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    Volume 4, No. 2
    Featured Testimonials
    Feature Article: Problems or ??? (Anxiety?)

    Volume 4, No. 1
    Featured Testimonial
    Feature Article: Mind or Heart?
    Science Briefs
    Spatial advantages may not be a matter of gender.
    Menstrual cycle changes brain.
    Non-stick chemicals affect behavior.
    Moldy smell may kill brain cells
    Fitter Moms--brainier babies.
    Mind power or placebo?

    Volume 3, No. 12
    Featured Testimonials

    Feature Article: Mind Fields and Manifesting Your Dreams

    Thought of the Month

    Volume 3, No. 11
    Featured Testimonial
    Invitation: Illusions (You'll Love This Web Link)
    Featured Book Review and Offer
    Letter to Editor
    Thought of the Month

    Volume 3, No. 10
    Featured Testimonials:
    - My Experience by Christian Enescu, MD
    - Clear Skin by Alistair Martin
    Thank You from Eldon
    Psychobiology of Gene Expression
    News Briefs:
    - Gratitude Attitude Impacts Immune
    - Prozac and Pregnancy
    Thought of the Month: Language, thought and belief

    Volume 3, No. 9
    Featured Testimonial
    Article: As Good As It Gets
    Book Review: It's Not About the Horse
    News Briefs:

    - Give an experience
    - Mental training counteracts mental decline
    - Positive thinking linked to immune response
    - How about a cognitive prosthesis?
    Thought of the Month

    Volume 3, No. 8
    Featured Testimonials
    Feature Article: The Biology of Belief
    Special Unadvertised Offer for Subscribers
    News Briefs:
    Kids' IQ Boost
    Keep Fuzzy Thinking Away?
    Thought of the Month

    Special Edition
    Featured Testimonial
    Feature Article: How did I get where I am and how do I get where I want to
    Request for your ideas
    Thought of the month

    Volume 3, No. 7
    Featured Testimonials
    Thoughts are Things: Intention Power
    Thought of the Month

    Volume 3, No. 6
    Featured Testimonials
    Resolution Solutions
    Thought of the Month

    Volume 3, No. 5
    Featured testimony--Weight loss
    Article: As Good As It Gets
    Book Review: It's Not About the Horse
    News briefs:
    Give an experience
    Mental training counteracts mental decline
    Positive thinking linked to immune response
    How about a cognitive prosthesis?
    Thought of the Month

    Volume 3, No. 4
    Featured testimony--Soaring Self-confidence
    Article: The Other 90%
    News briefs:
    Brawny Brains
    Lung ills linked to thoughts of self-harm

    Thought of the Month

    Special Edition
    Featured testimony--Weight-Loss
    Article: InnerTalk: Your personal coach
    Thought of the Month

    Volume 3, No. 3
    Featured testimony--Forgiving and Letting Go
    Article: Self-Power may really be Higher Power
    New Breast Enlargement through Mind Training
    News briefs:
    Vague threats stimulate brain
    Cancer vaccine tested on patients
    Weak magnetic fields linked to cancer risk
    Stimulate the right angular gyrus for an out of body experience
    Brain wave lullabies
    Meditation makes a person happy
    The worlds first brain prosthesis

    Thought of the Month

    Volume 3, No. 2

    Featured testimony--Your tapes really helped me out.
    Article: Be merry and then make resolutions.
    News briefs:
    Split-brain study reveals sense of self--or is it hiding self?
    Undersized hippocampus associated with stress disorder
    The brain may decide sex
    The body's natural electric fields play a key role in healing
    Rejection slows thinking

    What's NEW?
    Thought of the Month

    Volume 3, No. 1
    Featured testimony--The power of affirmations
    Article: Uncertainty
    News briefs:
    Living with an attitude
    Thinking plants

    What's NEW?
    Thought of the Month

    Volume 2, No. 12
    Featured testimony--Soaring Self Confidence
    Article: The influence of thought on things.
    News briefs:
    Animals have a virtuous nature
    Stress unleashes mutation in plants and animals

    What's NEW?
    Thought of the Month

    Volume 2, No. 11
    Featured testimony --You can do it!
    Commentary: The power of expectation
    News briefs
    Napping to learn
    Miracle pill for couch potatoes
    The wrong motive--but the right results

    Volume 2, No. 10
    Featured testimony--children and learning
    Commentary: The so-called lie
    News briefs
    Human clone on the way
    The curing power of words
    Be social and improve your memory
    Melding brain tissue with computers
    Aggression correlation to time spent watching TV
    Subliminal language learning
    Infants learn in sleep
    Snoring linked to ADHD

    Volume 2, No. 9
    How high is up--an article with self test on personal growth
    The power of a daydream rehearsal
    Shortcuts to product sections by category/goal reference
    News briefs
    New catalog

    Volume 2, No. 8
    The Seven Fundamentals of the Master Secret, Part 3 (Fundamentals 6 & 7)
    Get a great head start on the New Year!
    New News Briefs
    A Soldiers Prayer at Christmas--pass this one on for sure!

    Volume 2, No. 7
    The Seven Fundamentals of the Master Secret Part 2 (Fundamentals 3-5)
    What's FREE and New at InnerTalk®

    Volume 2, No. 6
    The Master Secret, Fundamental 1 and 2

    Volume 2, No. 5
    FREE MP3 InnerTalk® Programs for You

    Volume 2 No. 4
    InnerTalk InTouch: A great stress piece
    from our InnerTalk® distributor in South Africa

    Volume 2 No. 3
    Self help for the clone and the parents/family of clones

    Volume 2 No. 2

    Volume 1 No. 6
    Realizing Resolutions and Goals

    Volume 1 No. 5
    Health and Longevity: Changing my Mind the Subliminal Way

    Volume 1 No. 4
    Keep Up! (Or Change the Station Quickly?)

    Volume 1 No. 3
    An Information System Within an Information System:
    Mind, Thought and Information Fields

    Volume 1 No. 2
    InnerTalk Review: Stress

    Volume 1 No. 1
    Child Violence--
    The Screen Language of the Mind: Learning and Unlearning Emotional and Semantic Disturbances

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