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Newsletters: Volume 3 No. 11
InnerTalk® InTouch by Eldon Taylor, Ph.D.


Featured Testimonial

Hi ,
Thank you for your response. I have continued to try your programs, in spite of the resistance I felt, and I must say that the results have been nothing short of incredible. I go through every day feeling much much lighter in my head (where I used to walk around with this dark negative cloud over myself). Just two and half short weeks of listening to your Soaring Self Esteem cassette and the Sleep Soundly cassette and both my self esteem and sleep have improved remarkably. A lot of the negative self doubt that I was carrying has disappeared and the quality of my sleep has also improved dramatically. The resistance has almost completely disappeared as I continue to listen to these programs.

In fact, I am not sure whether the cassettes have anything to do with this, but within one week of listening to the Soaring Self Esteem cassette, I was called for a Job Interview for a very good position (even though I am very gainfully employed currently) and the interview went remarkably well, where the interviewer wants to offer me the job even though I do not have many of the qualifications required by the position (and this is a fairly senior level technical management position). All said and done, just the incredible feeling of lightness of being that I have started experiencing since I started listening to your programs, has been completely worth it. I have also started noticing a remarkable improvement in the interactions with the people at home, especially the increased attachment that my young son has started feeling towards me.

Thank you
With gratitude and sincerity,

by Ravinder Sadana


Eldon can simply overlook what many of us see as important. He did so when in April he received the coveted International Peace Prize for 2005, awarded by the United Cultural Convention, for his work around the world teaching personal responsibility, the power of forgiveness and the higher human potential that resides in all of us.

Over the years many distinguished people have received this special recognition and we are proud of his accomplishments and the fact that he now stands with those remarkable people who dedicate their lives to helping others. We thought you'd like to know, so he relented and allowed my little announcement to appear in his newsletter.

Thank you for your support for without you, we can do nothing.

Invitation: Illusions

I have always enjoyed illusions and often explained our technology as just that--an audio illusion. The positive messages are there, you can hear them from time to time, but you fail to understand what is being said (at least without full channel differentiation). They just bypass old critical mind, registered but not truly perceived, yet fully perceived by the subconscious mind. That's an illusion. I often use pictorial illusions when lecturing such as the famous faces or vases. A favorite of mine is the book, Colorful Optical Illusions by Aki Nurosi, it is packed with designs and tricks to fool the eyes. Knowing my passion for illusions, our German distributor, Antony Fedrigotti, sent one that is simply amazing--the best I have ever seen. An anonymous person gave him it and he has used it in his lectures for over a year now. I have tried to find the author as has Tony, without success. I would love to give them credit for this amazing piece of art, so if you know who the author is, please let me know. In the meantime, you must see it. Go to the page indicated below and just stare at the four dots for 60 seconds or so--then look directly at a blank wall for another minute. You will be astounded at what seemingly comes alive on that wall.


Book reviews and special offer:
When I was a boy I read some fiction, the usual and of course the required for literature appreciation courses. Some of what I read was good; some bored me almost to tears. I enjoy reading science but fiction I left behind years ago. So, the book I am about to recommend, I would never have read if a very good friend had not written it and asked for my opinion. After reading it, I think I will take another look at fiction, for this is truly a wonderful story--not just a story, but an inspirational spiritual love story. (Believe it everyone--I read a love story). The book is titled "The Teachings of Little Crow." The story is full of metaphysical teachings, layered upon each other, and woven intricately in a tapestry of human emotions among characters that truly come to life as you turn the pages. It's no wonder that the book has received such great reviews. For example, this is what Midwest Book Review had to say:

"There is a new and growing sub-genre appearing in American literature called "Spiritual Fiction", offering applied spirituality through a fictional format. Angelina Heart's new novel The Teaching of Little Crow is just such a literary work. This is a romantic story of Dylan Crow, a movie mogul and rock star who has achieved the pinnacle of success and acclaim in his chosen field with all of its perks and prerogative. But he feels a sense of incompleteness and spiritual need that his success simply cannot address. A chance encounter with his "Divine Counterpart" initiates a sudden and surprising education into insights that range from Native American wisdom to the teachings of ancient mystery schools, from New Age metaphysics to orthodox religion. The Teaching of Little Crow is a deftly written and entrancingly original novel offering an engaging story filled with memorable characters, life affirming metaphysics, and spiritual insights from beginning to end. Highly recommended reading, especially for students of Metaphysics, Spirituality, and who are themselves in search of some higher consciousness and meaning within their own lives."

I love the book. I spoke with the author, Angelina Heart, and arranged the following special for all of you--if you ever read fiction. The book is in a beautiful hardcover design that has already won at least one design award, is 542 pages in length and sells for $25.95. You can get a signed copy of the book delivered to your doorstep (in the USA) for $15.57, a full 40% savings. The book is not on our website--it must be ordered by phone: 1-800-964-3551. If this isn't a good one for you, think about it as a gift for someone you know, for once you've read it, you will want to share it with others and it's my bet that a movie will come from this book.

Letter to Editor:
Last month in our newsletter we covered zinc in our Science Briefs. We received this letter from one of our readers:

<< Zinc boosts learning in children
Children given 20 mg of zinc in a 4 oz glass of juice daily in the morning for 12 weeks improved their memory of abstract images by 12% on tests. In the same study, conducted by James Penland of the Agriculture Department's Human Nutrition Research Center in Grand Forks, North Dakota, children given only juice increased their memories by 6% and those given 10 mg fell in the middle. According to Penland, zinc fortification also increased memory of word lists and hand-eye coordination skills. (Raloff 2005) >>

I would not suggest this unless the child's plasma and RBC zinc levels are deficient and proven to be in optimal working capability to handle this load, otherwise you are introducing added metals into their system and if not monitored can overload them immunologically and make them significantly ill.

Thought of the Month:
Little meaning exists in knowing anything if one fails to know their self. Little joy can ever be found if one fails to love and accept their self. True peace will only be found if one goes out of their way to help another.

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