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Newsletters: Volume 2 No. 2

InnerTalk InTouch

There has been a lot of work here at InnerTalk since our last newsletter. We have added a number of new programs on CD, some new libraries and brought out our "Learn a Foreign Language"programs. We have also been involved in evaluating the various listening devices that enhance the learning process. Indeed, I was so impressed by the Echofone that we made special arrangements to make it available to you, and it is now on our web site.

I wish to thank all of you that volunteered for our "Quantum Younging"work and apologize to those who wanted to participate, but were late in making their requests. Candidly, the number of people interested in this work overwhelmed me. To those of you who were accepted into the program, thank you for the photo. We'll compare them with some new photos in the near future, and with permission from the participants, perhaps share with all of you.

This newsletter departs some from our past format, in honesty, because yours truly is swamped. In addition to all of the new product and the preparation work involved in the Quantum materials, I have had a pet subject for many years that may now come to fruition. Those of you that know my work are aware that I believe the consistency between the picture of a sound (cymatics) and the sound itself as expressed in mandalas and mantras is not just some weird coincidence. There is geometry to everything and that can be expressed within the window of audible sound by simply changing the numbers while maintaining a constant ratio. It's sort of like the size of a diamond, one on a piece of 8-1/2 X 11 paper or one on a baseball field. The mathematical relationship is unchanged. Well, all of this comes down to the fact that I believe there is a geometry to emotion and further that this geometry is different for anger than joy, peace verses aggression, optimism verses depression and so forth. I also think that we're not too far from being able to employ this theory in beneficial ways§but first I have to prove the theory. We'll provide additional information and progress reports in future newsletters.

And Now the News Briefs
By Eldon Taylor

Past Lives?
Media Prescriptions
Positive Expectations/Self Esteem verses Self Illusions
Monkey Business
Sex Sides in the Brain
Rats Subliminal

Past Lives?

A new study reported in the Journal of Scientific Exploration supports the claims of people who assert past life memories.  Ian Stevenson of the University of Virginia Health System, Division of Personality Studies, found in 22 of 25 cases that unusual play in young children who claimed to remember past lives corresponded with some aspect of the deceased person's life.  Additionally, the child's statements matched events in the specific deceased person's life. (Stevenson 2000).

Stevenson suggests that the William James question regarding play, "Why the particular forms of sham occupation?" (in play) have been basically ignored.  Further, he asserts that play may be an unconscious expression of a habit, in this instance, formed in a previous life.  Additionally, Stevenson believes that deaths experienced in a previous life may lead to trauma experienced in the present life.  In his words, "The reenactment by a child of a death in a previous life may express memories of a traumatic event that are forceful enough to manifest, not only in inwardly experienced images, but in physical activity that we call play.  Such children seem to have involuntary memories similar to those experienced by persons traumatized in this life, such as victims of the Holocaust."

Many think of reincarnation as an Eastern philosophy, one arising from Buddhism, Hinduism, and so forth.  In fact, reincarnation was both a Jewish belief and an early Christian belief.  In Christianity, almost all references were deliberately deleted in the 3rd century AD.  A few remaining verses that can only make reference to a past life remain in the Bible, but that is not the subject of this report.

Have you ever wondered if you had lived a past life?  We have a program designed to assist you in becoming aware, remembering just this.  It is titled, Reincarnation: The Experience.  Try it if you’re curious and let me know what you discover.

Media Prescriptions

If it’s on television, in the news, it must be true.  Not so—and most of us should know that by now.  News today is about ratings, which come down to sensationalism and entertainment. 

For a long time the News has reported the benefits of taking aspirin to avoid heart attacks.  The majority of physicians in the USA recommend aspirin for prevention of first heart attacks to almost everyone over the age of 50, but be warned—according to Joel Kauffman, a chemistry research professor at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, "While aspirin does prevent about 1/3 of first heart attacks, its side-effects are so severe as to cause a higher death rate overall than placebo."

Kauffman asserts that the major study which led to the present popularity of aspirin was not based on aspirin alone, but rather included calcium and magnesium "which have been shown to be more effective than aspirin in lowering heart attack rates as well as overall death rates." (Kauffman 2000)

Kaufman, although disclaiming any medical advice on the basis that he is not an MD, rather an organic chemist, puts it this way, "Studies have shown that vitamin E, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids and coenzyme Q10 each provide much greater benefits than aspirin with lesser side effects."  (Kauffman 2000)

Positive Expectations/Self Esteem verses Self Illusions

Almost every self-help book and program at some point addresses the idea of self-esteem.  Everything from acting successful to dressing for success tends to reinforce the image and feedback that often precedes success in so many areas of life.  A new study suggests that there is a very real difference between self-confidence, self-esteem and self-illusion.  A fine line may be the distinction, but in point of fact, it appears that self illusion may lead to a quiet form of self despair—or as the heading in the March 10, 2001 issue of Science News puts it, "Self-illusions come back to bite students."

Science News cites the research reported in the February Journal of Personality and Social Psychology conducted by Richard Robins of the University of California, Davis, and Jennifer Beer of the University of Californian, Berkeley.  The researchers suggest that a moderate amount of self enhancement may be helpful among people with serious illnesses, but can lead to long-term costs where academics is concerned.  It would appear that unreasonable self-enhancement leads to a form of narcissism that can result in failing to give credit to others, increasing hostility and refusing to heed the advice or listen to the opinions of others.  Performing poorly in areas where extreme self-enhancement (self-illusions) dictates a need to perform well may lead to a form of alienation. (Bower 2001)

It is a good idea to expect to perform well, provided the expectation is realistic.  A healthy self-belief must contain those caveats that allow for continued learning, for listening, for improvement and for accepting willingly the value of others. 

Monkey Business

Researchers in Oregon announced the first successful gene-altered primate in the January 14 Science.  The primate, named ANDi as a twist on DNA, carries the gene of a jellyfish.  The gene that gives the jellyfish its glow is now among the genes generated by nature over a millennia in at least one rhesus monkey.  I don’t get any warm fuzzy feeling about this—how about you?

Sex Sides in the Brain

Using positron emission tomography (PET) to measure sugar consumption by the brain, researcher Larry Cahill of the University of California, Irvine, and his team of neuroscientists found that emotional memories were handled exclusively in the right brain side of the amygdala by men and in the left-brain side of the amygdala by women.  Despite the difference in where the information was processed, recall and reactions to the emotional memory between sexes did not appear to differ.  The difference in which side of the amygdala, the brain’s hot spot for emotion, suggests that perhaps different strategies for handling emotionally charged memories may exist. (Bower 2001)

Rats Subliminal

Subliminal advertising is not new—and it’s definitely here to stay.  Why, because regardless of what the agencies and their pundits have to say publicly, it works.  If you’re interested in some detailed training tips for creating subliminal ads, or some good examples and compliance methods, take a look at my book, Thinking Without Thinking.  My advice, "Forewarned is forearmed."


Bower, B. (2001). Brain takes emotional sides for sexes. Science News. 159: 40.

Bower, B. (2001). Self-illusions come back to bite students. Science News. 159: 148.

Kauffman, J. M. (2000). "Should You Take Aspirin to Prevent Heart Attack?" Journal of Scientific Exploration 14(4): 623-642.

Stevenson, I. (2000). "Unusual Play in Young Children Who Claim to Remember Previous Lives." Journal of Scientific Exploration 14(4): 557-581.

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