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Newsletters: Volume 3 No. 12
InnerTalk® InTouch by Eldon Taylor, Ph.D.



Where my personal work in this area now reaches back more than a quarter of a century, our Company was actually formed in April of 1984. In October of 1984, we opened our doors to the public for the first time. As such, we look upon our birthday as the first day open to the public, October 15, 1984. Twenty-one years ago, and for that period of time we have ben honored to have served millions of people across the globe. Thank you, thank you!

Commemorating our birthday, we decided to have a 30-day celebration. From now until October 16th, we are offering you a TWENTY-ONE PERCENT DISCOUNT on anything you purchase. You can still take advantage of our buy 4 and get the 5th free, and then take a 21% discount. You can get this discount on literally everything we currently offer including electronics, books, our InnerTalk line and more. All you have to do is tell us HAPPY BIRTHDAY! If placing your order on line, just write Happy Birthday in the comments and we'll recalculate your order before your card is charged and manually process it. If by phone, remember to say Happy Birthday and if by mail, write Happy Birthday on your order.

We are very pleased to have served you and wish to sincerely express our genuine THANKS!

Featured Testimonials
Thank you for your letters--We love them!

I would like to send you this testimonial as a personal thank-you. I am in a slight state of disbelief.

I've owned the Awaken the Genius CD for years but never listened to it for the entire 30 days. Such a simple requirement, but still, I never found the time. I'm going through some things at work right now, which could jeopardize my livelihood, and I've been pretty stressed about it. I've also been very emotional, I could literally cry at the drop of a hat. I decided to pop in the CD last night and listen while doing my before-bed tasks. This morning I got up and was thinking of some things I had to do at work and I felt myself begin to get emotional. And normally I would have given into that feeling and let myself have a good cry. However, just as suddenly as the feeling had come, it didn't last long, and I remained in control. I didn't shed a tear, I was calm, I felt in control and unshakeable. Now I'm not saying crying or emotional outlet is bad or negative. But I've been losing it at work, and I work for a major worldwide financial firm; I can't afford to be seen as unstable, especially during this difficult time.

I am at work right now. I brought my CD in so I could listen on my lunch break to reinforce these wonderfully empowering feelings. I don't have the insert card that came with the CD, it's home. But I do remember a couple of the affirmations were "My mind is keen, I am at ease." And that's exactly how I feel. Alert, calm, as if my mind is at the right state to deal with what comes my way. This is after only two listening in less than 24 hours.

I visited your site this morning and I look forward to purchasing more of these subliminal miracles to enhance other areas of my life. At 37 years old, I feel like I've got potential just waiting for a friendly nudge from me. It's okay not to know how to do everything we need to, and there's no shame in getting help in whatever forms work best for us. I'm proud to have access to such powerful life enhancers. I can hardly wait to see what unfolds over the next 30 days of listening. I will be SURE to email you with an update. I've already made a note for myself to do so in my organizer.

Thank you. Patricia, NJ

I am mesmerized by the resourcefulness of the site. A marvel attempt to better life indeed! Samarth Vohra

Hi, I'm 20yo and I've been using InnerTalk programs for about 6 years. The first program I used was "Awakened Dreaming". This program is made to bring awareness to the dreamer that he/she is dreaming which is called Lucid Dreaming. I had my first lucid dream after about 2 1/2 weeks of listening to the program..now keep in mind that Lucid Dreaming is a very tough skill..taking some years to master. To date I've had too many lucid dreams to count..4 in one night at times! InnerTalk's programs definitely work. I recommend this CD in particular to anyone who's adventurous, shy, happy, depressed, and angry, has a love for magic and mystery..or just wants to learn and explore themselves..doesn't matter who you are..you'll love it! Happy Dreaming :) Thank you Eldon Taylor for realizing and understanding that themind is indeed very much like a computer..that the better the information you feed in it..the greater the rewards you will get out of it!! I'm glad to see we aren't alone and people do understand. Great work! Thank You, InnerTalk. Michael Hackney Cary, NC

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful programs that I've had the pleasure of using and sharing with others. Ha, I even ordered a Baseball tape yrs ago for an evening softball league I was in, hit two homeruns -- never did that before! (not the biggest guy on the team) :-) The Biology of Belief is a phenomenal book! Thanks. I have a quote for you that I've come up with, "What you say, makes your day." (Simple, but to the point). Best regards, Douglas Coffman

Thank you for your response. I have continued to try your programs, in spite of the resistance I felt, and I must say that the results have been nothing short of incredible. I go through every day feeling much much lighter in my head (where I used to walk around with this dark negative cloud over myself). Just two and half short weeks of listening to your Soaring Self Esteem cassette and the Sleep Soundly cassette and both my self-esteem and sleep have improved remarkably. A lot of the negative self-doubt that I was carrying has disappeared and the quality of my sleep has also improved dramatically. The resistance has almost completely disappeared as I continue to listen to these programs.

In fact, I am not sure whether the cassettes have anything to do with this, but within one week of listening to the Soaring Self Esteem cassette, I was called for a Job Interview for a very good position (even though I am very gainfully employed currently) and the interview went remarkably well, where the interviewer wants to offer me the job even though I do not have many of the qualifications required by the position (and this is a fairly senior level technical management position). All said and done, just the incredible feeling of lightness of being that I have started experiencing since I started listening to your programs, has been completely worth it. I have also started noticing a remarkable improvement in the interactions with the people at home, especially the increased attachment that my young son has started feeling towards me. Thank you with gratitude and sincerity, R.P.

Featured Article

Mind Fields and Manifesting
By Eldon Taylor

Mystery schools have taught the power of intention for as long as we have a recorded history. It is the "intention" behind an act, a thought, a so-called duty, which is the measuring stick. Instead of inches, or temperature units, and so forth, it is the degree of intention in terms of units of emotional intensity together with units of direction (e.g. good or bad intention). The ancient texts deal with direction in terms of selfishness on one end of the scale (intention to do harm or deprive another) and altruism on the other. Yet deep within the texts a paradox appears. True altruism understands that the more one gives others, the more one receives. To be altruistic by definition is to do good acts for others without the expectation of reward. One can argue this philosophical conundrum ad infinitum, the paradox remains. Modern research reveals clearly that aiding others, such as volunteer and charity work, generates more joy than anything except dancing. [McGowan, 2005 #66] Further, the mystical schools have always addressed the unseen power of intent. From aura disturbances to just those uncomfortable feelings one may experience around certain objects or people, supposedly the emotion and intent can be sensed and is stored in the surrounding environment.

Is there any scientific evidence to support this perspective? The answer is an overwhelming yes! For purposes here, I will limit our focus to one of how we get where we want to be or manifest our desires, so only certain immediately relative aspects of what has been called the "field" of being shall be discussed. Still, I recommend that you pursue this inquiry further.

Sometimes called "thought forms" or "thought fields," new research is identifying at least what one might call the power of intention recorded and stored in patterns. [Gieseler, 2005 #19] These patterns may be invisible to the naked eye, at least that of the human eye, but not to other means of measurement. Radio waves are invisible, so what's the big deal about invisible thought forms? Why should the energy emitted by the human defy all the laws of energy and just be lost? When you think about it--common sense suggests that this mental transceiver possibility may answer many of the commonly experienced so-called phenomena ordinary folk experience every day.

One such study evaluated four people under controlled laboratory conditions. The 4 volunteers meditated a focused intention into a small electronic device. "The devices were sent to distant laboratories for testing. The thought forms in the devices successfully produced the results intended:

1. Raise or lower the pH of water.
2. Increase the rate of development of fruit fly larvae
3. Increase the activity of a liver enzyme by 25 to 30%."
[Gieseler, 2005 #19]

Professor Emeritus of Stanford University, Dr. William Tiller has repeatedly demonstrated how thought can condition spaces. I encourage everyone to take a look at his book, Subtle Energies and Intentionality. For the skeptic, another great book highly recommended is Lynne McTaggart's work, The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe.

The next time you give thought to your thoughts, you may want to ask, "What am I creating?" Einstein said, "Only the field is real." You are a field within a field--a veritable transceiver of information sharing information, packets of energy, with and between both smaller (individual fields) and one vast interconnected field. Man is no longer distant from himself in the emerging model of modern physics. Mind and body are not separate as Descartes would have it and the smaller world of the quantum does not behave under different rules than the so-called large field of the physica as followers or Newton might want to believe. Indeed, it's all interconnected, one gigantic web. As leading pioneers in quantum mechanics have demonstrated, when the overlooked equations that stood for the Zero Point Field were added back into quantum physics, the results were astounding--so astounding that some die hard mechanists still refuse to acknowledge this fact. As McTaggart puts it, "If the Zero Point Field--an ocean of microscopic vibrations in the space between things...were included in our conception of the most fundamental nature of matter, they (pioneering researchers) realized, the very underpinning of our universe was a heaving sea of energy--one vast quantum field. If this were true, everything would be connected to everything else like some invisible web... They also discovered that we were made of the same basic material. On our most fundamental level, living beings, including human beings, were packets of quantum energy constantly exchanging information with this inexhaustible energ sea. Living things emitted a weak radiation, and this was the crucial aspect of biological processes. Information about all aspects of life, from the cellular communications to the vast array of controls of DNA, was relayed through an information exchange on the quantum level. Even our minds, that other supposedly so outside of the laws of matter, operated according to quantum processes. Thinking, feeling--every higher cogn on pulsing simultaneously through our brains and body." [McTaggart, 2002 #20]

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Thoughts are things on airy wings!

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