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Special Edition September 2003
InnerTalk® InTouch by Eldon Taylor, Ph.D.



Whoa! I ordered your Weight-Loss CD (#CDE9901) and started to listen to it
on about 9/4. I use headphones at night and usually fall asleep with it
playing (CD player in repeat mode) and end up waking up only after it has
played about 5-8 times!
I have already lost about 8 pounds and am actually walking and jogging more
without any forethought on my part!

Thanks Again!

Article: InnerTalk
Your Personal Coach
by Eldon Taylor, Ph.D.

The patented InnerTalk technology has repeatedly been demonstrated effective as a training method for self talk. Each of us has a stream of inner talk or self talk which can either enhance our abilities and help us perform to our highest capability or drastically limit our abilities to the degree that it can sabotage our own efforts or even cause dis-ease.

InnerTalk affirmations are presented in such a way that they offer optimal training of both halves of the brain simultaneously. Soon you will find that your own inner talk reflects the affirmations on the program and the effects become obvious. Think about it for a moment. If your self talk is full of negativity such as, "I am no good, I can't do I, I am fed up, I hate my life," and so on, then you must be having a pretty bad day. If that self talk get replaced with, "I am good. I know I can do it. I am happy. I love life" then it is easy to see how much better your day would be.

At Progressive Awareness, we offer an extensive line of products so that you can design your own inner talk training course. While InnerTalk programs are relatively easy to use as you can simply play them in the background as you go about your day, they do not do the "doing" for you. All InnerTalk can do is provide you with a powerful training mechanism to assist you in revealing the "real" you. Progressive Awareness has specialized in providing leading edge personal coaching tools for almost 20 years. We have hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers world wide, who believe that the InnerTalk personal coaching method has helped them to significantly improve the quality of their lives. Their personal achievements range from improved relationships to the alleviation of sicknesses, from weight loss to parenting skills. While we would love to be able to take credit for transforming their lives, we have to say that the real credit belongs to each and every one of them and the amazing power of their minds.

Wouldn't you like to find out the true powers of your own mind? How far can you go? How high is "up" for you? What could you do if you only but believed? Take a look at the science behind our technology, see how independent researchers tested our technology and demonstrated its efficacy, read the samples of testimonials and then ask yourself if you wish to take responsibility for your own mind. If the answer is yes, then InnerTalk is for you. Decide the area you would like to focus on first, find the title that fits your goals, take a look at the sample affirmations on the program and ask yourself if this kind of inner talk would help you achieve your goal. Be specific about what it is you are trying to achieve. For example, most people find that our Optimal Weight Loss program is extremely effective at retraining the self talk and helping form habits which are more conducive to the goals of losing weight. However, if you already do all the right things, eat properly, exercise, and so on, and still find it hard to lose weight, then maybe you want to focus more specifically on using the powers of your mind to access the mind/body connection and speed up your metabolism instead. Using Metabolism To Melt Fat Away may therefore be a more appropriate program for you. The point is, you must take responsibility for what it is you wish to change in yourself and choose your InnerTalk programs accordingly. If you do not have a self esteem problem, then you will not feel any different when using our High Self Esteem program. If on the other hand, you have a poor self image and you speak negatively about yourself to yourself, then you should be very happy with the way High Self Esteem works for you. Remember, it is the power of your own mind that does the "doing" for you. InnerTalk simply helps you train your mind to perform at peak efficiency.

You should also be aware that, due to the large body of scientific evidence in this field, the philosophy of Progressive Awareness promotes the belief in a higher power. We do not make any judgments about your spiritual path, and offer no guidance in that area at all. However, a belief in a higher power, whatever you choose to call that higher power, has been shown to help in increasing longevity, health, contentment with life and on and on. Many of our programs do therefore, refer to a higher power. While the word "God"may be used, it is used in a very general way and in no way tires to promote a specific religious path. It is simply the term well known in the western world. The subconscious mind is very smart and it is the belief in a higher power, not the specific name used, that gives our programs that extra edge. If you are atheistic, you may prefer not to use our programs. Most other religious groups should have no problem with our programs. However, if there is any question, then simply seek the guidance of your own spiritual leader.

In the same vein, while we offer a number of programs like Weight Loss or Stop Smoking, again this is not to say that we are promoting these life styles. Our goal is very simply to help our customers achieve their own, very personal goals, and if losing weight is important to you, then we have the tools to help you achieve that goal.

We should probably make it clear too that, although we have a number of programs that are health related, our programs do not actually "do" anything, they simply train your own self talk. It is your mind and its connection with the body that does the "doing." Our programs are in no way a replacement for professional health care and are not a medical device or modality.

So if you are ready to take responsibility for your own personal growth, if you believe in the power of the mind, if you wish to experience yourself at your own personal best, then InnerTalk is for you.

InnerTalk - The Missing Element

Once upon a time a newly appointed Minister was attending a convention of Clergy for the first time. At lunch time he was very grateful when the two Ministers he had been sitting next to invited him to join them at The Restaurant On The Lake. However, once they had walked down to the lake, the young Minister was very confused to see the restaurant on the other side of the lake with no bridge in sight. He became even more confused when the oldest Minister started to walk across the lake, followed close behind by the second Minister. The young Minister hesitated for just a moment and then told himself that his youth did not make his faith any less than his colleagues and if they could "walk on water" then so could he. The young Minister then set off across the water and soon found himself floundering in water up to his neck. The two Ministers watched him in surprise and asked each other at the same time, "Didn't you tell him where the stepping stones are?"

Over the years, many of our customers have asked our long term sales representatives, if they can "walk on water!" After all, we have so many products that help in so many areas, and our employees have access to them all, so therefore we must all be "perfect!" If only "the path" really were that simple!! Maybe the best way to explain our technology is to give you a brief history.

Progressive Awareness was started by two individuals with very different backgrounds. Roy "K" Bey had retired from a career in engineering and Eldon Taylor was a practicing criminalist, entrepreneur and horse lover. Circumstances brought the two of them together into a situation where they decided to go into business together. Neither of them wanted just "any old business," both of them wanted to do something that really helped people and both wanted to be able to "give something back" to society. So Progressive Awareness was born, a company whose sole goal was to make people more aware of their own potential. Roy had a background in science, and Eldon had a passion for philosophy and pragmatism. They wanted to provide a service that really did work to help people become the best that they could be. Eldon did his homework, did some more schooling, asked the "Gods" for help and eventually developed the Whole Brain InnerTalk technology. Eldon's own skepticism and desire for proof led to this technology being tested by numerous independent universities and institutions, where it was repeatedly demonstrated effective. Roy's sister Lois Bey, a brilliant engineer as well with experience in patent searches, suggested that the technology be patented. So today, we can claim to have the only such product in the market place that has been repeatedly tested and demonstrated effective and it's patented!

But why do we even need this InnerTalk technology? There are so many other self help methods out there, ranging from lectures, seminars, and training courses to music and exercise, but none of them deal with the real "you." The you inside that somehow doubts your own ability to do something, or questions your right to be successful, maybe believes that prosperity is a bad thing and on and on. We have all read wonderfully inspirational books, or attended some amazing seminar, or learned some wonderful new technique, or at least those all of us who have searched for that something better. At the end of the seminar, or book or whatever, we vow that we will make some changes and thereby be able to hold onto this new "me" who is capable of achieving so much more. And some of us do put these things into practice, at least for a while. But somehow, the old habits come back into play for the best of reasons. We don't have the time to do it, it is not our fault, there are too many other competing demands on our time. But the best excuses in the world will not help us achieve our real goals. Unfortunately there is an aspect within each of us that seems to like sabotaging our best efforts, some element deep within that really believes that there is nothing we can do to improve our lives anyway, so why bother. Maybe somewhere deep within we also believe that we deserve all the problems we have. This is the very inner talk that our InnerTalk technology addresses. The very inner talk that is born from our upbringing, our histories, our successes and failures, the beliefs of our friends and family and very often from our own misconceptions about why we are treated in certain ways, or why certain things happen to us. For some of us, this inner talk really can be an expression of our very worst opinion of ourselves and the world around us. For most of us, it is not quite that bad, but surely anything that gets in the way of us expressing our greatest potential should be dealt with.

Simply telling yourself that you are good, brilliant, capable, a genius etc. simply does not do it. Think about it. What was your inner talk saying to you as you read that statement? A common response often says "yeah yeah, who are you trying to kid, I am just little old me, I cannot do great things." That is not to say that there is not a time and place for verbal affirmations, only that there is a component missing. The very same component that is missing from the very best of self help books and techniques - the element known as true self belief.

InnerTalk has been created as a personal coaching method for you to practice positive self talk in such a way that the aspect of you that sabotages your best efforts cannot argue against it. The affirmations appear to be coming from within you, they become a natural part of your own self talk. InnerTalk programs are relatively easy to use. In most instances you simply put them on and play them in the background as you go about your day. Most of the time you will be aware of speaking going on the background, but most of the time you will not hear the actual affirmations, although occasionally some of them may sound more obvious. There were 105 claims to the original patent which means that there are 105 aspects to this technology to maximize its effectiveness. Soon you will find that your own self talk really does echo the affirmations on our programs and then you open yourself up to the possibility of wonderful new experiences. If on a bad day your self talk is saying things like "I am fed up. I don't want to do this. What a horrible day. I can't wait until I get home," and then you replace that self talk with "What a lovely day. I enjoy life. I enjoy people," don't you think the quality of that day will improve.

InnerTalk is perfect for use on its own or as a complement to any other self help technique out there. Simply decide what it is you wish to achieve and find the title with the appropriate affirmations to help you achieve your goal. If you have read a book such as Think And Grow Rich and want to put the principles into practice, then work with Millionaire Orbit. You will be amazed at how much easier it is to stick to your new resolutions. Regardless of which self help approach you like to use, using complementary InnerTalk programs will make it exponentially more powerful.

But back to the original question - will InnerTalk make us "perfect." The answer to that can best be answered by the question "How high is up?" Most people on the path for self improvement find that while they begin with one specific goal, when that goal has been achieved there is yet another goal to achieve. We have customers who have been with us ever since we started producing the Whole Brain InnerTalk programs. They all say that InnerTalk has improved the quality of their lives, improved it immensely, but that just makes the whole journey of self actualization even more fun!

Our web site has been designed, consistent with our philosophy, to serve you. As such, it is more than just a commercial site offering product. We invite you to enjoy our free MP3s, streaming audio, free stress self-hypnosis session, our inspirational and humor collection, our free e-book library and much more. All of it is here in the hope that this site serves you whether or not you every make a purchase from us.

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All that each of us may become is dependent upon how we use all of the unique gifts that make each of us special. Our potential is genuinely in our own hands!

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