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Newsletters: Volume 2 No. 3

InnerTalk InTouch by Eldon Taylor, Ph.D.

Self help for the clone
and the parents/family of clones

Those of you that have subscribed to our newsletter and/or kept up with our news briefs know that the subject of cloning is not new. Why the interest? What does cloning and self help have in common? The mind--the brain--behavior--sure, but why all this about biology?

Imagine that you lived at the time of Galileo and Copernicus. The Earth is the center of the universe and the spiritual systems around the world embraced this central theme. Man was created special and he had dominion over the world--of course Earth would be the central point of all creation. Suddenly the earth is just another "rock" in space and anything but the center of the universe. Beliefs had to change—but the change was slow and painful!

Go back a little further and imagine you're living between 3500 and 4000 B.C. when the world is animated. Everything is alive with spirit. The ancient belief known as animism prevails. If you're running through the forest and trip over a log, the log intended to trip you. Along comes early developments in material sciences and the Bronze Age is born. Take a little tin and add a little copper, maybe small amounts of a few other things, and presto—bronze is born. The world changes—but what about the spirit of the matter? Does this new hybrid material have a spirit?

In recent years there has been some really exciting scientific enquiry into matters that used to be considered peripheral to science if not down right unscientific. We have seen legitimate studies investigate and validate the power of healing prayer, and we have reported many of these in our news briefs. We have witnessed a resurgence of enquiry into matters of consciousness, including so-called Para psychological phenomena. We have viewed the results of longitudinal wellness studies and found that spiritual connectedness stands out as among the most important predictors of health, wellness and longevity. We have seen the connection over and over again between forgiveness and well being published in a variety of professional peer reviewed journals. We have watched and even participated as the Aquarian Age brought with its impending arrival a seemingly new level of awareness, a consciousness full of promise and hope. We have reviewed the condition of "hopelessness" and know the disastrous effects that it has on our well being. We have developed and employed new technologies to improve communications and to otherwise enhance the condition we call "humanness." Nations have joined together to police the world and free it of despots, protecting and holding out hope for those who might otherwise be deprived freedom and perhaps life itself.

In a possibly divergent direction the social psychologist of the seventies, battered by the public for their strict Darwinian views of the human condition, have stepped sideways and prospered as evolutionary psychologists, many of them gaining a solid foothold in the toughest of scientific fields, artificial intelligence. We have watched the wall go down on some right to life issues without even knowing it happened, except in 20-20 hindsight. In vitro fertilization has come and gone, but how many of us were aware that perhaps several hundred eggs were inseminated and could have been implanted just as the one lucky one that became a new human. And what about the remaining several hundred—well that's what all the stem cell research controversy is over. One mother with 200 or so eggs remaining in the medical facility insists that she does not want any other mother to have those eggs and doesn't feel right about destroying them when they might save lives through stem cell research. Another mother argues that they should be discarded since they are potentially as human as her in vitro child. If they're human, how can one discard them? If they're not, why not use them as research? Alas, a new material science is born. We take a little of this DNA and combine it with a little of this other DNA, or we take a cell scraping from a person, take an egg from a donor and hollow out it out, implant the new engineered or clone cell, deliver a small amount of electrical shock to kick start the cell division, and we're off to the proverbial races. A little bit of tin, a little bit of copper, and so it goes in our recipe book of life.

Like the animists of the past, we must now accommodate the notion of a soul or a spirit. The spiritual life of a clone matters—doesn't it? Some would say there is no such thing. They might argue that Freud was right when he said, "Religion is a sugar coated neurotic crutch." They would say consciousness is only a natural outgrowth of organ operations, chiefly the brain. Some of these people are writing new recipes that include combining organic material with inorganic to produce super conductors, or better artificial intelligence machines, and so forth. Weaving into the silicone the carbon based organic matter is just another form of material science and one day soon, my computer may well not just offer voice recognition but itself combine a sort of learning ability that emulates human thinking which arises from its unique combination of silicone and carbon based organic form.

All of this is to say nothing of other areas ranging from things like replacement pets, replacement children, the reincarnation of Einstein (genetically engineered of course), the individual improvements that may possibly lead to some super race, and so forth. Perhaps, as we wait now for the first woman President of the United States, in 50 to 75 years, we'll await the first clone President. After all, they could be smarter, stronger, healthier, etc. In fact, we may really face some form of eternal life on earth—given enough money, who would really die? I wonder if 3rd party insurers will cover cloned organs and/or cloned human replacements. Maybe instead of your life insurance payment, you'll have the option to get a clone. For that matter, the next civil rights movement may be on behalf of clones. They may even want their own country in time.

A friend of mind, Dr. Bruce Lipton, formerly of Stanford University, told me once of an experiment where cells from a person were divided into two groups, placed in separate petri dishes, and one of those dishes was transported five miles away. There the cells were traumatized with electric shock. The 1/2 of the cells that were back in the laboratory responded just as though they had received the electric current. Somehow the cells of the body were connected. Will this happen with a clone?

Cloning is absolutely inevitable. It will happen. Clones will have their own opportunities for self improvement. They'll have a history and know more or less the diseases they're prone to, the behavioral characteristics their likely to copy, etc., etc., etc. Additionally, they'll have special needs ranging from how they're accepted in society to how they cope with "copy syndrome." Their parents and family will also need assistance dealing with their own special needs, so perhaps we'll just bring out a new line of subliminal InnerTalk® titles like "Raising Your Clone" and "Overcoming Copy Syndrome or Forgetting the Past and Creating Your Future." Indeed, if there are any parents of clones out there now, we'll do these programs free. Just drop me an e-mail and request your Free Clone program today. Oh—and what about discrimination. Maybe we should create some non-discrimination programs in advance of the need. If you think you may need one, let me know.

And the soul—the spirit, well spiritual systems will just have to accommodate a new dispensation system. Aristotle wrote that the soul was "infused" at 4 months (16 weeks) of age and our courts have upheld that view in abortion cases, wittingly or otherwise. So, our new century is full of opportunities for all of us. Will there be a convergence between the science pushing mechanical models of consciousness/mind, material science approaches to biophysics, and so forth with those branches of science that have tended to support the more traditional spiritual models the world holds—who knows? Just for me, I guess the consciousness behind everything, the Creator if you will, has already endowed all life with intelligence of sorts, and that intelligence is already eternal. What's your view?

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Quantum Mind

In a recent newsletter the subject of mind and matter was discussed. The idea of "mind into matter" from the perspective of quantum physics suggests that aging per se' may be a matter of expectation and belief. To that end, we created a special study group and our volunteers were just sent their final materials. I'll keep you posted on the results, but in the meantime, we developed a number of new tools to facilitate what we call, "Quantum Younging." The method required a new advance in technological delivery systems, so a new line of products was born. We call this line our "Passport to a Better You" series. The first of two Passports is now available from our web site. Check it out by just visiting our home page and clicking on "What's New."

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