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Mind Programming/Programming the Nation

Praise for Mind Programming

Dear Friend,

As I write this, I think about the radio show that I will be doing in just over three hours from now when I will be joined by film producer, Jeff Warrick, and we will be discussing his new documentary, “Programming The Nation.”  I have a small role in this film but what amazes me is the synchronicity.  Let me explain.

Jeff approached me about appearing in the documentary as I was preparing material for a new book.  I wanted to expose the amount of mind programming that goes on in our world today and Jeff wanted to reveal the extent and nature of all of the programming that goes on in our nation.  The film and the book were created independently of each other and yet they are hand in glove compliments to one another. 

See a film clip on the book and a special offer here:


Where the book is intent on the individual/personal mind programming the film engages the collective nature and the effects of that on society as a whole.  You can see for yourself by viewing some of the highlights on youtube, just open this URL: http://www.youtube.com/user/IgniteTheMind .

I believe both the book and the documentary to be very relevant and timely and I urge you to read and view as soon as you can.  As a people, we live at a time when clear thinking and appropriate decisions are perhaps more important than they have been in our history.  To make wise choices we must be in charge of our thinking and not just parroting back the thoughts and words of others.  I often ask those who do not believe that their mind has been programmed, “When was the last time you had an original thought?”  I mean, are dreams, ambitions, goals, the house you want, the furniture you will buy, the automobile, the hand gestures, even your walk, talk and clothing not the ideas of someone else that you have adopted?  Who then is your authentic self?

Here is what readers are saying about the book, “Mind Programming.”

“I have read many books on conspiracy facts, but this one is the first that left me feeling very positive and hopeful. The first half of the book presents the dark side of how we are being manipulated. For example, sex and violence are used in most ads, hidden from the conscious mind. Taylor details how legislation was introduced to Congress to make it illegal, but advertising agencies and other special interest groups fought it, saying that it didn't work anyway and no one used it. (Then why did they spend so much money fighting the legislation that would outlaw it? Hello?)

“But this is not just about subliminal advertisements with nude women in the ice cubes. Far more sinister, even our very thoughts have the potential to be manipulated directly (if they aren't already) by HAARP technology. Even the frequency band used by cell phones is the same one that affects thought transmission. And Taylor doesn't deal with conspiracy theories in this book, just the conspiracy facts. Furthermore, even the sexual and violent subliminals are ruining society because as people become desensitized, use of sex and violence must become more outrageous and perverse, leading to escalating violence in society.

“The second half of the book tells you how to get free. There is much more to it than fast forwarding the commercials. Taylor provides all kinds of tips and tools found from many disciplines, including visualization, neurolinguistic programming, going vegetarian, spiritual practices, and technology. He also distinguishes between subliminal CDs that work and those that don't because, for example, the message is in the 2nd person ("You are successful") instead of the 1st ("I am successful"). The book is full of interesting little facts, such as that smiling fools the mind into thinking everything is great, changing the brain chemistry.

“The CD (a subliminal for serenity) that comes with this book is, by itself, worth the price of the book! I am used to buying subliminal tapes with lousy music, and the music on this one is something you can listen to over and over again and not get bored.

“I applaud Eldon for providing the first half of the book. There are too many people who think that if they ignore the bad in this world, it somehow won't affect them. When I wrote my book on the healing power of a raw food diet, I included an appendix that exposed the drug companies. Some famous authors refused to promote my book because of that one section. They viewed it as too negative. But I included it in there because I knew some people needed to be deprogrammed from all the brainwashing of pharmaceutical advertisements. The paradigm needed to be broken, and sometimes you simply have to expose the "evil" in order for people to become conscious.

“Don't be afraid to read the first half of the book. Knowledge is power. The second half will empower you even more. Humanity is awakening, and this is one of the books that is part of the shift.”


“READ THIS BOOK - if you want fabulous insight into the secret battles that are being waged for your mind - AND want tangible solutions to help you protect it.

“As a student of "thought physics," metaphysics, quantum physics, and all things related to the powers of our minds, including the paranormal, I have felt for some time that the last wars on this planet will be fought not for the control of land or money but for our minds.

“Eldon's book outlines in excellent detail the battle that is going on -- and documents how it has been going on for some time. Anyone familiar with Remote Viewing or the experiments done by our own CIA and other agencies knows the frightening validity of this reality.

“I especially love that Eldon did not just leave us in conspiracy land, but also devoted the second half of the book to actual exercises we can do to experience the mysteries of our minds and feel the excitement of exploring this vastly unknown frontier.

“Here's an interesting side benefit you may not expect: When you tap into these deeper levels of mind and connect with the "all knowing" part of yourself, you begin to experience life in a very different, very peaceful way.

“In fact, many of the trained Remote Viewers who worked for the CIA eventually left to become spiritual students, healers and teachers. It seems that when you explore these deeper levels of mind, your inner self is attracted to Truth and Peace and all things that are NOT vested in conflict and war.

“In fact, the joke at the time was, "The fastest way to know God was to join the CIA."

“So, probably the best reason of all to read this book is to learn to develop the powers of your mind for good. When you do that, you will be, in my opinion, doing high soul work to truly help this planet and everyone on it.

“It doesn't get much better than that, does it now?

“P. S. The Subliminal CD "Serenity" included in the book is a fabulous surprise gift. Simply priceless - all of it.” 


If you haven’t already obtained your copy of Mind Programming, you can still take advantage of the special offer.  Go here for details:


I particularly like this one because Winston Churchill once said, "Truth comes with goosebumps."  This reader described their experience this way, “You know you are in the presence of truth when you get the goosebumps on nearly every page! By the time I completed the book I looked like a goose but I felt as if I owned the Golden Egg! Enough said: order it and set yourself -- and your cells -- free to be all you intend them to be now.

Thanks for the read,



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