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Newsletters: Volume 3 No. 10
InnerTalk® InTouch by Eldon Taylor, Ph.D.


Featured Testimonial

My Experience
by Dr. Christian Enescu, Neurologist

One day, after dropping my daughter off at school, I changed the CD playing in my car from Positive Mental Attitude, which I like to play for my daughter, to one of my spiritual InnerTalk programs. The profound penetrating music sent shivers through my whole body. As I entered the Garden State Parkway, I realized that my senses had sharpened. While my peripheral vision allowed me to see clearly the trees on both sides of the road, I became more prompt in my reactions, occasionally pressing the break pedal before the actual reason for doing it became obvious.

I started to visualize my daughter and imagine a white light filling her body starting at the top of her head. At the same time I sent her the usual positive affirmations, “ . . . You are loved, you are safe, you are secure, you are protected.” When I finished, I imagined, one by one, every member of my family, by doing the same process. I realized that I have been doing this for some time now and I started to think how it was possible for me to have changed so much in such a relatively short time.

The new way of thinking, the insight about life, the universe and God that I have acquired over the last three or four years, has also profoundly changed the way in which I practice medicine. It has given me the confidence and ability to convey a new message to my patients and this is getting noticed. Not long ago, one of my patients told me that I had changed his life. I told him right away that it was not me who had done that. I had only allowed him to understand that he had several choices and that it was he who had made the right choice for himself.

I realize that as physicians, my colleagues and I have this huge opportunity to help humanity change. Who else has a better chance to spend time alone with other people and to learn about them, things that they would not even tell to their spiritual leaders? “Forgive me Father for I have sinned,” has become “Forgive me doctor for I have sinned by eating too much and not living a balanced life,” and so on. Our patients, however, will only listen to us and understand that they themselves need to make some changes, if they believe that their doctor has an honest and powerful desire to help them. This desire can only come from love and our patients will know immediately if this is genuine or not. How can we, as physicians, advise our patients if we do not know who we really are?

I have always wanted to discover the truth about our existence and I have now come to the conclusion that life is in fact very simple but we make it extremely complicated. I am really fortunate to have discovered what it is we all can to do to complete one's self-realization. What I needed was a powerful mind training program which would allow me to continue to work 10 14 hours a day and at the same time, allow me to work and make rapid progress in my discovery about who I really am. “A Path to Mastership,” the “Self Hypnosis” course and numerous other InnerTalk CDs and tapes have made this all possible. I also realized that the InnerTalk programs not only address certain pragmatic issues, which can all be resolved in a relatively short time, but more importantly they also help us to awaken to the understanding of who we really are.

It was as if I had been looking through a fogged window and all of a sudden somebody told me that I could rub it off so that I could see better. What appeared in front of me was a much larger picture and a pretty magnificent one at that. I realized that it is possible to live a long life, be intelligent, educated, financially secure, happy, healthy, and yet at the same time have no idea about what this life experience is all about. And, reading as many books as possible is not enough to make a difference. We may become a one-man information office, capable of making very interesting conversation and looking as though we know the truth, but deep inside knowing that we are still unable to understand what life is all about. It is only by probing our inner self that we may truly discover who we really are. If we still find excuses not to do this, it means that we have become too absorbed in the details of the life experience and that we have lost the big picture. All we are in fact doing is procrastinating, needlessly, the moment of our awakening.

InnerTalk has provided me with all the tools I needed to reach this understanding and finally to take the steps towards dissipating the illusions that surround all of us. Thank you InnerTalk. Thank you Dr. Eldon Taylor for being there when I needed the answers and thank you for offering me these extremely powerful tools for self-realization.

Sincerely, Christian Enescu, M.D. Neurologist.

P.S. While driving my daughter to school that day, Joanne had asked me to tell her the story I had promised her. This story had come to me during a time of contemplation and now I would share it with her.

“I want you first to imagine that you are a traveler and one day, during a voyage you see a beautiful island. There is something about that island that draws your curiosity and you want to learn more about it. The island is well known for its beauty and also for its dangers. You still want to visit it, and soon you land on it. There, you find that visitors like you are welcome. Moreover, there is a large generous corporation that will provide you with a brand new vehicle. You may use this vehicle for as long as you wish to stay on this island. If you take good care of it, you will enjoy riding it. Otherwise you will have to have it fixed frequently and this will make your experience less enjoyable.

You like this vehicle very much and are thrilled to learn all of its features. You take it with you everywhere you go and become so attached to it that gradually you start identifying yourself with it and forgetting that you are just the driver of this valuable gift that you have received.

At the end of your journey on this island you have the option to leave, but this will only be possible without the vehicle you like so much. This old vehicle will eventually get recycled and used to create new vehicles for other newcomers. When this time comes, you realize that there was so many other things that you did not have time to experience or to complete that you decide to return to the island. This time you get a different, new vehicle. This happens many, many times and will not stop until the day you realize you are much more than the vehicle with which you become so used to and finally to understand that this island is also not your home. Due to this understanding, you develop a powerful desire to return home and only at this time are you finally able to leave this island.”

“But Dad, how can anyone become so addicted to this experience that they stop remembering where home is?” Joanne asked.

“Well, this is why the island is so dangerous. It will not let you leave easily. This happens because we forget to remind ourselves that we are only the drivers of the vehicle and that the island is not our home,” I answered, while I stopped the car in front of the school entrance. As I kissed her good-bye, I told her, “Please remember this story. It will make more sense to you when you grow up.”

Clear Skin by Alistair Martin
This featured testimonial comes from the UK: Dear InnerTalk,

The first CD I purchased from you was "Clear-Skin." At the time of purchasing the CD from you I had clear skin, because I had developed a special diet after years of research which cleared skin... I kind of bought the CD for a laugh. I didn't believe anything would destroy acne other than my "special diet" that had already proven itself to deliver the goods.

To my shock & horror, the CD is more powerful than my diet... and it turns out my diet only works if you believe it does.... can you imagine?

Put it this way, in my food philosophy there are foods that will definitely cause acne & foods that won't. This is the test that I did. I started eating all of the "acne-foods" instead of the nons, while using the CD. I did this for months. I was getting so pissed off because I couldn't get the acne no matter how much acne food I ate. I was in a state of shock.

Then, I switched the diet to non-acne food, and tried to visualize acne & that I had it, & I put the CD away. Within 2 weeks I had acne. My special "flawless" diet, consisting of ABOLUTE PURE RAW FOOD with balanced sugar levels, alkaline/acid balance, HDL proteins only, cold pressed lignans & a special sebum production lowering technique also developed by me. To my absolute dismay, the seemingly most perfect diet ever created by anyone in the history of the universe, has been trumped by your bloody CD that hardly anyone even knows about... what is going on? …

Ok well, at least I've told you your CD kicks ass. Thank Mr. Eldon for me. He's top geezer--if I could give him something of the same value as what he's given me I would--but that would be very difficult. Alistair Martin

Thank You

I wish to thank Dr. Enescu, Mr. Martin and all of you for the wonderful comments and experiences you have shared with me. Once upon a time in the past my work was entirely different than now. I spent my days running lie detection tests, conducting investigations, dealing with some really nasty folks, and I spent my nights looking over my shoulder. Serendipity, coincidence, the Universe—whatever you're comfortable with, surprised me with a turn of events that led me to here. For some twenty years now, I have been blessed with the opportunity to assist, in some small way, many people. I am grateful! Thank you all!


Book Review: The Psychobiology of Gene Expression
by Ernest L. Rossi

Here's a term you may forget—but you won't want to forget the principle. For years certain anomalies have puzzled me and that's the fun of science. One such item of interest I detailed in my book, Wellness: Just a State of Mind. How is it possible for a multiple personality-disordered patient to switch personalities and in the process change their eye color? In one personality their eyes may be brown, but in the next they're suddenly sky blue. Well, according to some new research using the latest technologies to tag genes while observing brain activity, something Ernest Rossi calls the “novelty-numinosum-neurogenesis effect” occurs. (Rossi 2004). Bottom line—the brain can activate the DNA molecule leading to the expression of genes. Is it possible that this mechanism underlies the eye color anomaly? Biologists learn early that most genes are unexpressed. The possibilities here are absolutely intriguing. Perhaps one day we'll be able to establish direct pathways through some mental process that may change many things including disease and aging. Perhaps there are many already accessing this pathway without the language “novelty-numinosum-neurogenesis.” I think so. Rossi's new book, The Psychobiology of Gene Expression, details much more than can even be hinted at in this context. It is a monumental contribution to understanding how the genius of mind/gene can be unlocked. I highly recommend this book!

News Briefs:

Gratitude Attitude

Many people fear dentists. Not many start their trip to the dentist with thoughts of how wonderful that there is dental medicine in this day and age as advanced as it is. What would happen if they did? The answer, according to our study conducted in Mexico, is a complete shift of fear. Think about it—what you're grateful for is certainly not what you fear. By reframing the dental expectation with our InnerTalk technology dentists reported a dramatic drop in cancellations, a marked increase in the amount of dental procedures they were able to complete, and positive feedback from their patients.

Research shows that gratitude lowers stress, builds the immune system and enhances mood states. (Nazario 2004). Each of us can cultivate a gratitude attitude. Indeed, our free Xmas program has the affirmations from Joyous Day and they're all about gratitude and awe.

Prozac and Pregnancy

According to the implications of a new study just published in Science, the use of medications like Prozac designed to reduce the serotonin transporter (5-HT) during pregnancy could result in unexpected emotional risks for the unborn infant later in life. “The present findings demonstrate the 5-HTT function modulates the development of brain systems involved in emotional and stress-related responses. Low-expressing 5-HTT variants may act during development to modify brain circuits or gene expression that predisposes carriers of these alleles to emotional disorders later in life. Likewise, the use of SSRI medications in pregnant mothers and young children may pose unsuspected risks of emotional disorders later in life.” (Mark S. Ansorge 2004).

Thought of the month:

Consider your stream of consciousness—your self-talk or inner talk. Is it framing the positive? Consider the limitations language itself may bring to bear on your thoughts and beliefs. Think on these thoughts:

Language is a city to the building of which every human being brought a stone.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

The structure of language determines not only thought, but also reality itself.
Naom Chomsky

As was his language, so was his life.
Lucius Annaeus Seneca

The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.
Ludwig Wittgenstein

Language is built on many assumptions. Nouns are the names of persons, places and things—but not necessarily real things. Still, things seem real when in my language. Language sets my beliefs and language sets my limitations—but language itself is only a medium—not the message or the reality.
Eldon Taylor

Mark S. Ansorge, e. a. (2004). “Early-Life Blockade of the 5-HT Transporter
Alters Emotional Behavior in Adult Mice.” Science 306(5697): 879-881.
Nazario, B. (2004). Boost your health with a dose of gratitude, WebMD. 2004.
Rossi, E. (2004). “Art, beauty and Truth.” Annals 7(3): 11-17.

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