Special Acknowledgements

A Thank You from Eldon Taylor

I think if any of us honestly reflects on who we are, how we got here, what we think we might do well, and so forth, we discover a debt to others that spans written history. The work of some unknown person makes our lives easier everyday. I believe it's appropriate to acknowledge all of these unknown persons; but it is also necessary to acknowledge those people we know have directly shaped our lives and our work.

Adversity is often one of our best teachers. Even the people that somehow gripped our meanest imagination, violated us in some way, even those people are due their honor for what they have taught us. I wish to acknowledge all for their role in my life; however, this page is specifically designed to note my appreciation of those people who stand out most notably in my mind as contributing to the content of what you will find on this web site.

There is one man in my life that urged me on by way of his untiring support and seemingly unlimited belief in me, to that man, all else pales. Thank you Mr. Roy Bey. When my dear friend, Roy, passed away, his sister, Lois Bey, took over his role of friend and supporter. I cannot thank the two of them enough.

Roy and Lois Bey

As there is one man in my life whose support was invaluable, there is also one woman whose indefatigable encouragement is inestimable, and that is my lovely bride of more than a quarter of a century, Ravinder Taylor. I cannot imagine ever accomplishing as much without her patient persevering assistance and assurance! Thank you Ravinder!

There are special mentors that I must acknowledge due to their importance in my work. It is not practical to list all of those that have contributed because then I would be reciting names of many that I never met, but whose published work inspired me. Suffice it to say that to all those from Mark Twain to William James, thank you!

There are a few people that contributed directly to the programs on this site. Some I know and some I have tried to find. My first training in hypnosis was from Harry Aarons and Richard Harte, two of the best; but just when I was about to give up on ever producing a controlled altered state in myself, Richard introduced the work of Don E. Gibbon called hyperemperia. Dr. Gibbon coined this term to refer to a heightened state of awareness and off I went. His work is out of print, but if you ever get a chance to read his book, do so (Gibbon, D. E. (1973). Beyond Hypnosis: Explorations in Hyperempiria. South Orange, NJ: Powers Press).

I also want to thank the many customers that have shared their needs and experiences with me. Their testimonies have often made difficult tasks more than worth while. Many times I have had the wonderful experience to truly feel that in some small way I helped someone. That means so very much to me. Thank you—all of you!

My gratitude to my staff, particularly my personal assistant, Andrea Rosenboom, and to all of our wonderful distributors. There is a special acknowledgement due our foreign distributors because they have pioneered our InnerTalk technology in countries and languages that if left to me alone, would never have been done.

Of course, like any author, I am indebted always to those people that do their best to improve on my best. Thanks especially to all of the wonderful musicians that have lent their music to our technology and to those great editors that have spent hours teaching me how to do things better. I'd list them all, but they're credited in the published works, so I'll just say thanks!

Thank you, and Be Well & Happy!