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Newsletters: Volume 3 No. 2
InnerTalk® InTouch by Eldon Taylor, Ph.D.


  • Featured testimony--Your tapes really helped me out
  • Article: Be merry and then make resolutions.
  • News briefs:
    • Split-brain study reveals sense of self--or is it hiding self?
    • Undersized hippocampus associated with stress disorder
    • The brain may decide sex
    • The body's natural electric fields play a key role in healing
    • Rejection slows thinking
  • What's NEW?
  • Thought of the month


Hello Dr. Taylor,
I'm an Army Ranger now. I just got back from the Middle East and I'm
spending sometime in my hometown with my family. Just wanted to catch you up
on things. I think your tapes really helped me out. My psychic and martial
abilities helped a lot. They saved a couple of peoples lives. I'll be going
into Special Forces school soon. I'll be a Green Beret then. I really
appreciate all you've done for me. These tapes might have very well saved my
life. They have allowed me to take my abilities to a whole new level. I have
been telling everyone about your products and what they've done for me. I'll
never be able to repay you.
With Unending Gratitude,
Jonathan Douglas

Article: Be merry and then make resolutions
by Eldon Taylor, Ph.D.

The Holiday Season is upon us. If you are at all like most people, then at
some time in your life you have made a choice to do something--a
resolution--and for some reason just have not been able to keep it. For most
people, this is a disturbing nemesis. It plagues us in so many areas of our
lives. We wish to change and yet despite our verdicts and so-called
commitments, it just doesn't happen. It's almost as if the conscious mind,
where the decision to change is made, is but the tail of the dog, and
somewhere else imprinted in our mind/behavior loops is information that wags
the tail. So the tail is unable to wag the dog. Yet, some people find ways
to take control of their inner mind and substantially alter their behavior.
Some find the power within, break out of the crust of old dried lava, and
emerge from the fire raised as the Phoenix.
The power within resides in everyone--it just goes untapped by many. The
arrogance of the conscious mind can stifle the unlimited reservoir of power
that resides deeper in the mind, and so the conscious mind dribbles this
line of self-talk full of doubt, fear and self-destructive limitations.
Our inner talk is a direct reflection on our true desires and beliefs. It
is also the water that forms our conscious stream of thoughts. To use the
metaphor of William James, our stream of thoughts tends to both direct and
initiate inner talk. Consequently, if our inner talk is negative and
pessimistic, our expectation, perception and new thought formulation will
fit within the mold of our primary thought disposition. Still, even when we
think we are becoming positive, often thoughts enter that are
self-sabotaging bullets imperiling our success. Take for example, a model I
have often used. Say to your self, "I am good!" Say it meaningfully and be
still for a moment. See if you get any talkback like, "Good at what? What
do you mean by good? Do you remember when--? Really? What do you mean by
good? How good is good? Good for what?" and so forth. Why does this type
of program run in the mind when the initiating statement is as potentially
powerful as it is?
The most powerful force of belief for most people is based on negative
self-conclusions that are distorted in order to protect some aspect of ego
identity. Retraining the mind is not a matter of will--it is a matter of
persistence. As an athlete might say, "It's all about reps (repetition). A
customer recently jotted us a quick email that may be relevant. Kara wrote,
"I love your FREE mp3 downloads! I listen an hour every day and use the FREE
hypnosis you offer. My husband's been unemployed for over a year and we are
trying to catch up so your FREEBIES will help until I can purchase your
products!" That's why they're there Kara. Another customer wrote, "I am so
glad I found your site. I went to search and yours was the first. I clicked
on it and can't seem to get off. Thank you so much. I love the 'Thought of
the day' and the 'Humor.' Thanks, Stella."
I hope our site provides much more than a commercial portal. Our business
is about helping you be all that you can be. Our web site is designed from
the free gift cards to the online e-books to be a source of help and
inspiration. We hope you enjoy it and come back daily for your own "rep."
Happy Holidays and here is wishing you only the best in the New Year! Eldon

News briefs

Split-brain study reveals sense of self--or is it hiding self?

New research shows that the right hemisphere of the brain recognizes
everyone but our self--at least that is one conclusion. David Turk at
Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, enlisted the aid of a
split-brain patient to test the theory that the right brain is better at
recognizing familiar faces. Turk discovered that the right brain did indeed
favor familiar faces but it was the left-brain that was most successful
recognizing self. (Muir 2002)
Could it be that the subconscious mind, believed to primarily occupy what we
call the right brain, hides the self so well with the various defense
mechanisms and self representations that it takes the left brain, the
so-called conscious center, to recognize the creation? Is a person looking
in the mirror really seeing himself or herself or a biased projection
created by the subconscious that is restricted from non-bias viewing thereby
allowing only the left-brain to view what is projected by the right?
I love this kind of research. It tells us more and more about the power and
inner workings of the mind while asking still deeper questions.

Undersized hippocampus associated with stress disorder
A new investigation published in the Nov 1 Nature Neuroscience challenges
the long held belief that stress hormones in subjects experiencing
post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may lead to shrinking the size of the
hippocampus. Researchers followed identical twins and found that subjects
with an undersized hippocampus were inclined to acquire PTSD where their
twin was not, despite similar combat exposure. (Bower 2002)

The brain may decide sex
UCLA researchers have made a remarkable finding--the first of its kind and it
may rewrite the biology texts. Eric Vilain of the UCLA team sums it up this
way, "It's the first discovery of genes differentially expressed in the
brain." What does that mean? Well for beginners it means that the brain
may well decide the sex of people as opposed to the classical biological
model that insists that embryos develop ovaries unless a gene called SRY on
the Y chromosome is switched on. "Our brains appear to be in fact
hard-wired to be male or female long before we begin to grow testes or
ovaries in the womb. (Coghian 2002)
The body's natural electric fields play a key role in healing
According to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
(DOI:10.1073/pnas202235299) the body's boosted electric field may attract
positively charged proteins or lipids in the membranes of cells where
nullified electric fields tend to promote more randomization in cell
behavior. This is the first solid body of science to demonstrate that
enhancing the natural electric fields of the body can speed up healing.
(Page 2002)

Rejection slows thinking
New research suggests that intellectual abilities diminish when people are
socially rejected. Indeed, according to Roy F. Baumeister of Case Western
Reserve University, interpersonal rejection greatly reduces the capacity for
intelligent thought. Current thinking explains this diminished faculty by
stressing the energy involved when an individual suppresses rejection. This
explanation basically states that the rejected person is so busy repressing
that they are "unable to engage in controlled thinking, leaving only
automatic processes unaffected." (Poultney 2002)

Bower, B. (2002). Brain trait fosters stress disorder. Science News. 162:
Coghian, A. (2002). It may be your brain not your genitals that decides what
sex you really are. New Scientist. 19 Ocotber: 17.
Muir, H. (2002). Split brain reveals our sense of self. New Scientist. 24
August: 16.
Page, J. C. a. M. L. (2002). Body gets a healing boost from its inner
electric fields. New Scientist. 28 September: 15.
Poultney, R. (2002). Shunned workers lose their smarts. Psychology Today.
December 2002: 16.

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Thought of the month

"Strange is our situation here upon earth. Each of us comes for a short
visit, not knowing why, yet sometimes seeking to divine a purpose. From the
standpoint of daily life, however, there is one thing we do know: that man
is here for the sake of other men... for the countless unknown souls with
whose fate we are connected by a bond of sympathy. Many times a day I
realize how much my own outer and inner life is built upon the labors of my
fellow men, both living and dead, and how earnestly I must exert myself in
order to give in return as much as I have received and am still receiving. "
Albert Einstein

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