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InnerTalk Testimonials


My sister just bought some of the programs, and she is thrilled, she said, she feels so good, and it has been just a month since. so I am going to try it myself. thanks.


I just bought two of your programs within the past three days and am so excited that I can hardly wait to try more of them. I would not be exaggerating if I said that I can feel some changes already. Thank you for developing such a wonderful product. I look forward to providing a testimonial telling of the positive results I experienced from your products.

Yours truly,
Melvin S. Hurston


On Aug 23, 2000 in response to my request for assistance in my business and life you said:
"I would suggest using the program "Ending Self Destructive Patterns" first. This may assist in uncovering any self sabotaging strategies that hold prosperity from you. Thanks and I wish you only the very best!!! Eldon"
Things are working!!! My seminars are starting to get off the ground and new ideas are germinating. Thank you so much for your program!

Body Building

I'll give you a broader picture as to my incredible experience.

I've had the Innertalk Bodybuilding program since December 2000 along with a couple of others but i only started using the Bodybuilding program alone, consistently from sometime in the begining of October. My workouts have been more intense and focused in terms of both the cardiovascular aspect and the strength training. All this has translated into a better body, in terms of mass and definition. I have never felt bigger and more ripped than ever before.

Kindest regards,
Sebastian Lean


I have many of your programs and they are a great help to me...I love the
subliminal ones.


Wow! Eldon,
I was stunned by this newsletter today. You are amazing and I *so* love this
Thank you so much
Kerry T

I would like to thank you for all your work. I have read thinking
without thinking and I have been using your programs for some time. I have lost
35lbs and continue to loose, and I have stopped biting my nails after 35yrs.
Nicholas C


Thank you for your newsletter I love them, I have a passion, (its been with
me all my life) "what makes me tick", now understanding its myself that
creates my own experiences, I have in small steps on my own began to change
how I would like to experience my relationships with my family,
all I can say at this stage is O boy it works.
Sylvia Barr


My name is Terrell M Perrin and I ordered one of your programs and I love it. I can't explain, and to tell you the truth, I am just so happy they work. I am ordering this catalog for my mom.

Thank you very much,

Terrell M. Perrin


I have received great results from the "HAVE IT ALL" program. I just know I'll purchase more of your programs in the future. I'm very grateful that your programs worked because I've tried other programs that just couldn't deliver what they promised. But YOU DID.

Wishing you the very best in life! :-)


Brilliant website! By far the most comprehensive site about subliminal technology on the internet.

- Eric Albanese


"..thank you for your great site, please continue your work."
- Will Gable


Your information is fascinating. In working with teenagers on a locked psychiatric ward for years, I have always known the power of the word. It is time we take back that power and use it as intended.


To whom it may concern:
I love your programs - thank you for a quality product.
Tom Sweeney


I would like to take this opportunity to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the InnerTalk Newsletter as well as your site. They are both inspirational and a wonderful resource tool for like-minded sites.
- Francine Bedard


Thank you very much for offering your catalog for free. It increases the enlightenment of my journey to discover websites like yours.
Thanks again.
Michael Sanders


Dear Progressive Awareness,
Recently a friend gave me as a gift your 'Prosperity' Whole Brain / Tropical Lagoon program. I've followed the sixty day program, I'm on day 56 and it has worked wonders!!

Michael Caple-Stevenson


I heard about your products and work through Paul Stephey in Florida who had very high recommendations. I am very impressed.

- David Comini


From: Thomas.Bogan.III
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000

Thanks for your work. TB3


From: Kent Palmer
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000 12:09:20 -0700 (PDT)
To: Eldon Taylor
Subject: Note of appreciation

I just have to say that, having just read your most recent newsletter, you genuinely seem to be the type of person who loves to see people tap into their potential, regardless of whether or not you become a multi-billionaire in the process. Recognize, of course, that I am not knocking financial success, but it is very gratifying to encounter people of your caliber in life, especially at times such as right now for me, when things on the surface are not going well at all (as the result of the actions of people whose motivations tend to be the polar opposites of those of you, me, and others like us). To provide so many tools to the general public free of charge is simply incredible AND just plain good business, hopefully.

Once again, THANK YOU.

Kent Palmer


Thank you for your work. I recently placed an order for several of your CD's for my family and myself and have enjoyed them immensely! I have found a new confidence in myself and have seen a drastic improvement in my children in a very short period of time while using the various titles that we received.

At Your Service,
Judson S. Weekly


I believe there is more explanatory material on your pages than some other programs have content. Looking forward to the newsletter.
-Paul Duane Jones


I believe in you Mr. Eldon Taylor. I believe in your products and you have convinced me of the power of subliminal technology. Before I was skeptic, now I am a believer!
-Jasper T. Suquila

OZO and Omniphonics

Loving your products,have used them for ten years now, OZO is the ultimate, followed by the OMNIPHONICS CDs. Isn't about time you produced some more?
- Stuart Goodship


I have already obtained several of your programs in Mexico and am enchanted with the results. I am would be glad to know how I can obtain them here in E.U.A., thanks.
- Senaida Gonzales

OZO Sports

Debbi Lawrence, USA Olympian"I absolutely love the OZO experience! It is the quickest, easiest, most effective sports psychology tool I have ever used. Eldon Taylor, thank you for talking to my mind in a way that has convinced me that I am a champion. These programs worked prior to the 1996 Olympic Games and they will get me to Sydney 2000!

Debbie Lawrence
U.S.A Olympian


"I ordered the "Prosperity Power" program, and in a short time, I found myself able to see a clearer path to the future I will have. These programs, a combination of "InnerTalk, Echo-Tech, OZO, Power Imaging and Neurophonics" are incredible. "Prosperity Power" is the most well rounded set, dealing with all issues from esteem to ultimate prosperity and gently opens those doors that for most people remain forever locked. Also the staff at PAR are the most knowledgeable, kind, and patient people I've ever dealt with. Thanks Alan and Ravinder--you're the best. Eldon Taylor, "God Bless You!!"

P.S. I've since ordered more programs for friends and even my 13 year old son!

(By his request! He was a skeptic!)

Lisa Arnold
Modesto, CA

Subject: Re: Newsletter
Date: Mon, Jan 31, 2000, 5:19 PM

You have me very interested in learning more about the physic rather than conventional wisdom. What an edge a person can have by grabbing the powers from within at the cell level.

Tom La Forge
Sr. Environmental Health & Safety Engineer
Wyle Laboratories
Kennedy Space Center Florida

Satisfaction / Spirituality

Dear Dr Taylor

Wishing you a super productive 2000 & a millennium in which you incarnate with better karma every time :-) Last year my life was immeasurably improved by your programs. I have now "graduated" to the spiritual programs, and my all-time fave is Asclepiad Healing Dream. I use it as a soundtrack when I give Reiki treatments. It definitely enhances the experience and makes the healing force flow very powerfully.

Pieter Uys
Johannesburg, South Africa


I am pleased to report I have not gambled since October 24th this year and am quite sure of the impact of the program.

Jill Webb - Australia


I would also like to say that I find your programs to be of the highest quality and I treasure them like I do my jewelry. They are, in my opinion, as valuable as gold! Thanks!

Lori Hard


"I enjoy your programs very much because they really work!"

Professor Jairto Gomes Dos Santos
Editora Intellectus Ltda


I have had amazing success with the "Prosperity" program. On the days that I listen to it on my way to work, my stock portfolios go up in value. Sounds crazy, I know, but this happens predictably and consistently At first, I dismissed this as dumb luck, but after months and months this phenomenon continues like clockwork virtually every time I listen to it.

Happy Holidays,


From: "Alma A. Gonzalez"
Subject: Newsletter
Date: Tue, Sep 29, 1998, 9:45 AM

Please send us your newsletter to De Anza Junior High School
We are grateful that you came to visit us here in the Imperial Valley.
We are faithfull listeners to the morning radio program, that Mr. Marin
transmits in regards to your studies and programs.
Thank You. :)

Satisfaction and Inspiration

From: Chara Curtis
Subject: Sharing..
Date: Sun, Nov 1, 1998, 6:36 PM

Thank you for this web page.... and sharing your light! I'm not often able to get access to a computer, but am using a sister's while she is away. I was graced to find your website !! I thought I would share a song that came to me, while in an "attitude of gratitude", one day in August..


I was still a young one, no more than nine or ten
When thought's of life's great mystery's began to enter in
One day in contemplation, of the wonders to behold
A voice within me whispered
search your heart, and you will know

Through Loves Intent and Purpose,life's expanded from the start
Shining light in darkness, the reflection of lifes heart
As it is in the beginning, Love forever holds the key
One of Pure intent and purpose, creates life, eternally

It's all intent and purpose, as our life wills to unfold
The freedom to make choices, is the builder of the soul
Keep your eye's on wisdom, In understanding you will grow
For all intents and purposes, you will reap just as you sow

In time I've not forgotton, the simple words I heard that day
Teaching me discernment, as I travel life's highway
Grace is freely given, What you seek is what you find
Your intent and purpose, shows your heart and soul, and mind
Keep your eye's on wisdom, With understanding you will know
LOVES intent and purpose is the ONENESS of the Whole

Through Loves intent and purpose, Lifes expanded from the start
Shining Light in darkness, the expression of lifes heart
As it is in the beginning, LOVE forever holds the key
One of Pure intent and purpose, creates life eternally
As it is in the beginning, LOVE for ever holds the key
LOVES Pure intent and purpose, is the TRUTH of you and me

Mahara Smith

Satisfaction / Cancer

From: "Jorge Cisneros"
Subject: Re: thanks
Date: Thu, Jan 21, 1999, 1:48 PM

Mr. Taylor,

By this simple email I personally would like to say Thanks! for the work you have done. I haven't heard those programs myself, but some relatives have done it (my mom and two aunts back in Mexico). One of them had symptoms of pancreas cancer, she got help from alternative ways, such as reiki and your program. All of a sudden the doctors repeated the medical analysis and couldn't found anything. Miracle or what ?? I do believe in your work, unfortunately one of my aunts passed away last year (breast cancer), but at least in the last couple of months she had the chance of listening the cancer program I believe she felt less pain.

I'm sure these programs would help me (and my wife too). I don't know if you give some seminars on your research (hope some day we'll be lucky to have you giving some speech in Boulder, CO or at least in Denver).

One more time, thank you! and have a great year as well.


Jorge Cisneros

Satisfaction / Have It All / Success

From: Alan T Mauro
Subject: Re: Your InnerTalk order
Date: Wed, May 5, 1999, 9:32 AM

Thanks... so far I have recieved significant results from the "Having It All" program. And its only been a few days!

Body Building / Satisfaction / Exercise

From: Pieter Uys
Subject: THANK YOU!
Date: Mon, Jun 28, 1999, 11:42 AM

Dear Dr Taylor

Thank you so much for all the help I am getting from your programs.

Since I have been working on myself for a year before I discovered your programs locally here in South Africa, it is difficult to quantify the improvements in some areas, BUT: I wish you could see my muscles after just 40 days of listening to the BODY BUILDING program. You see, I'm a bit lazy when it comes to physical exercise but for many months last year I worked out every day and used Creatine, with disappointing results.

I'm still taking Creatine but the muscle growth the last month has been SPECTACULAR. The first thing I noticed was that I got drastically thinner around the waist. I then realised that my body must have been drawing Glutamine and stuff like that from the stomach to the muscles. I then started eating more and my stomach has now stabilised, but my muscles just keep on growing. I have also now increased my Creatine intake.

Your local distributors Dave & Mandy Swinburne are wonderful people. I saw them on Saturday and got 4 more programs.

Thank you again.

Pieter Uys
Johannesburg, South Africa


Subject: Mathematics is Easy
Date: Fri, Jul 23, 1999, 3:34 PM

Hello again, I have enjoyed your programs for several years now and I still play them. More recently I ordered"Mathematics Is Easy" for my children. Tyler who is 9 years old now went from poor grades in math to excellent grades. I started playing the program for him last year, it didn't seem like no time at all that the improvements were showing up in his grades in math. Also his teacher made several comments about the dramatic change. I just thought you'd like to know about the difference you have made in my family's life.
Thank you once again.
Sincerely, Julia Terry


Subject: Re: Parways Order Notification
Date: Thu, Sep 16, 1999, 10:35 AM

Thanks! I'm already having fantastic results with the first program I ordered, and can hardly wait to start listening to these. You have a wonderful product!

Bon Johnston

Forgiving and Letting Go

Date: Sun, Sep 12, 1999, 11:18 AM

I used to get your catalog while living in Florida. I love your programs. I
lost touch since I've moved and am thrilled I have found you on the
Internet. I'm looking forward to my new catalog. Your Forgiving & Letting
God program really helped me.


Sometimes I wonder about the 'philosophers' or 'mystics' that we occasionally come across in the old literature - the ones who say something to the effect that we have to unlearn what we have already learned in order to push forward.

What would one of these older philosophers have said about our riddle of 'subconscious/conscious minds', or why subliminals work, or even how the mind deals with the information?

Perhaps they would begin with the two words - 'subconscious' and 'conscious'. Language itself teaches that 'subconscious' is beneath 'conscious', by way of the prefix 'sub', making the word itself into a presupposition. Perhaps one of those older philosophers would begin by saying 'Why is it 'beneath' the conscious'?. Perhaps they would look at the conscious mind as the low run on the ladder, and what we call the 'subconscious' as the higher levels.

Going from there, they would change the label 'subconscious' to 'overmind' - at least while they were discussing this topic. Information enters the conscious first, gets analysed, sorted, then either rejected or added to the whole mind, either as perceptual filter, behavioural change, or judgmental modifier.

These older wise men, should they have said all the above, would then laugh at the models we use, claiming that we are childlike and egotistical - 'Look, they really feel that the little bit of them that handles day to day tasks is really their highest part of mind.'

Or, perhaps these wise men would look at what we call the 'conscious' mind, and discuss what if it were actually a 'middle', instead of a top or bottom? When the 'top' and 'bottom' minds overlap, the conscious mind is a result. Then, after having unlearned what we consider basic and fundamental, they would begin to pursue the 'why' and 'how' subliminal messages get processed.

The technology they would leave alone at the moment - old philosophers didn't care how their televisions worked, they left that for the old ancient engineers. They would look at the messaging - the scripts - themselves.

'External or Internal'?, they would question next. One of our basic assumptions is that the subconscious is an internal thing. 'But why'?. If we take a 'holistic' type of approach - that the entire mind represents a snapshot of some kind of greater whole, and that all of the events around us, noticed or not, is a part of this, perhaps a new or different type of insight can be arrived at.

They would look at the advocates for '1st person' scripts, and the advocates for '2nd person' scripts. Many '1st person' scripters feel that the subliminals come through as inner dialogue, and that is why they must be done 1st person. The 2nd person scripters feel that the scripts must be made addressing the person, otherwise the subconscious would simply perceive the messages as applying to the speaker as opposed to the listener.

These philosophers would simply node sagely, and say 'of course.', nonchalantly, and claim that both 1st person and 2nd person type scripts are correct - but for different reasons than their advocates believe in.

Would they say something to the effect of 'Information about the 'I' comes up from the inside", 'Information which implies you are a participant comes down from above', or perhaps 'One is understood as internal, a sense of self. The other is understood as external, interaction with others and the world around.' (The average consumer would say 'Who cares, as long as it works'?).

The fact that the subconscious can deal with, and process, backward encoded messages implies that the mind, all levels, are incredible engines for finding a patterns (by whatever means necessary - and manufacturing one if it can't find it!), and then putting meaning to it (although not necessarily the correct meaning!).

Perhaps, after all, the reason that any subliminal perception is processed and added into the evolving mind, is simply a search for a meaning in a pattern. A good question, then, when designing a script would be 'How does this fit into a pattern'?, or 'When someone experiences this event/affirmation [without the conscious mind interfering], how will it fit into the pattern of their lives'?.

Perhaps the act of interpretation is a two-way street; when we interpret something, when our brain decodes something be it above or beneath perception thresholds, we change. Something is altered.

- Paul Harrison


"I am going to leave you with a little conversation snippet I picked up fairly recently, just something that may give you something to think aboUT...

'Understanding and realization, or perhaps Understanding and performance. Before you learned to drive, you understood what it was, what was going on, but until you actually had to perform the driving, you never realized what it was like to drive. You could understand it, and talk about it, but you never actually knew it. Many things in life are like that. Some not so obviously....'"


Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 18:34:09 -0400
Subject: Mathematics is Easy

Hello again,
I have enjoyed your programs for several years now and I still play them. More recently I ordered"Mathematics Is Easy" for my children. Tyler who is 9 years old now went from poor grades in math to excellent grades. I started playing the program for him last year, it didn't seem like no time at all that the improvements were showing up in his grades in math. Also his teacher made several comments about the dramatic change. I just thought you'd like to know about the difference you have made in my family's life. Thank you once again.

Julia Terry


Date: Sun, 25 Jul 1999 09:06:50 -0600
Subject: Catalog

Hi guys,

I've had success with your programs and I want to get more, but I've lost the catalog you gave me. Would you please send another to:

Tom MacEgan
<address withheld>



" I am a policeman named Ed Acey. I had a friend get a program for my 3 year old daughter, who had a bedwetting problem. I didn't believe a subliminal program could help, but we would try it oUT I gave the program to my daughter and told her it was her bedtime program, and decided not to tell her what was on the program. She couldn't read the title and I kept the script. After the first night she was dry. Into the second week she began to walk around repeating some of the affirmations on the program. I was surprised at how powerful the program was and am going to try some different subjects for myself."

- Ed Acey, Sp. Fork, UT


"I ordered the "Overcoming Anorexic Behavior" for my 6th grade daughter after nightly complaints about her fat legs (she weighs all of 62 lbs, a total vegetarian and the smallest child in her class). Believe me she is very, very thin. Within a week her appetite had picked up, her breakfasts now consists of two eggs, hot chocolate and two pieces of toast or a bagel. She stopped eating snacks at school, and asked me to be sure there was an apple or something healthy for lunch. She has not gained weight but her health and vibrancy are outstanding! I chose the Organized and Efficient program for my own growth, my husband has even complimented me on my housekeeping skills. Thank you for making these programs "reputable", and for supplying people like me with the depth of information to be able to calm people's fears about being "brainwashed."

- Bonita Zahara, Spokane, WA


"Thank you for creating the OZO programs! They have got to be the neatest subliminal ever.

The programs are fun, inspirational, and adventurous for the imagination, as well as providing peak power for lasting changes. My thanks to Eldon Taylor for putting out not only the most powerful but pleasurable programs."

- Joseph R. Gionnascoli

Powerful Immune

"The whole office came down with the flue, except those who heard the program."

- Shanon Ruffin, Mulligan, MI.


"I was nervous to fly or eat or speak in front of people. I took a trip on a plane and wasn't nervous. I talked people's heads off! And was the first in the buffet line."

- Christine Costa, Powell, OH

Better Life

"Thank you so very much for specializing in this somewhat unknown or rather just unutilized source of strength and help for so many of us who are trying to make it through this life successfully. My 11 year old daughter wants me to tell you how much the programs were helping just not me, but our whole family."

- Genae Lamb, Layton, UT


"This subconscious stuff is very powerful. The Stop Nailbiting program made me go too far the other way and I began to buy nail polish and fake nails!"

- Marilyn Cigna, Rochester, NY

Better Life

"I have spent so much money on programs from so many different companies, and they didn't do anything. But, with your programs I noticed the difference right away, in all areas of my life, I am an artist, billiards champ and a businessman."

- Terry Baker, Paradise, CA.

Bedwetting / Weight Loss

"Two children have quit wetting the bed after approximately 2 weeks of listening to the program. I have lost 20 pounds since the 1st of January."

- Kathleen Watts, Ogden, UT

Better Life

"Thank you. You saved my life. From a problem with alcohol to an inability to talk to people of the opposite sex; from a life of shame (including jail) to that of a successful businessman in the movie industry, and I owe it to your programs."

- Dan Lassen, LA, CA

Bedwetting / Weight Loss

"I wanted to let you know that my oldest child had been bedwetting for years, and we had tried homeopathy, acupuncture, waking him up at night, Native American healing - all to no avail. After about a month of re-instituting the waking up at night and using the Freedom from Bedwetting, the bedwetting reduced to once or twice a week, and in another couple of weeks, it disappeared. My youngest child potty trained in less than a week after we got this program. I've lost about 10 pounds, and my wife is looking slimmer than she has in years since Forever Slim has arrived. We are very happy with your products."

- Roy Kirkland, Oakland, CA


"I really love your company."

- Dr. P.R. Hayden, Washington, DC

Pain Relief

"I bought the pain relief program. I play it everyday and haven't had a headache since."

- Ruby Long


"Very professional, advanced technology and service oriented. I'm very impressed with your material."

- E. Gobler, Tucson, AZ

Weight Loss

"Went to a weight loss clinic and diet centers, lost no weight. While listening to the programs I went from 165 lbs to 140 lbs, that's a total of 25 lbs."

- Peggy Bassett, Salt Lake City, UT


"...I have also noticed a dramatic decrease in my anxiety and stress levels. It actually feels like there have been more hours added to the clock. I stay centered and calm and have plenty of time to accomplish my goals each day."

- Terry Carlson, President

Northland Peterbilt, Spokane, WA

Weight Loss

"In April I ordered and received the "Ideal Weight Programming". To date I have lost 7 pounds."

- Mary Eisenschink, Manitowoc, WI.


"I own one of your Omni-Phonic CDs and am quickly wearing it oUT I enjoy listening to it when I am stressed and studying."

- James Strese, Richardson, TX.


"I have Echo Tech - Shed Stress, it has helped me. But, I need more and I love the man who speaks on the program and the music!"

- Patricia Muraws, Riverhead, NY.

Weight Loss/ Enthusiasm / Energy

"The weight loss program has helped me a lot by changing my eating habits, and helping me to feel good about myself. I have been using the enthusiasm and energy programs and I wake up each morning excited and full of energy to start the new day. I love life. I haven't been so happy in such a long time."

- Wendy Jenks, Ogden UT

Weight Loss

"I have lost 40 pounds using the program."

- Ron Jansen, Yakima, WA

Weight Loss/ Self Esteem

" Your programs have changed my life. I have tried other programs but had no results. Since I have been listening to your programs, I have lost 150 pounds. I was able to regain my self-esteem. I am in the process of starting my own home business and your programs helped me to take this big step! How can I ever thank you for giving my life back to me. Thank you for making these programs!"

- Jackie Allen, UT

Success (Children)

"My daughter received a program as a gift. She is becoming more self-confident and positive."

- Rosalie Burnham, Santa Fe, NM.

Better Life

"I want to thank you for the help your program has given me. It has helped to get me through a rough year. Again thanks."

- Paul Bernard, Las Vegas, NV.


"Since listening to your programs I have gone from spraying vitamins to getting in a taxi and going to the store to buy 3 Ensures a day. A beginning pledge to the road to recovery."

- A. Hickey, S.F. CA.

Better Life

"Your programs are truly wonders - and powerful. They are a part of my everyday life."

- Valerie Plaschka, Yelm, WA


"My husband couldn't do anything at all for three weeks, so we bought the program and within 1 week he was back to normal. Now he won't leave me alone! I'm going to hide the darn thing."

- D.C., Provo, UT


"Within one month my son who is 4 1/2 years old, was dry. He has stayed that way for 8 weeks. YA-HOO!!"

- Judy Brunson, Salem, UT


"My son loaned me a program of yours, and it has helped me so much. I'm completely amazed. I was so miserable with arthritis, I could hardly walk. Now I walk without limping and can even sleep on my hip joint that was so hot and painful before. I love that program."

- Daphne Gifason, Beaverton, OR.

Blood Pressure

"I have used the program for 8 weeks. During this period of time I have been able to lower my blood pressure to 145/78. I'm still taking my medication. Before listening to the program I couldn't control my blood pressure with the medication!"

- M.M., Orem, UT

George BushCreativity

"I listened to your 'Creativity' program and prayed to allow the messages to be absorbed into my subconscious. Three months later I was in Washington, D.C., presenting my paintings to President George Bush and being honored. It was a dream come true. Thank you."

- Ruth Ann Jackson, Ojai, CA

Weight Loss / Junk Food

"Before I used the program I couldn't stick to a diet, now I no longer crave the junky foods. I want to drink lots of water and I even have gotten the desire to start working! I have lost 30 pounds in 12 weeks, and am very pleased with the results."

- Cathy, Pleasant Grove, UT


"The programs are excellent and have brought comfort and healing to numerous clients."

- Robert Truscott, RN, Coeur d'Alene, ID.


"I tried your quit smoking program. Only yours really worked." Thank you!"

- Randolph Newton, Los Angeles, CA.


Breast Enlargement

"I was somewhat skeptical of the programs power to make physical changes. The program Natural Breast Enlargement has made a confirmed believer out of me the proof is undeniable! I chose this method over surgery because there was no time off work, no pain, no scarring, and no fear of encapsulation problems. I was in complete control of how large I became and was able to adjust naturally with the growth rate."

- Karen Woodhams, NV.

Better Life

"I've tried many other programs from different companies, and I have to say yours are the BEST! No fuss, no muss. I just listen to them and they worked !! Thank you so very much!!"

- James Ryan, Stuart, FL.


"I have used this program now for 3 months and within 1 month the bed was dry, every night. Now I can have sleep over with friends without being embarrassed because of a wet bed.

- D. Marshall, (age 12), Provo, UT


"I used the program as suggested and was pleased to find that I was quite at ease when I next gave a briefing."

- C.L. Crezee, UT

Weight Loss

"I have lost 12 pounds and 22 inches in 2 months!"

- Ann Hall. Ogden, UT


"I recently purchased an InnerTalk Baseball program. My batting skills have increased quite a lot since using it."

- Leigh Neuage, (age 12), Australia.

Learning/ Exams/ Memory

"I bought the program in the middle of midterms, I listened for approximately four hours before studying and 15 hours while I was studying. The results were impressive. I feel that I was able to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time than I had ever experienced before. My retention was better, my mind was clear and organized. I felt prepared for my midterms. Consequently I was confident and did very well on my tests"

- Lance Stallings, Provo, UT


"I underwent breast cancer treatment last year. Treatment consisted of surgery and five chemotherapy treatments. The disease had gone undetected by mammogram for seven or eight years and had spread into the 14 lymph glands. I kept your healing programs on, by my side 24 hours a day and last week thorough tests revealed that I was cancer free."

- June Farrar, Jackson, MS.


"Listening to all my programs has helped keep me calm and cool and collected during some very trying and exhausting days and nights. Even at times when my life turns upside down, so to speak, I can stay calm and serenity is mine."

- Lorraine Underwood, Salem UT


"It's been nearly three years since my chemo for nodular lymphoma and I am still in remission, so something is working. Thank you very much."

- Pat Wulle, West Valley City, UT


"I'd like to commend you, on the quality of your programs. I found them not to be "duds" but psycho-active. I played them at night and my partner who was obviously skeptical told me on the 3rd night, "Honey, those programs make you dream." I just started using them regularly and am beginning to see subtle changes in me."

- Pedro Careno


" Just six months ago my muscular doctor said there was no way I could get my permit to drive a car, and probably never would. Well, just three weeks ago I made an appointment, and went with the intention to get my permit. I totally shocked my doctor, he could not believe how well I was doing and right away he gave me permission to get my permit. I give a lot of credit to the subliminal programs. Just wanted to say thanks."

- Vic.

Success (Child)

"My 8 year old son seemed to be having a rough period at school. Within a few weeks his "Friday Folder" reports from school were showing positive feedback. On his report card he went up in 14 areas!! I'm very proud of my son but better yet he is proud of himself. Thanks for the boost."

- Maureen Storey, Long Valley, NJ.

Success Programming for Children

"I have noticed an attitude change in my kids. I thought the program was so great that I took the program to her school for the teachers to listen to. The teachers think it is great. They are considering playing the program for the kids while they are studying. I think subliminals are wonderful and am encouraging all of my friends to use them."

- S. Burl, Krus, UT

Basketball/ Stress/ Confidence

"I've been a coach for 19 years. Formerly the kids looked for a reason to lose, but after getting parental consent to let the team members use your program. I could see an obvious difference in self-confidence after the first use! The first game against prior years champions we "beat 'em easy.!" The kids got along better this season. I would play the programs before the games and several people commented on how high it got the players spirits up. It's the best thing I have ever used! I have my daughter using the Stress Free and Confident programs and she is doing great!"

- Coach Clark, Krus. High School

Successful Children

"The subliminal programs sure work for me. The changes are sometimes so subtle that you hardly feel it - until a friend recognizes your change. It works on kids because they don't have the high barricades up. My daughter grew in a very short while, into a confident, outgoing person. She was very withdrawn and shy. I play the "Successful Children" program every night while they are sleeping. The subliminal programs are sure a great tool in spiritual awakening - nobody should miss it. We get bombarded with so much negative messages throughout the day, we have to counteract it with what we want to learn and grow. The choice is yours."

- Susan Sabko

Clear Skin

"Deanna had a bad case of acne. Within 2 weeks there was a noticeable improvement. Within 4 weeks, her complexion is almost clear."

- Deanna Smith, (Age 13), Orem, UT


"...Helps me zip through jobs that are normally tedious!"

- Sandra C. Hallett

Optimism Plus

"Kathy cries every morning and hates to go to school, she is grouchy and almost always in a disagreeable mood. After only 2 hours of playing the program, she seems to be more cheerful. She actually got up for school the next morning, made her bed and went to school in a happy mood. (Mom, is very pleased.)

- Kathy (Age 8), Springville, UT


"I've been listening to your programs now for about a month. I'm really starting to feel an "unexplained difference" in the way I'm coping with an extremely challenging time in my life. Thank you."

- Nan Raden-Ness, Canada

Forever Young

"My hair is thicker. My skin looks younger. I have a younger attitude, I play on the slide with my grandchild. I even chased a robber down the street!"

- Janet Darling, Lansing, MI.

Weight Loss

"I appreciate your programs. You are doing a great job! I have lost around 40 lbs. using your programs."

- Alexander Rodriguez, Puerto RiCO

Breast Enlargement

"Played the breast enlargement program constantly, and there has been a very noticeable increase."

- Donna Jacot, Mulligan, MI.

Neat and Tidy

"I purchased the program Clean, Neat and Tidy. It worked. I listened to it twice and cleaned my house, made my bed, took out the garbage and decided to stop the program before I became exhausted!"

- Therma Lee, (age 73)


"I found the OZO Addition program really powerful! I experienced changes the very first time I used it. I have tried other self-help programs and noticed some difference, but Eldon Taylor's technology was empowering. I saw results right away, whereas, other technologies just took too long."

- Frank N. Johnson, N.M.


"I have listened to my Relief of Stress and Anxiety program for several days now, and am really enjoying it. I am very impressed with the hemispheric aspect of this program. I can tell my brain is responding to this format."

- Michelee Carter, Las Vegas, NV.

Optimism Plus / Forever Thin

"I needed something for my 16 yr old adopted daughter. As a small child she was sexually abused. My husband and I spent over $25,000 on past hospital stays, therapists and medications trying to help her get over this trauma. I took home Optimism Plus and Forever Thin on a Thursday , by Monday we saw a spark and sensed that something had triggered inside of our daughter. She is finally on the road to recovery!! I bought six more programs on various subjects, to help the rest of the family."

- Sue, Provo, UT

Sleep / Healing

"I started using at night to help me sleep better, and my daughter was able to self-heal an egg size growth on her leg!

- Carol Kline, Salt Lake City, UT


"I think the programs are great. I purchased the bowling program for my son and his average score rose from 125-175."

- Sharon Wegryzen


"I was contemplating jumping into Lake Superior. Instead I used your program dealing with depression and am doing fine now."

- M. Johns, Lansing, MI.


"My husband is a therapist and he has hypnotized clients. Under hypnosis they repeated back the affirmations, which they couldn't consciously hear. Our children have changed drastically for the better."

- T. Elggren, Castle Dale, UT

Stress Free

"I have had big problems with sleep for many years, and now play this program every night, I found it helps me sleep soundly. I also find myself, when I get stressed, humming some of the music in my head and it helps me calm down."

- Charlene Taylor


"I have had lower back pain for a long time. I used the Pain Relief program, after 2 days the pain was gone. I only use it once every 3 months, and have done so for over 2 years."

- Dennis Rawlings, Salt Lake City, UT

Anger / Positive Relationships

"Your two programs Releasing Anger and Positive Relationships have been very helpful to me. I have worn them out! Thank you for your help."

- Paul Bernard, Hollywood, FL.


"On this, the 16th day of my Anorexia program, I am more than delighted to say that I have consumed 3 full square meals, plus snack, per day for the last 4 days. Only one who has suffered from self inflicted starvation for over 32 years could understand the relief I feel. A warm and happy tummy has to be the ultimate in comfort. Eldon Taylor, from my heart, thank you."

- Maureen Peltier, Dayton, OH.

Weight Loss

"Wonderful! I didn't read the affirmations first, I just listened to the programs over and over again. About two weeks later when I read the words, I was amazed to find I had been acting on the subliminal affirmations. I am now a believer."

- Susan Marengo, Ogden,UT

Relief of Anxiety and Stress

"Over a month ago I purchased your program for relief of Anxiety and Stress. After playing it every night for my two daughters, 10 and 12, they are enjoying a much more peaceful attitude and are dealing with stress in a better way. One daughter experienced cramps and pains in various parts of her body and they have stopped. We are all very pleased with the results."

- Kim Bratt, Canada

Sleep / Genius / Courage

"I have trouble sleeping. After 1 week with Sleep Reduction I am more relaxed and am sleeping better and waking refreshed. I feel much better about myself and my abilities after listening to the Genius and Courageous programs. I feel I can do whatever I need to do!!"

- Kritine Garmere. Ogden, UT


" Recently I went along with another of my wife's ideas and tried the programs. I have noticed that during my trips while driving in heavy traffic and playing Optimism Plus, I no longer felt like I would want to run some of the crazies off the road. They no longer bother me. I also work in a high pressure job and the programs have helped me handle stress and feel that my capabilities have increased in my work load. I am going to purchase more."

- Don Underwood

Quit Smoking / Natural Pain Relief

" I am sleeping better and have stopped smoking in only 2 weeks."

Quit Smoking

"It was very difficult to quit smoking and stay not smoking, without responding to the constant urge and craving for nicotine. But with the program Quit Smoking, in only a few days I found the urge reduced and within a short period of time I quit altogether. That was June of 1987, no urges, no cravings."

- John Paige, Morgan, UT

Weight Loss

"One of my patients has been using your Weight Loss program and I'm happy to report they have had much success."

- Dr. Alan Esquibel, Napa CA.

Quit Smoking / Better Life

"I have stopped smoking in about 3 months, (after approx. 16 years of smoking that resulted in major lung damage). Discovery of the subliminal programs has been wonderful! The programs have been shared, as gifts at special times, with many close friends and relatives, even my ex-husband!"

- Myrna Breedlove, Ogden, UT


"I've been using daily (1-3 hours) your program on "Creating Prosperity and Abundance" and very quickly walked into a lucrative career, after having been dirt-poor for years."

- Will Coffin, Yelm, WA

Increased Sales

"I am telling all my friends about your programs. My sales have quadrupled this past year. It's the best I have ever done."

- J. Pritchard, Lithia Springs, GA.

Personal Power

"I want you to know that your programs are the best programs I've ever used at any price. A few days after I purchased your Unlimited Personal Power program, I was amazed at the results. I feel so much more alive and worthwhile. Also an idea to improve a product (for which I am getting a patent) appeared out of nowhere. Thank you so much for your products and your care."

- A. Giaimo, Ventura, CA.

Weight Loss / Martial Arts

"I have lost weight and am in the championships in the martial arts."

- Brandon Mitchell, Ogden, UT

Relaxation/ Bad Dreams/ Fears

"I have found that relaxation comes easier. I sleep better if I listen to them before retiring or am more energized. My 6 year old doesn't have bad dreams and seems to be dealing with his fears in a productive way."

- Crystal Walker, Ogden, UT,

Sports Performance

"Since my son was 5 years old he wanted to start bike racing. We bought the program and play it for him during the night and before each race. He just turned 6 years old, and has been in 14 races and won 14 trophies!

- Mike Jacobson, UT

ADD / Stress Free / Confidence

"Our family has experienced many exciting and positive thing because of listening to your programs. Our son, Adam, is 9 years old and he has been diagnosed as having ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). He has difficulty controlling his behavior, even with the medication. We had he and his brother read the affirmations during the day and played the program at night while they slept. Since he started listening, he reads the affirmations on his own, and we have gradually cut down the amount of medication. His attitude is more positive and he is really making an effort to control his behavior. Our other children are also more positive and cooperative and each is improving in school. I find the Stress Free program especially helpful. My husband has made a 180 degree turn around in his life. He is a salesman and his sales have increased $2-$300 more each pay period. He says he actually feels a compelling force to do more. We are both setting goals personally and professionally. It's exciting to watch our lives change to optimism and success."

- Deanna Wilson, Salem, UT


"Our marriage of 38 years has improved in the last two years since we started using the programs."

- Beverly Charlesworth, Ogden, UT

Great Reader / Concentration / Memory / Exams

"With the Reader program I found by the second time I played the program (while I read) my reading speed improved 2 to 3 times quicker. I didn't get the normal thing for me, which is to lose my concentration. I remember what I read, and my notes made more sense, and did much better on tests."

- Diane Duncan, Ogden UT

Self-Esteem / Success (Child) / Bedwetting

"I used the programs on my 8 year old and the child improved in school, stopped wetting the bed and enjoys going to school. I am thrilled with the way I feel."

- Loretta Grover, Morgan, UT

Clean, Neat and Tidy

"I had this program for almost 1 month , and after listening to the program for 2 hours I couldn't believe the difference that I had so much energy and was able to get so much accomplished. My house is clean and organized, and even the kids are doing things to help out around the house."

- Barbara, Springville, UT

Bad Dreams

"My daughter (age 5) and I (age 28) both have terrible dreams. We have been using the Stop Bad Dreams program and it has helped a lot."

- Michell Reimers, Brigham, UT

Clear Skin

"My child's eczema cleared up after listening to the program."

- Angie Godfrey, Ogden, UT

Self-Esteem / Weight Loss

"To say that I am impressed is an understatement! I have been a customer of Progressive Awareness for many years. I can't thank you enough! Your programs have changed my life! When I started using your programs I was locked in a very abusive marriage. Since listening to your programs I have divorced my abusive husband and I have lost over 100 pounds! My self-esteem has risen dramatically! Dr. Taylor - I am not a dreamer - I am a doer!!"

- Jackie Allen, WVC, UT

Sleep / Relaxation

"I used the relaxation program and I let a friend borrow it. They moved away and took it with them. While I didn't have the program I noticed I had a problem sleeping so I purchased another. I know the program is what helps me to rest better and feel better. If I am someplace where I can't play it I miss it!"

- S.H., Ogden, UT

Quit Smoking

"I bought the Freedom from Smoking for my husband who smoked 2 1/2 packs a day. After 3 weeks he's down to 1/2 a pack a day. But I've almost quit completely without trying! I just don't feel like a smoker anymore!"

- Diana Linford, Ogden, UT


"It's been exactly a year since I started listening to the programs. My thinking has drastically changed, I've stopped using drugs completely, I'm uncomfortable around anyone using them, I have changed my social activities completely. I know in my heart that I have won the "Big One." Thank you immensely."

- Toni DetTevis, UT

Memory / Confidence / Fears

"I was attending a two week training class to re-enter I.R.S. and I felt I needed a push for Advanced Memory Skills and Freedom of Fear information. I wanted to remember what I had learned and score high on my tests. Usually, I had an average score. This time I was next to the highest score in the class and I passed out my cosmetic cards and made appointments for facials. This was something I was afraid to do for several months. I also could use the phone to talk to people and make appointments."

- Barbara White, Ogden, UT


"I recently ventured into a new business that required abilities far beyond those which I possessed. The program has given me self-confidence and positive mind control."

- Karen Curtis, Sandy, UT


"After failing in a business venture of substantial size, I felt terribly depressed with life in general. After about 20 days of listening 1-2 hours, I found myself enrolling in drafting school, desirous of embarking on a new career. I couldn't and wouldn't have done it on my own!"

- Terrance P. Murphy, Am. Fork, UT

Selling and Closing

" After listening to the Selling and Closing program for just a few days, I noticed my sales were improving quite a bitI have no trouble asking for the sale now at all! My sales seem easier all the time. The more I listen, the better I feel about selling! I sell furniture to people and tend to think about if for a while; now my closing is much easierI'm excited!"

- Joan Goodenough, Salt Lake City, UT

Accelerated Learning / Memory

"I have a 4.0 GPA at college since using the programs. They made me enjoy studying and retain information better."

- Russ James, Price UT

Confidence/ Prosperity

"...My husband's business ventures have become more profitable as he continues to listen to programs on self-confidence and prosperity!"

- Bonnie Hunter, Springville, UT


"...Also, my husband has had some very positive things happen in his jobhe is in the Army and got duty for recruiting. He is usually quiet, and we both sort of laughed about him recruiting because the job is a sales job basically. We couldn't see him trying to sell the Army to anyone, but in the last month, he got "Recruiter Of The month" and he got recommended for the E-6 promotion board after being an E-5 for a year and a half!"

- Julia Terry, KY

Program Works

"I have realized such success in using your various programs just this past year. I was very apprehensive and hesitant to even listenmuch less incorporate listening on a regular, daily, routine basis. I was in a very desperate situation and I am so glad I had the so-called courage to try such an unorthodox method of realizing change. It just seems too easy to be true! But it really works!

- Genae Lamb, Layton, UT

Increased Sales

"I increased my income by five times in six months, using your programs! I play them on three machines at a time all day long, and all my office staff does too."

- Steve Chen, Taipei, Taiwan.


"After listening to your programs, I can interact with others with much greater self-assurance, and people who have not known me for long find it hard to believe I am shy!"

- Charlene St. Onge, Grass Valley, CA.


"I tried subliminals from 4 different companies and nothing worked. With your programs I saw almost instant resultsin just one day, I am 50% less tense, not as uptight."

- R.D., Altoona, PA,


"Your programs are the only subliminal programs I've ever had that worked. I tried some programs advertised on TV and didn't like them, frankly they didn't work. I'm going to stick with your programs."

- B.M., Bronx, NY


"I can tell you from my own recent experience that your programs work. I've been trying to learn subliminally since 1962. I've tried many, many different "subliminals." I think after all these years, this field is just now finally taking off through your application of your programs!"

- R.E., Sacramento, CA.


"I felt hopeless, as though I had no control over my life, my emotions, anything - these programs really made me feel in control again. I know I can control my life and what I choose to feel."

- Kathie Bradovich, Layton, UT

High Energy / Organized and Efficient

"I use High Energy almost everyday...It really works! Especially when combined with Organized & Efficient."

- T. Reynikoff, Gilbert, AZ


"My son is 15 years old. He has Cerebral Palsy and very poor bowel and bladder control. We have tried every trick in the book to help him. I purchased one of your programs "Freedom From Bed Wetting." My son has been dry for over two months now. We still play the program every night because it helps to put him to sleep. We love it, he loves it, and we are all proud of him for conquering this very difficult problem.

- Virginia, Salt Lake City, UT


"Your programs made the difference!"

- Coach Mike Price


"Your programs give me the boost to train and win!"

- World Record Holder, Debbie Lawrence

Health and Wellness

"Your programs are used as ancillary to counseling and therapy."

- T.B. English Sessions, Ph.D., FL


"Brilliant step forward in overcoming unconscious negative self talk. Yours was the first really effective method for changing negative self talk resulting in low self worth. My own personal experience of changed feeling and outlook through the use of your programs just one hour per day is phenomenal! And your videos are wonderful"

- D. McConnell, Herron, MI

Our Approach

"As an academician... I am on a life long voyage of self discovery and I like your approach and methodology."

- D.M.Cabrera., Ph.D. Delhalb, IL

Mystic Mind / Ultra Success

"Really, Mystic Mind (now called A Pathway to Mastership) and the Ultra Success video are some of the greatest products ever made! I wish you could do something that great every year!"

- M. McKinney, Piedmont, OK


"I tell patients I can endorse your programs without hesitation."

- S. Donnelly, Placentia, CA


"I have enjoyed your products since the early 80s. You're a genius with worthwhile talents. Thanks!"

- P.Z. Westberg, Tempe, Arizona


"Your programs have helped heal a lot of trauma in my life. Please continue the great work you're doing."

- S. Burger, BC, Utah


"Your programs have helped me improve my life. Keep up the good work"

- M. Zajaty, Perchasie, PA

Do It Now

It has been years since I first started using your programs. I recommend them whenever I get the chance. I have just found your Website and your note about "being delighted to hear about our experiences" triggers this letter. I have tried several of your programs and find them variously effective but the story I wish to relate is about your "Do it now" program. I have a tendency to "get stuck" in my job and other areas of my life in which I feel depressed and isolated and adopt an attitude of "If the world never saw the results of this days work it really would never notice." Typically that would mean a growing pile of files attached to my desk and an increasing attitude of depression and isolation. Since finding your program I am able to recognize this pattern and within minutes of starting it playing on my program player I find it irresistible to say "well maybe just this one file" and then another and so on until I have finished in record time.

Thank you so much- as I really want to do the work in a timely fashion but find myself in various "funks" and need your gentle prodding to get anything done. It has been a real "attitude adjustment" when needed.


As an experiment- I took the program to be played at my girlfriends store- she was a store manager in a small shop with 3 staff and they needed to do inventory and one of the girls tended to get off task. Not only did they do well but the next day the other staff member was running in a local 5K race and ran her best time ever by a considerable margin! (This from a woman who ran as a cross country team member for a Big Ten University.) She said she felt something different was allowing her to go faster that she didn't know how to describe it but that it was wonderful! Proof positive that it worked! Thank You"

- Paul Stephey, Apollo Beach Florida


"The videos are excellent - relaxing and beyond words. I experience change in my physical body when viewing videos."

- C.L. Savage, Perryburg, OH

Freedom From Fear and Anger

"I love your products. I bought the Freedom From Fear & Anger video and it is wonderful. I love the visual imagery. It has really helped at home and work."

- T.L. Baker, El Cajou, CA


"You're a company that delivers what you promise."

- Cynthia Anderson, Pasadena, CA


"You're a phenomenal company dedicated to creating a new consciousness on earth - companies like you will make it happen!"

- D. Maing, Bethel, CT


"Your product works and it works pronto!"

- A. Hickey, San Francisco, CA


"Thanks for helping our program succeed for a second straight year."

- Gerald Carr, Football Coach, Weber State University


"I am very impressed with the solid technology and the success I have been having. I will listen to my programs at night - then wake up in the middle of the night replaying the OZO statements in my head. It's so incredible. Thank you so much!"

- D. Lawrence, Kenoska, WI


"After so many years that I have been exposed to Eldon Taylor's technology I wanted to thank you for being able to take advantage of his work. It has influenced my life for the better."

- Francois Mombaers, Belgium

Weight Gain

"I gained 20 pounds using your Weight Gain program. Nothing has worked for me before. My friends think I'm crazy, but if you want a testimonial for weight gain, I'm definitely it!

- Susan Carver, Griffin, GA

Without Co-Dependence

I've enjoyed using Echo-Tech Without Codependence very much. It's helped me a great deal.

- K. Dagres, Caroleen, NC


"No one on the National Judo Institute's team had ever won a National World or Pan Am medal until 1987, when the team began using a Whole Brain audioprogram as part of their training. The team's skills increased so dramatically that this year they won 6 Pan Am medals, one World Medal and 2 National medals. NJI members are now slated to fill half the spots on the 1992 Olympic Team!"

- Phil Porter, Colorado Springs, CO

Spiritual Healing

"Currently we have been playing 'Spiritual Healing' 12 hours a day. You can see he (Vic Jr.) is starting to walk some, especially up the stairs. He is also starting to eat a lot more. And he has a good pulmonary function test."

- Vic Wedel, co-inventor of UltraSound


"For a number of years, I have been plagued by headaches. For many years I have taken aspirin and tylenol to quell the pain. Although they have worked, I have found myself taking between 8 to 10 tablets a day. Using the "Headache Relief" program for just 10 days the number and severity of the headaches had reduced so much that I am now down to only 2-3 pain killers a day. Other side benefits include more energy and I don't have to quit a task because of a headache. I feel strong and more resilient."

- Linda Hoyle, Actress (Starred in Pink Cadillac, China Beach)
Big Bear, CA

OZO / Echo-Tech

"Using the powerful commanding push of the OZO technology just before competition gives me that extra edge to push myself into first place. And the gentle suggestions of Echo-Tech allow me to fully relax and rejuvenate at day's end."

- Landis Potter. Winner of 147 trophies and medals in national and international Karate competitions.


"This is to advise that our organization is using your programs as a key component of our successful holistic substance abuse treatment program. We have found that InnerTalk programs with messages to keep one's mind free of drugs, alcohol, etc., can provide the mental discipline and positive reinforcement necessary to keep one free of addictive substances. The use of your programs can give a mental edge over the addictive desires for drugs as we have noted in our treatment. Presently we are embarking upon a major program to introduce the programs with drug free messages into the workplace and school systems."

- Carl Schleicher, Ph.D.

President, Mankind Research Foundation, Inc.