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When only the best is good enough. InnerTalk—the only subliminal self-help technology independently demonstrated effective in the most rigorous of scientific studies—the double blind.

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InnerTalk subliminal self-help programs change those deep-seated self-destructive beliefs so you can finally achieve the success you have been looking for.

InnerTalk is a patented subliminal self-help technology that has been researched by numerous independent universities and institutions and been demonstrated effective at priming how you speak to yourself. InnerTalk subliminal programs are designed in such a way that the change you desire begins from within as a result of changing the way you talk to yourself, changing that internal chatter from self-doubt and worry to assured confidence and self-composure; thereby changing your expectation, attitude, and perception.

InnerTalk subliminal self-help programs use a special form of dichotic masking that tasks your brain hemispheres according to their specialty, providing for a whole brain experience. This shadowed masking is often thought of as subliminal, but it is in fact quite different than hiding messages 30, 40 and 50 db beneath the music or nature sounds. Indeed, you will hear voices from time to time but you will be unable to discriminate the messages. This method insures that the negative programming that produces automatic negative thoughts or ANTs, is unable to interfere and argue back against the positive statements, as is usually the instance when using just affirmations.

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Your mind is incredible. The brain has been compared to a computer in a sort of bio-computer analogy. The analogy has power—but it is an understatement. Science has discovered many of the hard wired connections that appear to give the brain/mind so much control over the body (health, wellness, longevity, youthfulness) and our destinies in terms of success, learning, wealth and prosperity. Read More...

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We publish samples of affirmations embedded in our patented InnerTalk subliminal CDs, MP3s, and videos. Our company philosophy is adamant that you should know what's being put in your mind and further, there is no research that suggests otherwise with the exception of the symbiotic message (see our listing of research papers for more details.) Each of our program comes with a complete printed list of affirmations.

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InnerTalk is now in five languages and eleven countries! Positive affirmations build personal power for maximum self-improvement gains. We offer over 500 self help titles including our most popular Weight Loss and Stop Smoking titles. You will find subliminal, self hypnosis, meditation, and brain entrainments products as well as books and videos—all to aid you in the art of mind control—your mind doing your bidding! Maximize your personal power with our patented and proven self improvement subliminal and hypnosis products today!

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We have what you are looking for: Weight loss, stop smoking, motivation, success, personal power, self healing and much more.

Our self improvement personal power positive affirmations can change your life. Subliminal and hypnosis self help mind control methods and tools, all inside.

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