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Thoughts to Guide Us

“We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.”

Frederick Keonig


Article: Choices and Illusions

It thrills me to hear from readers that they enjoyed Choices and Illusions.  It is a real double pleasure when someone you admire and respect as already having it all finds your work helpful.  Such is the case with Lionel Ketchian, founder of the Happiness Club.  His work spans over two decades and has aided countless individuals in finding happiness.  This is what Lionel recently wrote about Choices and Illusions.

I have read the book, loved it and recommend it. I have also written some articles about it that were published in the newspapers.  Here’s a quote:

I recommend reading Eldon Taylor's book, Choices and Illusions. Reading Eldon's book has given me a new dimension to my life. I have been practicing forgiveness for over twenty years. This book has shown me a new pathway to freedom and happiness. That pathway is to let go of blaming others, no matter what.


In expanding my new practice, I have not only found liberation by letting go of blaming others, but I have also realized that I don't have to blame myself in the process.


I want to state a powerful and accurate quote from Choices and Illusions: "When you forgive, you essentially undo the ability to blame. If there is nothing to blame, then you are in charge of your response to outside stimuli. There is less room for anger without blame. There is less to fear when your 're empowered." The concept of giving up blame leads to a feeling of unconditional love for others. This is an important way to feel more like you are a contributing member of the human race. You begin to feel like you fit into the human family. You feel that you are important to the world, and the world returns the favor, by allowing you to experience being connected to others. You have joined the human family. You belong to it and it belongs to you.


Eldon shows you that you do not arrive at this state by your thinking but rather by becoming aware of your beliefs. Only by experiencing this powerful state can we break through our illusions and empower ourselves and thereby the world.


Happiness is a decision. Happiness is intentional and once you have decided that being happy is the way you want to choose to live, you can, once you understand your illusions. Eventually, with the practice of creating the proper thinking, you will use choiceless awareness to make happiness a living part of you.


Sharing Love, Peace and Happiness with you,

Lionel Ketchian

Founder of the Happiness Club


Thanks Lionel and thanks to all of you for the read.


If you have not obtained your copy of Choices and Illusions, here is a link that contains some truly wonderful incentives when you get your copy:



Special Opportunity: Oprah             

Would You Like A Chance To Be On Oprah?

For years, many of you have said that we need to take InnerTalk to a much wider audience and that we really should get on Oprah. We are now working on this and we would like your help.

Do you have a great success story with InnerTalk? Would you like a chance to be on Oprah to share this story? If so, please e-mail us your success story with InnerTalk and use “InnerTalk Success Story” as your subject line.

You should note, that in sending us your story, you are allowing us to use the story in any way we see fit. Your testimonial may also be used in our on line and print catalogs. Please be sure to include your name, address, and phone number.


On the Humorous Side

"Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt."

Mark Twain


Two New Public Service (no charge) MP3 Downloads

We have completed a new program based on repeated requests for Hospice care.  The program is designed to assist patients in allowing and letting go of feelings that may cause them pain and suffering.  The focus is on turning matters over to God.  The program is available without charge as an MP3 or CD.  (The item number for the CD is CD321 and you will find sample affirmations for it when you search for this item number. Note:  there is a freight charge for shipping the CD).  To download the free MP3, click here: http://www.innertalk.com/mp3.html

We have also finished a new program designed to share the idea of world peace.  The program is titled, “I Believe.”  The affirmations are built around the idea that the intention of many will influence most.  Here is but a small sample of the affirmations:

I believe in peace.

I believe in the sacredness of life.

I believe that all life is sacred.

I believe there is a future for our children.

I believe in caring for our planet.

I believe in caring for others.

I believe in promoting peace, balance and harmony.

I believe in you.

This program is also available as part of our public service practice and it is therefore available at no charge.  We invite you to go to the page listed and download this MP3, play it, share it with everyone, give the URL out to all of your contacts so they can download it—let’s get as many as possible involved in believing in peace.  And by the way, we have arranged translations for several languages but if you have a language preference please email and we will be certain to get the language added if possible.  (If you would prefer a CD, the item is CD315).

Here is the URL: http://www.innertalk.com/mp3.html

Both of these new programs are available in Music or Nature.


Your Comments and Feedback

 I purchased 6 of your programs while in prison. Buying your programs was and is the single most helpful and habilitating turning point of my life here on earth. Believe me, it was a divine appointment from god. I shutter to think what the last ten years of my life would have been like if I hadn't employed your programs back then. My deepest gratitude forever. K.M.  


Books In The News and Offers

Self Esteem

For quite some time now, I’ve been following the work and writings of Dr. Joe Rubino. Joe is a personal friend of mine.  This man is one of the world’s foremost experts on the topics of Self-Esteem. His 11 best-selling books and audio programs are available worldwide in 19 languages and in 48 countries.

Recently he sent me a copy of “The Self-Esteem Book: The Ultimate Guide to Boost the Most Underrated Ingredient for Success and Happiness in Life” for reviewing and I must tell you that I’m thrilled that he did! This book is a classic already. It has already sold well over 67,000 copies in a very short time. In addition, it has already been translated into 5 languages (and more are in the works).

To introduce you to his work, Dr. Rubino is making available to you for free a valuable audio recording called “7 Steps to Soaring Self-Esteem” plus a complimentary 1 year membership in his “Success Achievers Club.” I suggest that you visit his website, pick up your free gifts and take a closer look into this life-enhancing book—I would. Visit this special link now to pick up your complimentary gift.



Are you intrigued by the Laws of Attraction, yet not quite sure how to access their power? Well, you are not alone! This life-changing book, Secrets of Success by Sandra Anne Taylor and Sharon A. Klingler, reveals the truth about how consciousness and energy really work in the world. It's your full life force—not just your individual intention—that creates results. This unique approach unlocks your quantum psychology and offers the keys that will open you up to a future of abundance and joy.

You will also tap into one of the best-kept secrets of success—your connection with the presence and energy of Spirit! Learn how to sharpen your intuition and get loving assistance from the realm of Spirit. Discover dozens of simple ways to align your own energy field with the driving force of the cosmos. The world of endless possibilities is awaiting you—Secrets of Success can open that door! 

Purchase your copy today! You'll receive amazing free gifts from Hay House and our sponsors with your purchase AND you can enter to win a free trip to the I Can Do It! conference in Tampa. For additional details, visit:




The Chicken and the Eagle are showing up everywhere nowadays.  More and more are sending it to their friends.  Over 5000 people have now viewed this video.  If you know anyone that feels stuck, is suffering from low self-esteem, thinks they can’t do it and so forth, send them this link:



Closeout Reminder

Remember, we have discontinued audiotapes. They are on closeout now. If

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number of tapes you can buy but quantities are limited and when they’re

gone—they’re gone. Thank you for your support.


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