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Newsletters: Volume 3 No. 1
InnerTalk® InTouch by Eldon Taylor, Ph.D.



Thank you for providing such a wonderful product. My husband and I have stopped smoking after listening to "forever free of cigarettes." I was a smoker for over 10 years and quit after only one week of listening to the tape. After listening to the tape about 3 times a day for one week I felt so guilty whenever I smoked that I just couldn't do it anymore. After I had been free of cigarettes for about 3 months, I decided just for the heck of it to take a few puffs with a drink after I had been working hard during a move. It was revolting and I just couldn't stand it. It tasted like the worst cigarette I had ever smoked when I was sick with a stuffy cold! It sounds weird, but it's true. My husband didn't even decide he wanted to quit, but after I had been playing the tape over and over in the background, he stopped even before I did.

Michele & Mike

Article: Uncertainty
by Eldon Taylor, Ph.D.

It's an interesting world that we all live in today. Amidst our usual concerns there are matters of state such as the Nations security and the upcoming 9-11 anniversary, matters of finance and economics, such as the failures and fraud on Wall Street, matters regarding the future such as retirement plans and social security, matters of science and morality such as cloning and genetic manipulation, matters of church such as the recent scandals, and on and on--sometimes in a seemingly ad infinitum way. All of this can tend to accumulate manifesting in stress, illness, fits of anger and rage, general feeling of insecurity and heightened anxiety, etc. and so forth. Yet, right this moment, we all have everything we need. Yes, right now, in this moment, we are safe.

It's interesting to think of so-called "future thinking." It is usually the "what ifs" about tomorrow--the uncertainty, that underscores the problem. If I think only about this moment--right now--the problem has no bearing. Living in the "now" can have near magical effects on all of us. When you think about it, there are as many divisible units in "now" as there are in eternity. One moment is infinitely divisible. One eternity is likewise infinitely divisible.

There is another magic helper that can assist all of us in times of uncertainty. This helper has been shown to even eliminate incontractable pain in terminally ill patients. It's a simple one--most really good ones are. It can be called the "Go to the aid of another" helper. When times are uncertain, going to the aid of another halts or ameliorates so much insecurity that for a moment, there simply is none. Not all of us can rush to aid someone--but we all can take time to let someone know that we care, that we appreciate them, that we're just there if they need us.

It's sometimes just a busy world getting busier--but it does not have to be. To that end, we have placed a free postcard service on our website (http://www.innertalk.com/cgi-bin/postcards/postcard.pl). Take a moment, or more, and tell someone you care. There are lots of goodies and some wonderful soundtracks so your post card can sing when the recipient opens it. Watch, see how good you feel--and you might also note how fast that old "what goes round comes round" brings tidings of love and care back to you.

News briefs

Living with an attitude
The headline read, "Staying Alive with Attitude" and the article detailed the findings of Yale University psychologist, Becca R. Levy. There should be no surprise here to most of you. The scientific data showed what? It demonstrated the powerful influence of attitude on life expectancy. Subjects with a positive attitude and outlook about aging outlived those with a dim view on life as a senior by 7 1/2 years. According to Levy, "These individuals positive self-perception prolonged their lives." (Bower 2002)

Thinking plants
New research by plant ecologist Michael Hutchings at Sussex University tends to suggest that plants use a substantially similar electrochemical system to store memories, react to pain and carry out behavior as the animal world does. Indeed, according to Hutchings, "The computational capacity of a plant is probably as good as many animals." (Helen Phillips 2002)

It's easy to think of plants as non-thinking entities since they usually do not get up and walk around, motion with their leaves or wave their stems to get our attention. Still, if you look again at last month's newsletter, there is evidence that plants respond to human thoughts and action. So, what are we talking about here?

I recently read an article in Psychology Today about a rare stroke suffered eleven years ago by psychiatrist James Hall. The article appears in the October 2002 issue and is worth the read. The bottom line though in our context comes down to this. For all intent and purposes Dr. Hall was considered brain dead. Still, due to the persistence of a friend, science learned something rather startling. Dr. Hall not only was not "brain dead" but when asked through a truly clever eye selection process whether he wanted to remain alive or not, his answer was, "I demand to live!" We learned from Dr. Hall that "brain dead" might well be a relative term that does not address the consciousness of the person. Dr. Hall was and is very conscious. A mind trapped. Is it possible that there is some analogy here to plants?


Robert M. Pirsig
Bower, B. (2002). Staying Alive with Attitude. Science News. 162: 53. Helen Phillips (2002). Not just a pretty face. New Scientist: 41-43.

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