Importing InnerTalk programs to Your I-pod or MP3 Player

Here are our import instructions, this ensures that all of the content from our CDs is imported electronically.

iTunes Import Instructions Mac:

1) Open iTunes

2) Select “iTunes” in the toolbar

3) Select “Preferences”

4) Select “Import Settings” This is in the “General” tab, which pops up as the default

5) Select “AIFF encoder” or “WAV encoder”


iTunes Import instructions for a PC:

1) Insert CD

2) At the bottom of the screen is an “import settings” button, right next to the import button.

3) Press the “import setting” button

4) Select the drop down box that says AAC Encoder

5) Select WAV or AIFF encoder

6. Press OK

Windows Media Player “Rip” Instructions FOR A PC:

1) Select the “Rip” header at the top of the player,

2) Select “Preferences”

3) Under the General tab, select “Rip Options”

4) From that list select, WAV