Choices and Illusions: How Did I Get Where I Am, and How Do I Get Where I Want to Be?

"Read this book! We are living at a time when people are searching for answers to fundamental questions in their lives. This book can be, if applied, a road map to personal enlightenment and empowerment. I believe it can 'tune in' the frequency you are currently operating on. More important, it helps you see that you can manifest change."

— John Edward, psychic medium and author of After Life and Understanding Your Angels and Meeting Your Guides

"Choices and Illusions is a smart, practical book by a grand master of the mind. If you want to get out of the box of your own thinking, and touch a greater reality, Eldon Taylor can show you how."

— Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., author of Your Soul's Compass and Inner Peace for Busy People

"Choices and Illusions opens our minds to explore inwardly—to explore how our minds work and how to harness our minds to become clear about our purpose in life and the Love that we are."

— Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D., author of Teach Only Love and Good-bye to Guilt

"This is an extraordinary and complete overview of mind and consciousness from someone who has been demonstrating it in his life for many years."

— Lynne McTaggart, author of The Field and The Intention Experiment

"More and more people are reaching out today in search of answers to life. Sometimes the search is to understand relationships, improve performance, or become successful—unfortunately, most people look outside of themselves for both the answers and the best actions. They excuse themselves with rationalizations. If only the universe would give me a break. If only he or she would change. If only I had been born differently, and so on. If you've found yourself somewhere in life where you don't want to be, then read Choices and Illusions."

— Marci Shimoff, professional speaker and #1 New York Times best-selling author of Happy for No Reason, Love for No Reason, and Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul

"When you realize just how much of your actions are automatic and how many of your choices are actually made by your subconscious, you understand the illusion we all have lived most of our lives! Eldon Taylor's book Choices and Illusions delivers both the path in and the way out to move from where you are to where you want to be, and it does so in straight talk everyone can understand. This book should be required reading for young and old alike!"

— C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., author of Energy Medicine

"I can see why Choices and Illusions became a New York Times bestseller when it was first released—and this revised edition offers so much more. This is the best guidebook to show you how you got where you are and how you can get to where you would rather be. Once again, in his enlightening and compelling style, Eldon Taylor reveals inestimably valuable information to help you achieve the success you seek in any of your goals."

— Sandra Anne Taylor, New York Times best-selling author of Quantum Success

"Your mind is incredibly powerful. You have been brought to this exact moment in your life by your thoughts. In Choices and Illusions, Eldon Taylor offers clear guidelines for changing your life and your choices for the better."

— Caroline Sutherland, best-selling author of The Body Knows

"Choices and Illusions is a valuable addition that many individuals will find accessible and helpful."

— Steven Halpern, composer/recording artist and pioneering sound healer

"Taylor has reached the mind-magic fulcrum by creating a matrix for shifting perceptual reality. A bold work! The extent that consciousness pervaded the landscape of inquiry above life itself is indeed the frontier of evolutionary science."

— Elaine Smitha, author of If You Make the Rules, How Come You're Not Boss? and host/producer of Evolving Ideas radio and TV

"In Choices and Illusions, Eldon Taylor takes us on a delightful and provocative odyssey through the corridors of consciousness. Using solid science, practical spirituality, and common sense, he shows that our perceptions can be changed—and, once different, can catalyze dramatic improvements in our health and well-being."

— Dawson Church, Ph.D., author of The Genie in Your Genes

"I thoroughly enjoyed Eldon Taylor's work of wisdom. It will lead the reader to a glimpse of the 'Open Mind,' which merges science and spirituality."

— Vijayendra Pratap, Ph.D., D.Y.P., founder/director of the Yoga Research Society and the SKY Foundation; director of the yoga program, Jefferson- Myrna Brind Center of Integrative Medicine; and author of Beginning Yoga

"Transformationally insightful and thought provoking, Dr. Eldon Taylor's Choices and Illusions examines the most basic assumptions we hold and take for granted. Dr. Taylor clearly elucidates how our thought patterns and beliefs impact our realities; shape our futures; and contribute to our self-esteem, happiness, success, and fulfillment—or to the lack of these desirable qualities. His fresh perspectives regarding the many assaults we receive from the outside world daily and how the invisible paradigms we are subject to limit our joy, personal power, and ability to step into our potential open up an entirely new world of possibilities for our growth and development. Dr. Taylor is one of the foremost philosophers of our time, and his book is a great contribution to empowering our lives and sourcing our magnificence. I strongly recommend it."

— Dr. Joe Rubino, CEO, The Center for Personal Reinvention, and author of The Self-Esteem Book

"I have known and admired Eldon Taylor for over 20 years. When we were struggling to build America's first National Judo Institute in Colorado, Eldon called to discuss the psychological progress of our athletes. He volunteered to visit us at his own expense to create a subliminal audio program for our Judo champions. We worked out the affirmations with Eldon's help and used the program a great deal. That audio program was, I believe, an important factor in our winning first place in America as a team for several years, securing several spots on the 1992 US Olympic Judo Team, and Kate Donahoo's fifth place finish in those Olympics.

"Now I am very excited about Dr. Taylor's new book, Choices and Illusions. To me, it not only gives the scientific background we need to understand how subliminal learning takes place, but it also ties our minds in with the only logical explanation of reality I know. It simply proves to me again, in a scientific and wonderful way, how our minds are part of the one reality, and how we are inhibited from realizing that reality by our conditioning, attitudes, and beliefs. Then the book goes on to let us know how we can return home to our true nature. I don't believe there is a more important book on human happiness than Choices and Illusions."

— Philip S. Porter, founder, United States Martial Arts Association; Major, United States Air Force (Retired); United State

"I think few today would deny the connection between the body and mind— particularly with respect to one's mental and physical well-being. Dr. Taylor has gone into intricate detail to show some of the deeply hidden ways in which we 'create' our successes and disappointments in life. But most of all, he shares how we might all consciously design the life we truly desire and proceed to achieve it. En route, he points out that we are likely to experience 'tests'—and, in fact, a never-ending series of tests that are the source of our continuing learning and growth. And somewhere along this journey—independent of age—he suggests we quite naturally discover a deeper dimension of ourselves, the spiritual. Finally, Dr. Taylor points out discovering that wholeness—body, mind, and spirit—within ourselves is the true source of happiness. Along this journey of continually discovering happiness, he discusses the detailed workings of the mind and suggests ways we can transform our deeply ingrained fears into empowering, motivating beliefs about ourselves. The result is a book that will not only change your perspective of life, but also result in a deeper understanding, empathy, and compassion for others. I highly recommend Choices and Illusions—it's a must read!"

— William A. Guillory, Ph.D., founder of Innovations Consulting and author of several books, including The Living Organization: Spirituality in the Workplace

"Why do we have such a difficult time making and sticking with changes we wish to incorporate in our lives? A challenging question, indeed, and it's been addressed by many self-help gurus and spiritual groups. Although well intentioned, few actually succeed in 'helping' others to help themselves. They inspire for a brief moment, but the changes rarely kick in and stay put! "Choices and Illusions explains not only why this phenomenon happens repeatedly, but actually provides a pathway around the subconscious saboteur that impedes one's progress. Dr. Eldon Taylor, a well-respected expert in the field of subliminal communication, leads the reader into a place of simplified understanding of the discipline that brings an end to the war between the heart and the head, between spirit and science. In a time when we're desperately seeking a balance between the dualities in our lives, Choices and Illusions provides a true recipe for success, sans the confusion which often accompanies the arrogance of intellectualism. There isn't a person alive who wouldn't benefit from this read!"

— Angelina Heart, author of The Teaching of Little Crow, Heart Flame Publishing

"With rich stories, amazing personal experience, and solid scientific evidence, Eldon Taylor provides a unique view into the workings of the inner mind, and opens the door for profound personal transformation."

Laurie Finkelstein, President, Positive Central

Choices and Illusions is a smart, practical book by a grand master of the mind. If you want to get out of the box of your own thinking, and touch a greater reality, Eldon Taylor can show you how.

- Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., Your Soul's Compass and Inner Peace for Busy People

Choices and Illusions opens our minds to explore inwardly, explore how our minds work, and how to harness our minds to become clear about our purpose in life and the Love that we are.

- Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D.
 Author of Teach Only Love, Say Goodbye to Guilt and others as well as co-author 
with Diane V. Cirincione, Ph.D. of Finding Our Way Home to be released by Hay House in 2008.

This is an extraordinary and complete overview of mind and consciousness, 
from someone who has been demonstrating it in his life for many years.

- Lynne McTaggart, author of The Field and The Intention Experiment

I have represented the best of the best self- help authors, from Deepak Chopra to Jack Canfield, and I must tell you that I am a fan of Choices and Illusions. This book has something for everyone, regardless of how long they have been on the path to self-improvement. I loved it! You should read it!

- Arielle Ford, author of Wabi Sabi Love

Mind Programming: From Persuasion and Brainwashing, to Self-Help and Practical Metaphysics

"In reading Eldon Taylor's book Mind Programming: From Persuasion and Brainwashing to Self-Help and Practical Metaphysics, I embarked upon a journey beginning at Psych 101 and ending deep into postgraduate Metaphysics; a reading experience that delivers a near-visceral adventure that begins with imagination and ends in near-manifestation. Eldon reveals the extraordinary reality of a virtually unrecognized dimension where each of us live every day but are completely unaware—the subliminal realm. I recently produced a motion picture featuring 23 Living Luminaries,* each of whom shares pearls of wisdom and enlightened insights as to how we can all achieve true happiness and our purpose in life. Although it was an extraordinary cast, in retrospect I wish there had been 24. Eldon Taylor brings an invaluable teaching to seekers of wisdom and understanding. The world of higher learning has a new 'high bar' with his work."

— Michael J Lasky, producer and founder, Gotham Metro Studios, Inc.

*From the new film Living Luminaries (on the Serious Business of Happiness) featuring 23 "luminaries" such as Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Don Miguel Ruiz, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Geronimo JiJaga (Pratt), Dr. Obadiah Harris, and many extraordinary masters of conscious disciplines

"Dr. Eldon Taylor's new book is a must read! If you've ever questioned your purpose in life or felt bound by a culture that's driven by mass media, you now have at your fingertips the knowledge and tools to break the chains of this cycle. Eldon goes in-depth to illustrate and expose how we've been programmed from birth by social constraints; and he methodically reveals the psychological techniques that advertisers, politicians, corporations, and the media use to control us. He then provides strategies and solutions to free your mind from these tactics and rise to a new level of consciousness. As you read this book, you'll feel the blinders being removed and will truly see the world in an entirely new light."

— Jeff Warrick, documentary filmmaker, Programming the Nation?

"I've known Eldon Taylor for 20 years and have been fascinated with his research regarding subliminal communication. Mind programming can be used to control your mind for good or bad. Mind Programming presents tools to give you the power to program your own mind to empower you to realize your goals and desires. Book One deals with the dark side of persuasion methods, while Book Two gives you tools to train your own mind in the ways you want it to be trained. I especially appreciate his emphasis on forgiveness in healing and his serenity affirmations."

— Paul G. Durbin, Ph.D., retired Brigadier General, U.S. Army chaplain

"There's no doubt that we're seduced and programmed daily by the media, advertising, and world events. It's a yeoman's work to protect ourselves against these outside influences. Eldon Taylor's groundbreaking book shows us how."

— Caroline Sutherland, the author of The Body Knows How to Stay Young

"A brilliant exposé of how we've become unconsciously enslaved to that which we haven't understood! Eldon Taylor exposes and explodes the old worldview of fear and lack that has generated direct and indirect manipulation of our minds without our awareness or permission. With well-earned insight, he offers proven pathways of self-empowerment that entrain our consciousness toward the model of unity and abundance that negates the survival paradigm. In a period when fear has reached a frenzied pitch, Taylor shines a brilliant spotlight to dispel the darkness!"

— Angelina Heart, the author of The Teaching of Little Crow

"Who is the gatekeeper of your mind? If you aren't consciously vigilant in managing your thoughts and deliberately manifesting a life of high self-esteem, abundance, rich and loving relationships, happiness, and fulfillment, you're allowing others to pollute your mind and diminish the quality of your life in all areas. Dr. Eldon Taylor's brilliant book Mind Programming will educate you on the dangers of having your mind manipulated by others and show you all the ways to champion your mind and your life. Read this book to take control of your mind and all aspects of your life, and to create your compelling future on purpose."

— Dr. Joe Rubino, founder,; creator,

"Mind Programming is at once shocking and hopeful, but brilliant in its presentation. Dr. Taylor's masterpiece helps us wake up and take back the incredible power of our minds—a power we may have unknowingly handed over to those who actively work to control our minds."

— Terri Marie, the author of Be the Hero of Your Own Game; CEO of White Wing Productions

Brainwashing and marketing are big business; and your precious mind is a coveted commodity. In this book Eldon Taylor exposes all and tells you how to take your power back and be free to become your own best self. Eldon is really a master!

Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.  Author of "Your Soul's Compass."

What Does that Mean?: Exploring Mind, Meaning, and Mysteries

Eldon Taylor provides a life changing compilation of personal and patient experiences that reveal how our thoughts, emotions, and actions shape every aspect of our perceived reality. I highly recommend his enjoyable book, What Does That Mean?, for it offers readers an opportunity to move beyond misperceived limitations and write new empowering stories for themselves, their children, and the world.

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD: Cell biologist and bestselling author of The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles

"Eldon's provocative voice of wisdom and compassion places his readers right on the dot about the meaning of their individual existence. What Does That Mean? reveals how the paradoxes we face in everyday life form the rich material that invites us to confidently enter the mystery and relish it. Read, practice, and celebrate!"

— Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Spiritual Liberation—Fulfilling Your Soul's Potential

"What Does That Mean? guides you to ask deeply probing questions that often go ignored but must be examined if you are ever to live your best life possible. Highly recommended."

— Marci Shimoff, #1 New York Times best-selling author of Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul

"I love this book! There is something about the energetics of Eldon's languaging that breaks open my heart. It's very vulnerable, but if one possesses the courage to fully let it in and respond to it, there is great power involved."

— Anita Rehker

"What Does That Mean? goes far beyond 'exploring mind, meaning, and mysteries'! It's a deeply satisfying and divinely inspired book that will not only explain so many uncertainties; it will also heal many a tattered soul. Both scientific and spiritual, strong and soft, spellbinding and soothing . . . this is a must-read!"

— Crystal Andrus, author of Simply . . . Woman! and Transcendent Beauty

"I've found all of Eldon Taylor's books fascinating, but What Does That Mean? is his magnum opus, offering a rare look at how inner guidance plays out in real life."

— Caroline Sutherland, author of The Body Knows . . . How to Stay Young

"What Does That Mean? is engaging, thought provoking, and quite simply a great read!"

— Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of The Secret Pleasures of Menopause and Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom

"Eldon Taylor weaves together spiritual inquiry, self-disclosure, and masterful storytelling to make this insightful book an easy read that's accessible for everyone. Highly recommended."

— Chuck Hillig, author of Enlightenment for Beginners and Looking for God

"Eldon Taylor is one of the world's most brilliant modern-day philosophers. What Does That Mean? is a thought-provoking, engaging read that will capture your attention and have you contemplating every aspect of life itself."

— Peggy McColl, the New York Times best-selling author of Your Destiny Switch

"Dream, ponder, think, and most of all revel in the delightful mind treat offered by Eldon Taylor. Sparkling with great stories and great insight, What Does That Mean? helps you discover the immense and inherent power in your fascinating mind. Read it and think—truly think—for yourself."

— Terri Marie, CEO, White Wing Entertainment LLC

". . . In this new work of art by Eldon Taylor, we are blessed to finally have an insight into why we function the way we do and what it means to us. Changing from survival-based creatures to ecstatic beings walking a path of bliss and beauty requires hard work for most of us because we are conditioned differently. Figuring out our reason for being, and indeed the reason for everything, is Eldon's primary focus in this revealing book. "What Does That Mean? . . . will gently invite [readers] to deeply question their motives for behaving as they do. Citing situations, studies, personal experiences, and observations over his decades as a pioneering researcher, Eldon lets us know in clear terms what Bjork has been telling us for years: There's definitely no logic to human behavior."

— Shazzie, author of Detox Your World and Ecstatic Being

"What Does That Mean? makes the profound case that through the intelligent examination of our assumptions and beliefs, we can find the answers to the quintessential questions of our time: 'What is the meaning of life?' 'What is my role?' and 'What the heck do I need to do to make a difference now?' This book inspires readers to question everything they hold to be 'true,' examine where we, as a society, have allowed our moral compass to be derailed, and what we need to do to course-correct immediately. Through the inquisition of his soul's pondering, Eldon shares his journey of fulfillment and purpose in a way that is accessible, authentic, and practical enough for readers to follow suit. This is a refreshingly inspiring and motivating book!"

— Anisa Aven, author, conscious entrepreneur, and spiritual activist

"Thoughtful, provocative, insightful, and fascinating, Dr. Eldon Taylor's What Does That Mean? explores the meaning of life and enlightenment from many perspectives and disciplines. Great insights await those willing to ponder the many questions he offers, all filled with wisdom. I highly recommend this intelligent and mind-expanding book."

— Dr. Joe Rubino, CEO, and creator,

"Taking examples from his life and the lives of others, Dr. Eldon Taylor reminds us that we experience life in 'shades of gray,' something that gives us due cause to stop and ponder the meaning of these experiences. Eldon asserts that life is about questions, and he ends most chapters with the query 'What does that mean?'—the title of the book. As one reads this excellent work, it becomes clear that the answer is actually hidden in the question! In this book, we're reminded that in our quest for enlightenment, we must look within and we must incorporate mind, body . . . and spirit. I recommend this book for the seeker, a person who questions life and the nature of reality."

— John L. Turner, M.D., author of Medicine, Miracles, & Manifestations

"As Eldon Taylor exposes emotional events in his life, he invites readers to examine their own stories for underlying meanings that left lasting impressions. These personal-growth benchmarks are embedded in the memories of encounters with strangers, family members, and friends, sometimes surprisingly. A thought-provoking, insightful book that demands our personal involvement in understanding why we think what we think and what it all means. Bravo!"

— Elaine Smitha, author of If You Make The Rules, How Come You're Not Boss?

"I found Eldon Taylor's most thought-provoking book to date, What Does That Mean?, to be an empirical and personally resonant ride through the maze of human experience and soul evolution. It takes a lot of courage to fillet yourself and truly examine both your spirit and your humanness; and at the end of your inspection, discover that your life of questing and experience still leaves you with even more unanswered questions. But it's the very exploration and search for meaning that compels us to push our boundaries into new self-discovery. The truth is that it's a magnificent ride that never ends!"

— Angelina Heart, author of The Teaching of Little Crow and the audio-educational series Twin Flames

"The quality of your life may well be a function of the questions you ask yourself. Enlightenment, like happiness, is found within. If you lost your memory, would you still be you? Not who you think you are, but the essential you? Would you be the real you without having those memories? You may ask: What does that mean? It means you should read Eldon Taylor's book by that title and start to ask yourself the right questions. As Socrates said: 'The unexamined life is not worth living.' Life gives you lessons. Asking the right questions can lead you to the head of the class."

— Lionel Ketchian, founder of

"I am grateful for Eldon's willingness to share his journey into meaning. I am convinced What Does That Mean? will deepen every reader's own journey into their understanding of meaning in their lives."

— Doreen Banaszak, author of Excuse Me, Your Life Is Now

What If?: The Challenge of Self-Realization

"I simply love this book. Eldon writes in a brilliant, thought-provoking style, challenging and encouraging us to be fully present to our life's journey."

— Colette Baron-Reid, internationally renowned intuitive counselor and the best-selling author of Messages from Spirit and The Enchanted Map of You

"Few are the authors who turn you inside out, who blow up your preconceived notions and cause you to become honest with yourself through and through. That's precisely what happens when you read What If? I highly recommend this book to those spiritual warriors who are unflinching in their journey to the Authentic Self."

— Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, the author of Spiritual Liberation: Fulfilling Your Soul's Potential

"If, like Neo in the film The Matrix, you are ready to swallow the red pill, then consume Eldon Taylor's book What If? The Challenge of Self-Realization and wake up in a new reality where you'll discover truth instead of illusion. Eldon will first show you how you dance at the end of a web of strings like a mindless puppet. The strings are attached to us by whatever we're attached to. They're connected to us through our culture, beliefs, needs, wants and desires— by habit and by fear. Or—your choice—you can continue to take the blue pills, leave the book on the shelf, and the opportunity ends. Nothing will change. Life will go on as usual and you can believe whatever you want to believe."

— Thomas Campbell, Department of Defense and NASA consultant, physicist, and the author of My Big TOE

"Wow—this book is a real eye-opener. As Eldon says, it's not for the 'faint of heart,' but it most certainly is for the person who's seeking the answer to that age-old question: 'Who am I?' Eldon guides you to examine your deepest thoughts, beliefs, and desires. While his process can be challenging, I recommend that you stick with it, as it can be the catalyst for profound breakthroughs. What If? The Challenge of Self-Realization is unique, provocative, and transformational."

— Marci Shimoff, the New York Times best-selling author of Happy for No Reason and co-author of Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul

"In What If? The Challenge of Self-Realization, Eldon Taylor goes even deeper into the pervasive influence our thoughts have on our lives. Using fascinating new theories, he challenges us to let go of controlling outside influences as well as our own limiting, yet unquestioned, habits. What If? shows us how to bring conscious awareness to our thoughts and profound change to our lives."

— Sandra Anne Taylor, the New York Times best-selling author of Quantum Success and Truth, Triumph, and Transformation

"What if you could take a journey into the web deep inside yourself where the real you awaits? Now you can with this new book from Eldon Taylor, which is an amazing tool that takes you deeply into that inner web. I highly recommend it!"

— Deborah King, the author of Truth Heals and Be Your Own Shaman

"What a perfect follow-up to Eldon's last three best-selling books—I love it! Rather than trying to convince you of the validity of thought control, Eldon peels back the layers of your own mind and helps you separate yourself and your beliefs from those foisted upon you by society. If you truly wish to do more than just give lip service to personal empowerment, this book is a must!"

— Peggy McColl, the New York Times best-selling author of Your Destiny Switch

"If you're a spiritual seeker ready to stretch beyond your comfort zone and throw out everything you think you already know, read this book. The scenarios and questions posed by Eldon Taylor in this courageous work will have your mind spinning with deliberation, punctuated with periods of self-righteousness and maybe even indignation. You've entered the twilight zone; and if you don't squirm even a little, I'd be surprised. As Dr. Taylor points out early on, this book isn't for the 'faint of heart.' For some, the question 'What if . . . ?' will be too painful to contemplate. For select others, however, it will be an awakening of the Spirit, an opportunity to fully experience our world of uncertainty and contradictions . . . and be at peace with it."

— Dr. Karen Kan, Law of Attraction relationship author and coach

"A must-read mind-bender, What If? is a thought-provoking and enjoyable read. Prepare to be awakened to truth as Dr. Taylor leads you on a journey of self-discovery. By shining light on false assumptions for a revealing look beneath the surface appearance of things, What If? is a primer for evolving your consciousness and mastering your mind. The book is both a remarkable achievement and a valuable contribution at this time in human history when so much is at stake!"

— K. G. Stiles, author, therapist, and director of Health Mastery Systems and

"With characteristic insight, Eldon Taylor brilliantly examines some of the fundamental issues of our existence: spirituality, power, human rights, free will, and morality. By using Socratic questioning, he challenges readers to inquire more deeply into the murky gray areas of their lives. After artfully presenting this multidimensional overview of the human condition, he then provides us with specific ways to transform our experience of both the world in general and of ourselves in particular. Uplifting, readable, and highly recommended."

— Chuck Hillig, the author of Enlightenment for Beginners, Seeds for the Soul, Looking for God: Seeing the Whole in One, The Way IT Is, and The Magic King

"Eldon Taylor goes to the root of the turmoil, chaos, conflict, fear, and stress we see in the world today. In effect, we've devolved into a 'dumbed-down' society, one disconnected from reality—one in which the gap between who we think we are and who we really are seems to be widening all the time. He masterfully examines the causes of this gap by discussing some of life's most difficult issues and concerns, then asking 'What if?' in the hopes that the reader will be able to put things in perspective and close the reality gap."

— Michael E. Tymn, journalist, author, and vice-president of the Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies

"In keeping with his theme of progressive awareness, in What If? Eldon Taylor poses questions that force us to examine our inner being. In this wonderful book, Eldon allows the reader to provide answers that may be quite surprising— even shocking—as one's true nature comes forth. I highly recommend this book as a step toward enlightenment. Read it and read it again. I followed the instructions, putting the book down for a time after each chapter. I believe my second reading of the book will generate even more thoughts as days, months, or years from now, my outlook may change in interesting ways. It's said that if a man thinks now as he did ten years before, then he has wasted ten years. To read the book after some time has passed will be interesting. I suspect it's a volume that one can read again and again and extract a different meaning each time— somewhat like Musashi's The Book of Five Rings."

— Dr. John L. Turner, the author of Medicine, Miracles & Manifestations

"What If? is thought-provoking and much more. The book offers an emotional and spiritual journey into self-discovery. Each chapter serves as a catalyst for personal growth. With his usual ease, depth, and creative style, Eldon Taylor explores current as well as timeless topics. No doubt readers will encounter the ultimate—themselves."

— Dianne Arcangel, M.S., the author of Afterlife Encounters

"Eldon invites self-realization, Dispelling programmed expectation How to process the data stream And still live out your American dream . . . Read this book . . . dispel illusions . . . And lovingly come to your own conclusions."

— Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas, Ph.D., president of the International Hypnosis Federation and the author of The Search for Cosmic Consciousness

"Another slam dunk for Eldon Taylor. That most elusive of subjects, the Self, is tackled brilliantly and thoughtfully by one of the master thinkers of our time. What If? The Challenge of Self-Realization covers concepts like traveling through thought (not time) with a deep examination of humanity and the quest for common human values. By the way, any mentor named SPA gets my attention! Eldon has a surprise chapter with treats to delight your mind in a book that brought both tears to my eyes and hope to my heart."

— Terri Marie, CEO, White Wing Entertainment

"More than another brain trigger, What If? is a deeply stirring soul trigger. Eldon Taylor never fails to compel his readers to question reality and the role they play in their perception of it. The very best educator is one who inspires his students to think things through for themselves!"

— Angelina Heart, the author of The Teaching of Little Crow: The Journey of the Soul

"Eldon Taylor continues his exploration into subtle—yet inherently fundamental—processes native to humans with a thinking brain, whose emotions drive behavior at all levels of the human condition. This is especially relevant when living in community with others who are prone to the same challenging dilemma. This book is an insightful, provocative view of how conscious decision making includes perceptions, emotions, and choices, and how we think, how we act, and how we experience life in its multiple expressions. To know oneself is the greatest challenge of the life experience because self-evaluation is a moment-to-moment thought experiment."

— Elaine Smitha, the author of If You Make The Rules, How Come You're Not Boss?; producer and host, Evolving Ideas© Radio & TV

"Who knows how much of our own mind really belongs to us? How much of the way we think is governed by the outside programming of popular media, family dynamics, or deeply embedded cultural and historical influences? Eldon Taylor's new book What If? peels back the layers of our own thinking to reveal our authentic selves, or conversely, the product of someone else's programming. This provocative book helps us look at all the What-ifs in our own lives."

— Caroline Sutherland, the author of The Body Knows . . . How to Stay Young

"Thought-provoking, insightful, fascinating, irreverent and challenging are just a few words to describe Eldon Taylor's What If? This guide to finding your authentic self will have you question your assumptions, think outside the box, and grow personally and spiritually; and it will provide you with the ability to better understand yourself and come closer to achieving enlightenment. I recommend it most highly for everyone wishing to break through limiting beliefs, put an end to resignation and apathy, and be fully challenged so as to achieve greater happiness and fulfillment."

— Dr. Joe Rubino, founder of; creator,

"Self-realization is your ticket to wholeness, joy, personal freedom, health . . . even wealth. Eldon Taylor's books, CDs, and other products are always cutting edge. I highly recommend his latest pearls of wisdom."

— Doris Helge, Ph.D., the author of Joy on the Job

"Eldon Taylor has broken the mold of most self-help writers as he tackles head-on many taboo questions. Bold, forthright, and most certainly profound, What If? The Challenge of Self- Realization takes the reader on a number of thought experiments to expose how much of our power we've given away. The lessons in this book are vital if you wish to experience what it is to be free to reach your highest level of self-actualization."

— Dr. Nick Begich, the author of Controlling the Human Mind

"Personal empowerment just took a quantum leap in this astonishing book by Eldon Taylor. What If? The Challenge of Self-Realization consists of a series of thought experiments that will move you out of the rigid beliefs you didn't even know you had, into a way of life that allows you to fully express your amazing uniqueness and gifts. I highly recommend it."

— Crystal Andrus, the best-selling author of Simply . . . Woman! and Simply . . . EMPOWERED!

"Give this man a pen and paper, and out comes a masterpiece. Eldon Taylor has done it again! He covers every corner of spirituality and then takes it out of the box for all to comprehend. Chapter 13 is a mind stopper. It gives the reader a chance to quiet the mind and understand the pursuit of happiness and peace with integrity."

— Hossca Harrison, founder of Jonah Life Institute

"Dr. Taylor's new book, What If? The Challenge of Self- Realization, is a must-read for all those who are learning to read outside the box. It's one of his most insightful and provocative books yet. I highly recommend it."

— Peter Calhoun, the author of Soul on Fire

"In the latest in his books exploring vital issues relating to believing versus knowing, Eldon Taylor engages readers in thoughtful and thought-provoking questions designed to help us discover who we really are. He guides us to look at ourselves, our actions, and our values through fresh eyes. The implications for our society are far-reaching. What If? is a book that deserves to be read and discussed by friends, families, and groups throughout our country."

— Steven Halpern, composer, recording artist, and the author of Sound Health

"After his books Choices and Illusions, Mind Programming and What Does That Mean?, there's one word that came to my mind in defining Eldon Taylor's style, which I noticed in this latest book also: magnetic. Once I started to read, I couldn't let the books out of my hands until I finished them. As with his previous works, What If? is written for all those already in the fast lane who desire to accelerate their spiritual growth, as well as for those just beginning their spiritual journey. Designed as a remarkably dynamic inner dialogue, the book continually challenges readers to always be aware of all possible motivations behind their choices. When a decision to act is made, it should be done from the highest level of consciousness. Through numerous examples of refining choice analysis, readers are offered a gift of learning—an invaluable life skill. We're ultimately invited to look inward with honesty, detachment, and an open mind; and to start the process of re-creating ourselves with wisdom while being aware of all the subtleties of the subconscious mind. The ultimate goal is the re-creation of the real self, free from imperfections induced by the illusions of this life. Knowing that this is a long process, we have to learn patience and develop consistency. With each book, continuing to offer us the tools for self-realization, Eldon Taylor proves again to be a great teacher. His contribution to the continual empowerment of the human race on its way to spiritual ascension cannot be disputed."

— Cristian Enescu, M.D.

"Being truly awake to yourself, to higher potential, and to the world around you may require an unraveling from what you think you know and believe about yourself, right and wrong, and true and false. Once again, Eldon Taylor takes us on a journey of deep (not always easy) reflections that reveal the vast inconsistencies of our own beliefs, values, and perspectives—and the conditioning that shapes the reality they appear to have created. A worthy, albeit at times uncomfortable exploration, What If? will offer you profound insights, not through answers or advice from an authority, but by inviting you to explore various scenarios and questions that don't always come with easy, clear answers. This book will help you access an intelligence that exists beyond the conclusions, assessments, opinions, and judgments that have conditioned you to believe things you don't really agree with; and in the process, you'll wake up to a more authentic you!"

— Anita Pathik Law, the author of The Power of Our Way: A Path to a Collective Consciousness and Returning to Your Original Intention: Embracing Your Own Becoming

"This book should come with a warning. It's a black belt in how to discover your true essence. It turned me inside out and chopped me on the head! Don't get this book unless you're really willing to find yourself where you can't believe you are. What If? The Challenge of Self-Realization is too soft a title for this book. Reading it is living it, and you must prepare yourself for the challenge."

— Shazzie, ecstatic being, visionary in paradise, author, artist, mother, love worker

"In a world where governments, corporations, and religious institutions compete to capture our attention and then mold our thoughts about ourselves, Eldon's keen insight into this struggle is a valuable asset for anyone desiring to rise above the fray and regain control of their own mind. The power to be confident and comfortable with oneself as an individual without blaming others brings great freedom. Well done."

— JZ Knight, author of the best-selling autobiography A State of Mind: My Story

I Believe: When What You Believe Matters!

"Very seldom do we get a book which speaks directly to Us! Part life manual and part reminder of who we are, I Believe, will teach you ways to re-direct your belief systems and live the life you always wanted."

- James Van Praagh, Spiritual Medium

"I Believe" is one of those special books to be experienced and contemplated not just read and the information recorded. Enjoy the journey... I did."

- Lindsay Wagner

I Believe is everything I teach: self-responsibility, self-creation and self-love. Eldon gives you the keys and guidelines to all three, which is creation Itself.

- Dee Wallace

"The ancient Greek philosopher Epictetus taught his students that what happens to them is not as important as what they believe happens to them. In this engaging and provocative book, Eldon Taylor provides his readers with specific ways in which their beliefs can lead to success or failure in their life undertakings. Each chapter provides nuggets of wisdom as well as road maps for guiding them toward greater self-understanding, balance, responsibility, and compassion."

— Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., Alan Watts Professor of psychology and humanistic studies, Saybrook University, and co-author of Personal Mythology

"I Believe is an inspiring book that shows you all the benefits of choosing your beliefs carefully."

— John Gray, Ph.D., New York Times best-selling author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

"A new view of mind and consciousness is arising from within science and psychology. This emerging picture honors the power of belief, meaning, and purpose, and brings with it stunning possibilities of human potential. Eldon Taylor's I Believe is a no-nonsense invitation to experience this domain for yourself. This book deserves a wide readership, especially for anyone who's interested in self-responsibility and prevention in health. In the end, it's this vision that will turn around our nation's faltering health care, which makes this book all the more important."

— Larry Dossey, M.D., author of Reinventing Medicine! and The Power of Premonitions

"In straightforward Eldon fashion, you'll learn how to plug into all you desire, and you'll understand why you may have been the source of your sabotage. Whether it's a matter of relationships or wellness, prosperity or self-satisfaction, this book will open a new vista of understanding solidly connected to scientific evidence. You'll read it and re-read it, sharing its valuable content with everyone you love."

— Peggy McColl, New York Times best-selling author of Your Destiny Switch

"Most of us live life according to the story of who we think we are. Past wounds, disappointments, poor choices, and a gnawing awareness that we are not living life to its maximum potential in a state of harmony and joy are a direct result of this self-limiting myth. In this book, Eldon Taylor encourages us to activate the inner reservoir of our untapped potential and to question our prior beliefs and patterns of behavior. Creating a 'new' story can liberate us to become our most authentic selves and to celebrate the miracle and adventure of life, in a world of infinite possibilities."

— Annamaria Hemingway, Ph.D., author of Practicing Conscious Living and Dying and Myths of the Afterlife

"For inestimable millennia, global human-race consciousness has typically tended toward embracing fear and worry as a way of life and often all but forgetting the true and only power of love, as amplified by personal, conscious awareness of one's Divine Self. Dr. Taylor's newest book clearly demonstrates that there truly is an emerging trend to return to this Divine awareness. This is exemplified in his intelligent, caring language, ideas, and methods to help the reader to achieve subtle but powerful spiritual awareness to dissolve the fear while finding personal balance in one's life. Promoting 'love is the great equalizer,' his obvious appreciation of being a curious and vibrant human, immersed in a joyful, supportive universe, brings delightful buoyancy to the pages, transmitting his inescapable exuberance and positivity to the reader."

— August Goforth, author of The Risen: Dialogues of Love, Grief & Survival

"The author deftly weaves insights, humor, questions, and personal anecdotes into a humanized worldview that's extremely readable, entertaining, and informative. Since we all unfold our human lives out 'into' the beliefs we have, this book is a very useful road map for how to live both gracefully and authentically. Highly recommended."

— Chuck Hillig, author of Enlightenment for Beginners and Seeds for the Soul

"Eldon Taylor's book demonstrates that what we believe directly influences our health, our sense of well-being, and even our aging process. He provides information that will help readers to monitor and shape their own thoughts in ways that may potentially change the readers' lives. The power of our minds shouldn't be underestimated."

— Chris Carter, author of Parapsychology and the Skeptics and Science and the Near-Death Experience

"Eldon's latest book, I Believe, is a study in practical wisdom. He takes generally accepted ideas and turns them inside out so that we can examine our own beliefs in a new and fresh way. I'm reminded of what a late Native American teacher once said: 'If your philosophy doesn't grow corn, I'm not interested.' Eldon's philosophy definitely grows corn. I Believe not only can enrich our lives but also teach us to fully embrace our humanity."

— Peter Calhoun, author of Soul on Fire: A Transformational Journey from Priest to Shaman

"As the age of unity consciousness is in sight (thank the goddess, I was getting really bored with duality), Eldon throws a huge firecracker into the sky to rain down on us. Absorbing his words is always enlightening, but this time, something's different. In this wonderful book, I Believe, Eldon's tone is softer and more heart-led than usual. "Eldon connects the dots, revealing that the divine path is easy when in service to another. Why? Because that's how unity consciousness can start. Connection to others is what helps us reveal our divinity, and from there, we get to live the life we were destined to. We can start the process by accepting our whole self, as we can't connect fully to others if we haven't connected fully to ourselves. That allows the divine being within to shine! Thank you, Eldon. You are one mega connector in our world, and I'm so grateful for the love you poured into this book!"

— Shazzie, TV presenter, CEO, and author of Detox Your World

"With I Believe, Eldon Taylor has given us another fabulous resource for understanding the power of thoughts and beliefs. He's a master 'sense-maker,' transforming lofty metaphysical concepts into something we can apply and use in our everyday lives."

— Pam Holloway, author of The Credibility Advantage and Axis of Influence

"Reach now for Eldon Taylor's book, I Believe. Eldon's belief that 'Tigers can change their stripes' will be evident on every page as he unfolds to you the magnificent value of this journey called living. In working with Eldon on several of his inspiring productions, I was struck by his use of the "awe" factor—awe for all of life. As Eldon does, I believe that you're a miracle. He'll persuasively remind you and lead you to that conclusion. When you're ready for your highest potential, you're ready for Eldon's latest. Don't wait a second longer!"

— Terri Marie, CEO, White Wing Entertainment

"Your beliefs influence your decisions; your decisions create your destiny. Have you taken 20 or 30 years to really examine your beliefs? In case you haven't logged that much time yet, read Eldon Taylor's book: I Believe: When What You Believe Matters! We have free will only when we examine our beliefs. Reading this book will help you discover and examine your real intent and understand what's truly important to you.
Eldon takes us on a journey of self-discovery of the highest order. The path will lead you to observe your innermost decisions. Experience the most important relationship in your life. This is your pathway to enlightenment. "The greatest education you can acquire is to know yourself. Eldon will make those introductions. He'll show you the way to genuine peace and a life that gives birth to freedom, and most important, your connection to others."

— Lionel Ketchian, founder of the Happiness Clubs

"Our beliefs influence every aspect of our lives, the people and circumstances we attract to us, and the reality we manifest into existence. Eldon Taylor's I Believe is a brilliant analysis of how our thoughts, our decisions, our character, and every other aspect of our lives are determined by our beliefs and are therefore responsible for shaping our reality. Read this book, clarify your own beliefs, and manifest your best life deliberately."

— Dr. Joe Rubino, founder of the Center for Personal Reinvention

"Eldon Taylor has done it again with his latest insightful tome. I Believe expands humanity's understanding of what it believes. The book teaches us that 'Our beliefs rule our world' is a more correct thing to say than that intention rules our world. You won't think of yourself the same way after reading I Believe. Perhaps philosopher René Descartes' famous phrase, 'I think, therefore I am,' should also be interpreted, 'When I believe what I think, therefore, that is what I am.'"

— Bill Sweet, past president of Spindrift Research and author of A Journey into Prayer

"An epic, all-encompassing, philosophical masterpiece! Though a deeply personal revelation of the full wealth of one man's life experience, I Believe touches on subject matter deeply significant to all. Never assuming his reader needs yet another 'how to' book, Eldon Taylor shares his wisdom in such a fashion as to gently reawaken the master within each individual. Taylor has Yoda-ized us once again!"

— Angelina Heart, author, teacher, researcher, and facilitator of the Twin Flame information

"In encountering life's adversities, we often experience fear, doubt, conflict, anxiety, and despair. We stumble, we struggle, we stagger, we suffer, and we sometimes surrender. It often seems like our hopes will go unrealized and our ambitions unattained. Yet we stand up, we settle down, we strive, we surmount, and hopefully, in the end, we soar. With much insight, Eldon Taylor takes us down life's twisting and treacherous path, closely examining the focus and resolve required to help us move from surrendering to soaring."

— Michael Tymn, author of The Afterlife Revealed and Running on Third Wind

"We are, quite simply, products of our belief system. Eldon Taylor's new book I Believe shows how the beliefs that we choose affect our outer world, our health, and our well-being on every level. This prolific author lives what he believes—a successful, fulfilled life. That success is there for all of us when we change our beliefs."

— Caroline Sutherland, best-selling author of The Body Knows . . . How to Stay Young

"At this time in history, when many of us feel humanity is at a crossroads to transformation into the next evolution of consciousness, Eldon Taylor hits the issue on the head with his newest book, I Believe: When What You Believe Matters! It carries on his life's work in helping individuals find their way to their highest potentials, letting go of fear and holding the balance that transforms us so that we, together, can change the world. Created in the image of the Creator, with so much potential in everyone of us, Eldon Taylor reminds us of what we are and where we can go and provides the practical tools that so many need now. This is a wonderful book and road map for reaching our very best."

— Dr. Nick Begich, author of Controlling the Human Mind and Earth Rising

"I love Eldon's perspective of forgiveness and letting go. When we truly forgive, we dispel fear! So forgiveness is actually a powerful tool that we have the agency to use throughout life. . . . I've learned from Eldon's book that when we're quick to forgive— and it becomes a way of life to just 'let go' of circumstances that in the past would have bothered us or caused us to freeze up with anxiety— we find that we have complete and total objectivity in any situation. The natural consequence to this is the dispelling of fear completely out of our lives in all relationships, circumstances, and events. There are no more unspoken agreements or contracts in relationships, no more expectations of others. Instead, there's a complete and total balance of objectivity, a real experience of peace and happiness. The first real step to accomplishing all of this is truly letting go, forgiving, and believing in yourself."

— Kimberly Gingras, Mrs. Montana International 2011

"Insightful, profound perspective on human behavior and the beliefs that shape our lives."

— Elaine Smitha, author of Screwing Mother Nature for Profit and If You Make the Rules, How Come You're Not Boss?

"Simply fantastic! As I read Eldon Taylor's I Believe, I kept wondering how Eldon was able to take the 'golden nuggets' of wisdom that I've collected over my lifetime through books, courses, workshops, and personal training and distill them so elegantly into a single volume. Those already deeply into spiritual development and introspective inquiry will truly appreciate what a gem this book is, not only because of the wisdom within its pages but also because of how Eldon brilliantly weaves stories, history, and science together in order to gently invite the reader into a new state of awareness. Another masterpiece by Eldon Taylor!"

— Karen Kan, M.D., law of attraction relationship author and coach

Self-Hypnosis and Subliminal Technology: A How-to Guide for Personal Empowerment Tools You Can Use Anywhere!

"I share Eldon's fascination about exploring the power of our mind and I'm in awe of how much knowledge and information he has amassed in this book. He's given us tools to transform our minds and therefore our lives."

Linda Evans, author and actress

"Don't wait another day to achieve your dreams and goals! Eldon Taylor's guide for self-hypnosis and subliminal messages will show you how to liberate the creative power of your mind to realize success, self-improvement, health, happiness, and well-being. Create your own program with Eldon's proven tools for easy use at home, on the road, anywhere!"

— Rosemary Ellen Guiley, author of Develop Your Miracle Mind Consciousness

"Do you want to be manipulated by those who understand how your mind works? No! So read this book and gain confidence in using subliminal-learning strategies. They are powerful techniques for manifesting your highest potential. Dr. Eldon Taylor has made this technology very accessible. Kudos!"

— Emma Bragdon, Ph.D., author of Resources for Extraordinary Healing

"While pioneering psychologist Sigmund Freud is said to have chiefly concerned himself with the negative and destructive habits of the subliminal self—"the rats and beetles in the cellarage," as Aldous Huxley referred to it— Frederic W. H. Myers, another pioneer of the subliminal, was more focused on the hidden or buried treasures ignored by Freud. Eldon Taylor continues in the tradition of Myers, searching below the threshold of consciousness for meaningful processes and powers that enrich our lives and give purpose to them."

— Michael Tymn, author of The Afterlife Revealed, The Afterlife Explorers, and Transcending the Titanic

"Eldon Taylor's penetrating approach to hypnosis and the mind skips the nonsense and gets to the bottom line of making your life better, right now. If you know what you want, feel ready for change, or sense there is a repeating cycle in the works, this is the workbook that can change your life."

— Gillian Holloway, Ph.D., author of The Complete Dream Book

"For those who want the facts, and 'just the facts, ma'am,' Eldon Taylor's new book, Self-Hypnosis and Subliminal Technology, is a gold mine. This treasure is filled with brief yet complete explanations of the means by which we can quantum leap through a lifetime's worth of mental and emotional debris with the latest technologies. In fact, Eldon, the world's leading authority on subliminal communication, actually includes instructions on both self-hypnosis and subliminal modalities you can custom fit to your needs to empower any area of your life. I've used his techniques for years, and believe me—they work! It's the best how-to book I've read in a very long time."

— Angelina Heart, author, teacher, and facilitator of the Twin Flame pathway

"The power of the mind, the power of thought, the power of our beliefs—in this wonderful book, Eldon Taylor will show you how to use your own mind to create a life of joy, abundance, and success. Self-Hypnosis and Subliminal Technology documents the research done on the mind, how hypnosis works, why it works, and how to use self-hypnosis to build a strong mind and belief system. This book also goes on to give you the tools necessary to build a solid foundation for changing your own self defeating DNA, social programming, and other negative thoughts that are preventing you from reaching your highest potential or inner savant. A must read for all those truly interested in creating a life that is fun, exciting, and filled with adventures of the spirit."

— Charles Lightwalker, author of Medical Intuition Handbook and founder of the Spokane Holistic Chamber of Commerce

"The future of self-care is now with this comprehensive guide for self regulation and self-health. You owe it to yourself to learn and use the powerful tools Eldon provides in this impressive book."

— C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., author of Energy Medicine

"This new book by Eldon Taylor is truly a gripping read. Eldon brings his fascinating life experiences to bear in a genuinely inspiring and uplifting way. I think anyone with my professional interest will find this book very helpful."

— Raymond Moody, M.D., Ph.D., author of Life After Life

"For more than three decades, as I studied the brain, unbeknownst to me, Eldon Taylor thoroughly studied the mind. Fortunately, I have had the privilege to meet Eldon and to read his wonderful books. In Self-Hypnosis and Subliminal Technology, he explains the power of the mind/brain/ matter connection and how we can fashion a few incredible tools for self-improvement. Every seeker's bookshelf should have this book!"

— John L. Turner, M.D., neurosurgeon and author of Medicine, Miracles, & Manifestations

Gotcha!: The Subordination of Free Will


Gotcha!: The Subordination of Free Will by Eldon Taylor, true to its title, enchanted me completely. This book tells me that what iconoclast Karl Popper has been in science, Eldon Taylor is being so everywhere else. The quirkiness that escapes the notice of all of us is collected together and presented in a manner to evoke subtle humor. Beginning with our beginnings, the affairs of our gametes, where he poses the question 'when does an embryo become a person?', he goes on to examine the nonconformity in all that is around us. The book ends also in a remarkable way with one of the most profound questions ever asked, 'What is the meaning of Life?' From electro magnetic energy to GM Foods, from religious freedom to video news, there is no topic that has not been examined for something amiss.

The relevance, I think, of books like Gotcha! is becoming more and more clear as we progress in our research, in areas like quantum life or quantum biology. Latest results from these areas show the border between things that we used to consider as black and white becoming rather hazy, promoting a rethink on many of our early notions. This book is in that direction; today the ideas presented here may evoke good humor, but in time, they might be more than mere ideas. This is a good book; it prepares one to be in step, philosophically too, with the changes taking place everywhere.

Reviewed by Roy T. James for Readers' Favorite

Roy of Reader's Favorite wrote, "Gotcha!: The Subordination of Free Will by Eldon Taylor, true to its title, enchanted me completely. This book tells me that what iconoclast Karl Popper has been in science, Eldon Taylor is being so everywhere else. The relevance, I think, of books like Gotcha! is becoming more and more clear as we progress in our research, in areas like quantum life or quantum biology. Latest results from these areas show the border between things that we used to consider as black and white becoming rather hazy, promoting a rethink on many of our early notions. This is a good book; it prepares one to be in step, philosophically too, with the changes taking place everywhere."

"Gotcha! disconnects the snooze bar and calls out to humanity, begging us to "Wake up!" Like an overdose of adrenalin mainlined to your heart, this book will pull your brain out of self and other induced comas. In this book, Taylor presents why it's time for the 99 percent to get up, get together, reunite, and speak up, responding wisely, acting without reacting. It is a cosmic dare to reclaim our conscience and free ourselves from the tyranny of fear and greed that has led to narcissistic neediness.
Today we have the knowledge necessary for humanity to evolve. The question is, do we have the courage to fuse conscience and competence and come together to ignite a resolution, rather than ignite a revolution? Compassion, liberty, and justice are values that are worth living for."

~ Lynnclaire Dennis, Scientist, Author & Artist

"WOW! Once again Eldon Taylor delivers a penetrating look into our minds and behavior. Providing detailed insight into the nature of influence and shining a revealing light into its sources, Eldon's research and findings offer the reader an opportunity to break free from their conditioned limitations and ignite a life-changing awareness. This is a must-read for the empowered mind!"

~Dr. Steve Maraboli, Author, Behavioral Science Academic

"Eldon Taylor is so spot-on. Gotcha! tells it like it is, and it isn't what we want to happen!"

~ George Noory, Host of Coast to Coast AM

"If you are one of those people who believe that ignorance is bliss, then this book is not for you. So who is it for? It is for enlightened souls who are on a mission to change the world for the better. If you are one of those, then you must read this book! Once again, Eldon Taylor has demonstrated with mastery and ample evidence that our world is not what it seems and that the intention to harm and manipulate the people of America is alive and well. As a holistic physician, I am always counseling my patients to become aware of what goes in, on, and around their minds and bodies. Eldon's book uncovers to what lengths corporations and government will go to in order to keep people numb, dumb, and unhealthy. If you're willing to go through the gamut of so-called negative emotions - shock, indignation, anger, and hopelessness - and come out the other side, you'll be empowered by the knowledge found in this book like I was. Every day we are being "called" to awaken from our unconscious slumber by transformational teachers worldwide in order to save our planet and our children. Eldon Taylor is one of those who I consider a Superhero! Thank you, Eldon, for your courage and willingness to bring others to the Light."

~ Karen Kan, M.D., Holistic Physician, Bestselling Author of Guide to Healing Chronic Pain

"The overwhelming lesson of this critically important book might be called 'Subliminal Seduction,' which has gradually overwhelmed free will and critical thinking. "The time has come, the walrus said, to speak of many things!" Eldon Taylor has spoken of these most important things better than anyone in the past fifty-plus years! It is time to read, think, and heed."

~ Norm Shealy, M.D., author of Living Bliss

"Gotcha! is an eye-opening book on the subject of free will. Is it free? Can we truly will anything? Backed by historical information and cutting-edge science, Gotcha! explores the many forces impeding humankind from realizing free will. I enjoyed the book, as the concept/reality/unreality of "Free Will" has interested me ever since I came across the work of Mokichi Okada (Jorei) and of Dr. Libet. However, Gotcha! was scary as it presents much information that was new to me. Most of this information is not simply of the conspiracy theory ilk, but honest-to-goodness things that give a man Goosebumps! After reading what Dr. Taylor presents in this great book, you will seriously consider moving to Bhutan! I highly recommend this work."

~ John L. Turner, M.D., author of Medicine, Miracles and Manifestations

"I'm just in awe of what Eldon is attempting here and how courageous and rational he is about it all."

~ Suzanne Brady, Editor

"Eldon Taylor's book, Gotcha! is a brilliant, eye-opening journey into the subject of mind control and a historical journey into the methods used to set the course of our country and world by controlling those who live in it. It is a study of how we have been unknowingly subjected to differing techniques of control to direct our every thought and the basic drives already hardwired within each of us. Eldon is known worldwide as an expert on the subject of mind control, but he reaches deeper than ever before to show you the proof of how you are being influenced to do the things you do every day. Each and every statement written about is backed up by documented proof and research. Reading Gotcha! made me very angry that I have allowed myself to be controlled and directed throughout my life, while all the time mistakenly living as if I were in charge of my thoughts. However, it also left me an informed student, who is now cognizant of what is being done to the masses, and gifted me with the tools of awareness and knowledge in order to realize my potential without falling prey to the controls employed by the few attempting to set my life course. Thank you, Eldon, for the wake-up call."

~ Richard D. Rowland (retired Sergeant from the Kentucky State Police), author of Unspoken Messages

"In 1948 George Orwell wrote the classic book that caught the attention of the academic world and most of the reading public. Eldon has shared with us his profound insights and has Taylor-made a contemporary essay that illustrates the many subtle and not-so-subtle ways we are allowing our individuality and free thinking to be eroded. We are being called to assume responsibility for our freedom of thought. You are warned that once you pick this book up and start reading, you will have trouble putting it down. Even after you have finished reading it, you will flip back to your favorite selections. But we are being called to put down the book and take individual inventory of our own lives so that we can, in our own ways, restore at least a small part of our lost freedom to think. Become more of a sheep rancher and less of a thoughtless hired hand. If Eldon's latest book has even one percent of the impact 1984 had, we will all be the better for it. Thanks Eldon."

~ Bob Nunley, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, University of Kansas

"Gotcha! is another brilliant Snap Out of It! book by Eldon Taylor. This should be required reading for every school-aged child. What a gift to really understand how to leverage the power of your mind! What we need today are critical thinkers, not more stinker thinkers! This book gives the real tools required to blast past the fear of failure and rejection and edit the negative movies of the mind propagated by society. Eldon's books and audio programs fill my shelves and are my go-to guides when I'm struggling to Snap the Hell Out of It!"

~ DeDe Murcer Moffett, aka "The Snap Out of It! Woman" Speaker, Author, Entertainer

"Gotcha! is Eldon Taylor's masterpiece. He makes substantial, historical information, based on decades of research and professional experience, read like a crime novel—only we're all in this one together. It is a suspenseful and shocking read. Gotcha! allows us to discover just how deceived and manipulated we are in our society and provokes us to question who we truly are underneath the facades we have been conditioned into developing since birth. With his extensive knowledge and entertaining way of delivering his message, Dr. Taylor shakes us out of complacency and forces us to reconsider our identity and to seek to change our belief system before it's too late."

~ Elaine Clayton, author of Making Marks

Eldon Has Been Called

Harvard Psychologist, Joan Boresenko, calls him the Master of the Mind.

Best selling author Lisa McCourt, calls him the metaphysical intellectual.