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Newsletters: Volume 3 No. 4
InnerTalk® InTouch by Eldon Taylor, Ph.D.



I just wanted to say that it worked. I was skeptical but I thought, "What did I have to lose?" 34 bucks? If it had any effect at all, it would be worth it.
Soaring Self-confidence is a great program that I believe would benefit anyone, I was confident when I started, but everyone, no matter how confident has some self doubt. Your program removed the self-doubt in a hurry.

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Article: The Other 90%
by Eldon Taylor, Ph.D.

Most people give credit to Albert Einstein for making the rather casual and technically unsupported comment that we use only approximately 10% of our brain, implying that the other 90% is the future of mankind. The use of this other 90% has been sought after by various means and ways by many for eons. Gaining genius power and even Para psychological abilities, to say nothing of otherwise enhancing the quality of cognition and experience, is both the work of science fiction and the pursuit of many in everyday life. To that end, researchers have begun to ferret out some of the detail and further the potential.

At the forefront of a lot of this work is a collection of conservative researchers, biologists, neuroscientists, philosophers and theologians--all participating, albeit often tacitly, in a new frontier known as NeuroTheology. Each, often with their own agenda, have identified important contributions to understanding both how life suddenly appeared on this planet and some of the secrets hidden in the human DNA.

Much of the work is controversial, but no one disagrees with the central point of this article. That is, over 90% of the human DNA is dormant and silent and that these silent engines (Introns or silent genes) have yet to be expressed. Moreover, of the "3% of genes required to build a human being, 20% of that is used to create the brain, and another 30% of that DNA is expressed in the process of running and maintaining the brain (Joseph 2002) Author R. Joseph, writing in NeuroTheology, comes to this possible inference: ". 50% of the 3% of DNA, which is coded, serves the human brain. Hence, since 97% of the 30,000 to 40,000 or more genes (and their 3 billion or more base pairs) that make up the human genome are repressed, up to 50% of that and thus perhaps as many as 25,000 repressed genes and over a billion base pairs of nucleotides may be available for future cerebral metamorphosis and expansion of the brain." (Joseph 2002).

That is "food for thought!" Since the evidence clearly shows that the differing uses of the brain lead to structural and functional differences in the ever developing (evolving) brain, is it possible that one may just find that persistent mind training leads one little step at a time to a virtual Quantum leap--a sudden flash of new mind so different and advanced that a search for words comes up without reference?

Book Review: Restoring Your Magnificence Dr. Joseph Rubino has done it again. His newest book, Restore Your Magnificence--A Life-Changing Guide to Reclaiming Your Self Esteem, is a must read for all interested in truly maximizing their personal potential. The book is literally a manual designed to accomplish three things: 1. Complete you're past; 2. Assess your present; and 3. Design your future. By working through the manual one can uncover the source behind a lack of self-esteem, stop the downward spiral of self-sabotage, replace negative messages with new core beliefs that support happiness and excellence, realize the secret to reclaiming personal power and design a new self image that supports personal magnificence. You owe it to yourself to read this book.

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News briefs

Brawny Brains

According to a new article appearing in Science News, Creatine pills may aid memory and cognition. Creatine is an amino acid often used by competitive athletes and according to Australian neurochemist, Caroline Rae of the University of Sidney, when taken in much the same way as that by athletes, Creatine boosted performance on mental tests among students. (Harder 2003)

Lung ills linked to thoughts of self-harm
According to the reports of a team of researchers led by Renee D. Goodwin of Columbia University, thoughts of suicide and self-harm are held far more often by sufferers of lung disorders, such as asthma, than by people treated for other physical illnesses. (Bower 2003) The mind/body connection cannot be ignored. Pythagoras said, "Above all else, know thyself." We believe that you cannot know yourself until you accept, embrace and love your true self! This much is for sure, loving yourself is definitely connected with health, happiness and longevity.

Thought of the month

"Man's mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions."
Oliver Wendell Holmes

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Bower, B. (2003). Uneasy Breathing. Science News. 164: 117.
Harder, B. (2003). Brawny Brains. Science News. 164: 101.
Joseph, R. (2002). The Brain.
Joseph, R. (2002). NeuroTheology, University Press.

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