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Newsletters: Volume 2 No. 4
InnerTalk® InTouch by Eldon Taylor, Ph.D.

- Hello from Eldon
- Testimonial of the month
- Great stress piece from our InnerTalk® distributor in South Africa
- Our August “Tell a Friend” winner
- Freebies
- InnerTalk® Tour
- Help

Hello and welcome to another issue of InnerTalk® InTouch®.
We have a wonderful article this month with some choice humor and powerful observations regarding stress by Mands, our exclusive distributor in South Africa. We also have some really terrific specials for you and some new freebies. Enjoy and thank you for your support!

This month's feature testimonial is from E.C.:
"I found a Serenity Inner Talk CD a few weeks ago and it really helped me relax...It was incredible. I was curious about new programs so I logged on...it appears a great deal has changed since 1996. Please pass this onto Eldon. Thank you, Eilissa Crowe"

From South Africa to All of You
by Mands from InnerTalk® South Africa

Hi Everyone, I am Mandy Swinburne (Mands).

I am not sure about everyone else, but I have definitely had enough of winter and I am so looking forward to spring and all that it brings. Sunshine, green grass, flowers and that fresh clean smell just after the rain.

Stress seems to be the theme topic of the month, and one of the best "medicines" for the relief of stress and tension is laughter. We share our ability to laugh with our fellow man and primates. For example, did you know that chimpanzees also 'laugh' when tickled? Apparently our ancestors - primitive man bared his teeth as a sign of aggression or warning (so what's changed), but by screwing up his face or contorting his features at the same time, making strange and rhythmic noises, he actually turned his aggression into friendliness - a warning into a welcome. Instead of "I will fight you" it became "I would like to be friends!" Now you might think that this is actually nonsense, but I have been out and about in some really strange places, and a couple of times I have felt uncomfortable with my surroundings and the people in my immediate vicinity. So in an effort to prove to myself that this actually works, I have grinned like a Cheshire cat, dropped a remark or just plain burst out laughing. It’s amazing how the atmosphere in your surroundings is changed. Try it!

Laughing together is a very natural way of strengthening the bonds of a relationship. Laughter brings us out of ourselves, and can also provide the human contact we need in order to survive. Laughter has some other amazing benefits - both physical and psychological. When we laugh we draw more air in and out of our lungs than when breathing normally, so laughter can push more oxygen into the bloodstream, stimulating the circulation. Our heart rate often goes up at the same time, helping the process. Studies of blood samples taken from people while they were laughing indicate higher levels of the 'arousal' hormones - you can actually experience a type of adrenaline rush. Your physical senses actually become aroused and as a result you can be mentally sharper afterwards. When we laugh we experience a burst of activity followed by a period of relaxation, thereby releasing tension from the muscles. The alternating cycles of activity and calm created by laughter stop the build up of physical stress and tension brought about by daily problems.

The mental benefits relate more to having a sense of humor - seeing a problem as funny or laughing at yourself can break the overwhelming sense of tension that often goes with a seemingly insurmountable problem. Where once you felt intimidated, afterwards things suddenly become more manageable. Psychologists regard humor as a vital way of dealing with day-to-day problems. I read a report recently where Psychologists in the UK are working with local librarians to find books for their patients to read - books that are inspiring, motivating and most of all funny. They have found that if they can get their patients to laugh, their depression and anxiety levels are eased.

"Norman Cousins writes in The Anatomy of an Illness that he healed himself of a terminal illness using positive self-talk and laughter. Mr. Cousins learned he was terminally ill with cancer. "How could this be," he questioned. He had always been careful with his health. Finally his physician suggested that the illness might have taken a foothold because of the stress and negative emotions in Cousin's life. The answer was obvious to Norman Cousins. If negative feelings could produce disease, than positive emotions would cure the dis-ease. He therefore systematically obtained every funny film available - Old Laurel and Hardy movies had Mr. Cousins laughing away most of the day. It wasn't long, and laughter had healed. Norman Cousins left the hospital to share his experience with everyone." (extracted from Eldon's book "Wellness: Just A State Of Mind?)

Laughter helps to promote and sustain mental good health - and from the research, physical health as well. People with a well-developed sense of fun usually have fewer emotional problems. Laughter on the surface is a sign of something deeper and more significant - it reflects how we view the world, it makes us feel better and can even help us to live longer.

Find something to laugh about... and you will automatically feel better.

Have a wonderful day.

Love, Light and Laughter to You and Yours.

To your best Mands

P.S. My kids have been helping me to come up with ideas to make "stress balls" and a really simple way is to get a balloon, fill it with rice using a funnel, tie off the balloon and scrunch it in your hand. Jesse my 5 year old, used some biscuit dough - although I much prefer eating the peanut butter biscuits.


August Winner
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Thank you!

Enjoy your Life and
Be Well & Happy,

Eldon Taylor

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