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Newsletters: Volume 3 No. 3
InnerTalk® InTouch by Eldon Taylor, Ph.D.



Months have passed since our last e-newsletter and I apologize, especially to the many of you that have written. I have been working on a new book and that seems to consume my time. To that end, however, perhaps you can help me with your story (see this month's article).

From time to time we make mistakes. I received an email informing me of one lately that required a replacement unit. Here is the email:

Hi Dr Taylor,
"I just received an email confirmation from InnerTalk saying my replacement has been sent to me right after I sent the email (below) to you. I look forward to listening to it and benefiting from it hopefully. Your technology is the only one that works out there in the self help industry.... There isn't any other reliable alternative out there--they're a fake. Look forward to ordering from InnerTalk in the future."
Thank You.
Edward Liu

We're very aware that our patented technology is the only one out there tested and proven to work by independent researchers in rigorous double blind studies, and we take that seriously. We will continue to do our best to provide not only an outstanding product but also excellent service. Your feedback, as always, is important.


Special Notes:
Thanks so much for the free Forgiving and Letting Go tape! I have a dear Friend whose husband was just discovered to be having an affair. The husband is also a good friend, and we're all feeling very upset and angry over this behavior. It's disrupted our friendship and our lives. The wife wants to forgive and move on, and so do we, but its been challenging, as the husband thinks we shouldn't be angry with him for the deceptions. I think the tape will help all of us move on. Also, I appreciate it being free. My husband has been out of work for over 2 years, so every bit helps! I also wanted you to know I'm very pleased with the other CDs I've ordered from you! I've referred 4 people to your website, and all of them are planning to purchase tapes/CDs from you.
Keep up the good work!

Seattle, WA

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Article: Self-Power may really be Higher Power
by Eldon Taylor, Ph.D.

For the past several months I have been working on a new book, "The Cost of Disbelief." In reviewing the literature, including nearly every book in print with the word "belief" in the title, it has become clear to me that there are a number of so-called anomalies that cannot be explained with, or by, science alone. The proverbial"white crow" emerges again and again when the researcher is willing to include the unexplainable, and those axioms that insist all crows are black simply fail. Belief in oneself has incredible power, and the bottom line to the cost of disbelief in oneself can be summed up as failure. This failure includes, but is not limited to, the quality of life, relationships, health, longevity, and so forth. However, when you push the boundary just a little, the miraculous may appear. It is said that there is no degree of difficulty to miracles--big miracles and little miracles are all still miracles. Miracles come in a variety of flavors. There are the unexplainable miracle healings that leave even the health care professional in awe and the smaller miracles that children love to share. I have one I remember from childhood. When I was in kindergarten I lost my favorite taw marble during recess. All I could think about during the remaining class day was, "Where could that marble be?" When class ended, I searched the ground to no avail. I walked over and over the path I could have taken from the marble ring to the classroom, and I circled in ever-wider circles the general area of play--no taw marble. I was near tears when I prayed for help. I sensed, rather than literally heard, an inner voice tell me to close my eyes. I did so and was told to walk ten steps forward (or so, I don't honestly remember the exact number) and then so many steps left and then so many steps right and then to stop and open my eyes and look down. When I did, there was my marble right at my feet. What happened to me happens to many when they are young and trusting; still, most just forget it until their memory is nudged.
I believe that we all experience the unexplainable if for no other reason than to remind us that we're not alone in the world. We are more than the evolutionary results of some Darwinian soulless process. Life is a miracle! I have decided to include in "The Cost of Disbelief" this proposition: IT WOULD APPEAR THAT THE ULTIMATE SELF-POWER IS HIGHER POWER. This final section of the book will share the scientific anomalies but I want it to also reflect the personal miracles of many. Since it is highly likely that our sophisticated society, and I say that rather facetiously, tends to suppress in young people their natural gifts, or sense of the sixth sense, or "connectedness," or what ever you are comfortable with as the label, it is also therefore highly likely that personal stories regarding this type of experience will be powerfully tutorial. It is for that reason that I invite every one of you to email your story to me. I will give you credit in the book if I use your story, or I will protect your anonymity if you prefer. Share your miracle. I am interested in every miracle you may have experienced and/or know of from first hand knowledge. Maybe the miracle happened to your sister or friend, but if you knew them, please share the occurrence. I believe that by sharing the miracles, the knowledge of who we may all ultimately be expands for everyone one of us. The so-called invisible made transparent is what the scientist of the invisible seeks, and from the hard science of "belief" to the miracle of a Higher Power, the real human potential is revealed. I look forward to you sharing and please remember, let me know if you wish to remain anonymous. Thanks and all the very best to you and yours! Eldon

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New Breast Enlargement through Mind Training

Reported in What Medicine? (Issue 9, Summer 2003, page 46) a United Kingdom publication, are the trial findings of our InnerTalk breast enlargement program. The trial, conducted in the UK, involved 15 women who averaged "approximately 2 cm of breast growth and a fuller cup size within 30 days."
The article continues, "Women also reported a tingling sensation, similar to that experienced in puberty. One woman said, 'I was skeptical of the CDs power to make physical changes but the proof is undeniable.'"

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News briefs

Vague threats stimulate brain

Uncertain or vague threats produce more brain activity as measured by functional magnetic resonance imaging than identified threats according to a new study by Reginald B. Adams Jr. of Dartmouth College in Hanover, N.H.
The full report can be read in the June 6th Science. (Bower 2003)

Cancer vaccine tested on patients
A new experimental cancer vaccine has been administered to 58 patients with promising results. According to the reports by John Marshall of Georgetown University, who conducted the tests with colleagues, cancers of the stomach, colon, pancreas, breast and lung shrank for 22 of the patients in the study. The vaccine, called TRICON, was given in six monthly injections to the patients in the experiment. The vaccine uses genetically engineered genes to carry the building blocks for four proteins that stimulate the immune response. (Seppa 2003)

Weak magnetic fields linked to cancer risk
According to a report by James Randerson writing for New Scientist, the risk of cancer due to power lines exists in the fact that weak magnetic fields interfere with the normal check cells make before dividing. Randerson reports on Brian Heaton's work (available in full in "Cancer Cell International's " online edition) and puts it all this way: normally cells stressed with gamma radiation delay division while they repair damage, but cells exposed to a weak magnetic field do not pause. (Randerson 2003)

Stimulate the right angular gyrus for an out of body experience (OBE)
NIt may not be long before some smart marketer offers a simple electronic device that electrically stimulates the right angular gyrus, an area of the brain thought to be responsible for spatial cognition. Why would someone buy such a device? Well, according to the work of Swiss researchers, such stimulation leads to an OBE, so who wouldn't try it? (Herskovits 2003)

Brain wave lullabies
According to Leonid Kayumov, director of the University of Toronto's sleep clinic, as reported in Psychology Today, your brain waves may be your best sleep lullaby. Kayumov had 22 subjects listen to a CD of their own brain "music" and found that they "nodded off in 17 minutes on average, as opposed to 58 minutes for 22 subjects in the control group." Perhaps we should all be employing our computer synthesizers to turn our brain wave patterns into brain music. (Hantman 2003)

Meditation makes a person happy
According to a report in the 24 May issue of New Scientist, neuroscientists using functional MRI and PET scans have demonstrated that meditation not only works as a marvelous antidepressant but also creates a genuine sense of happiness alleviating negative emotions. The article concludes with a powerful and thought provoking statement, "Buddhist meditation and mindfulness, which developed 2500 years before Prozac, can lead to profound happiness, and its practitioners are deeply in touch with their glowing left prefrontal cortex and their becalmed amygdala." (Flanagan 2003)

The worlds first brain prosthesis
Duncan Graham-Rowe, writing for New Scientist, says it all in a sentence I'll put this way, the world's first brain prosthesis, an artificial hippocampus, is about to be tested in California. Now that statement takes take your breath away. The prosthesis, a tiny chip that mimics the hippocampus, will be tested first on the tissue from rat's brains. It may next find its way as a method to help people who have suffered brain damage.
(Graham-Rowe 2003)

Bower, B. (2003). Brain perks up to uncertain threats. Science News. 16:
397. Flanagan, O. (2003). The colour of happiness. New Scientist. 24 May: 44.
Graham-Rowe, D. (2003). The world's first brain prosthesis. New Scientist.
15 March: 4. Hantman, M. F. (2003). The Brain Plays On. Psychology Today. February: 21. Herskovits, Z. (2003). The Seat of Soaring Consciousness. Psychology Today. February: 19. Randerson, J. (2003). Clue to how power lines could increase the risk of cancer. New Scientist. 10 August 2002: 7. Seppa, N. (2003). Cancer vaccine gets first test in patients. Science News. 163: 398.

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Thought of the month

It's better to trust too much than too little.

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