies, dramas, thrillers, etc.—or fascinating non-fiction—social psychology, memoirs and biographies, and thought-provoking self-empowerment. But the fact is we all write a whole lot ...

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Are You Ready to Wake Up?

Mar 08, 2020
Gotcha book by Eldon Taylor

We are living in interesting times. I write often on the subject of free will—does it even exist and how can we claim it? Our thoughts, beliefs and desires are constantly being nudged, and never more so than during an election year. If you have not yet read my book, ...

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Boost Your Immune System

Mar 03, 2020
It's time to nurture your self-healing abilities!

Well, this is a difficult newsletter to write . . . for several reasons. Is it best to ignore an issue or to tackle it head on? But what if tackling it head on just makes you sound tacky? This is something Eldon and I have been debating about lately, ...

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Time to Explore the Spiritual

Mar 01, 2020
Spring by InnerTalk

Well, it does not look like the Corona story is going to end any time soon so it is up to all of us to find those little bright sparks in our lives and maximize them. There is simply no point in fretting over things for which we have no ...

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Motivational Nudges to Empower Your Life

Mar 01, 2020
Motivational Nudges book by InnerTalk

How High is Up? For many people, self-help is simply a tool used for addressing a specific issue. They fix the issue and then they move on. For some people though, self-help is more of a journey, a constant striving for higher goals, a search for ways to unleash all ...

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Broken Minds Equal Broken People

Feb 21, 2020
InnerTalk... because believing in yourself always matters!

It is interesting to see the social networking posts criticizing people who do not know how to think, or do not seem to have common sense, or who say the dumbest things, or carry out really stupid acts, and so forth. It is also intriguing to me to review the ...

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