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  • Guiding Thoughts
  • Article: The Real You
  • On the Humorous Side
  • Your Comments
  • A Message from Dr. Wayne Dyer
  • Regarding “Excuses Begone”
  • A Father’s Day Gift that Costs Nothing
  • A Special Thank You
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Guiding Thoughts:

We are what we think…

            All that we are arises

with our thoughts.

            With our thoughts

            we make our world.



Feature Article: The Real You

Everyone has heard of the power of the mind but few know just how much someone else owns their own mind.  Before you say, “Not me,” think about this, “When was the last time you had an original thought?”

Billions of dollars have been spent since the early part of the last century to learn how your mind works, what excites you, how to influence and manipulate you and more.  Manipulating your mind is legal and done everyday.  Who does it?  The government, educators, salesman, ad agencies, and even your family, peers and friends.  In short, in almost every way you are the result of a program written by the influences you have consumed in your lifetime.

What you wear, how you stand, how you do your hair, the clothes you wear, and so forth—these things represent you?  Are they you?  How do you know the real you?  Like most, you probably practiced some conversation, or what you might have said, or you may have stood in front of the mirror and practiced saying something, looking a certain way, and so forth.  These practice sessions have become who you are, or they have at least influenced you, and that too is understood and designed to be a part of the programming.  We are all imprinted like a duckling raised with chickens.

‘Same old same old,’ ‘I don’t get even I get evener,’ ‘go ahead and make my day’-- are there any such thoughts in your mind?  What kind of bumper sticker slogans do you carry around in your mind? Do you have thoughts that you do not want?  Do you do things and not know why?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to turn off the programming and turn inward to find yourself.

Your creativity—your true self—you, the real you deserves to be the best possible.  True self help begins by uncovering our real selves and changing our inner talk until it reflects our desires.  The real you comes from the inside-out, not the outside-in. I know no better way to access your best self than to saturate your mind with positive input while taking time out to be still and know, above all else, your self.

Do yourself a real favor and take time to get to know your true self.  I know you won’t be disappointed. 

To the miracle that you are

            and thanks for the read,


P. S. If you have not yet obtained your copy of my newest book, Mind Programming, which can be used to deprogram, use the link below to take advantage of all the gifts that come with it.  Here is but one recent comment from a reader about Mind Programming:

“Your book is fascinating. It's great to have metaphysical ideas like belief and intention explained in scientific terms, not all ‘warm & fuzzy’.”  ~R.B.



On the Humorous Side

The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us.  ~Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes


Thank You for Your Comments

“I love listening to your CDs especially at night, I hit replay and snooze away.  I cannot begin to tell you how the books and CDs have changed my life in such a positive way.”



Dr. Wayne Dyer Regarding His New Book:

Excuses Begone! How to Change Lifelong, Self-Defeating Thinking Habits

“Don’t Believe Everything You Think!”

Excuses Begone! was created out of a belief that entrenched ways of thinking and acting can indeed be eradicated. Furthermore, the most effective means for eliminating habitual thoughts is to go to work on the very system that created, and continues to support, these thinking habits. This system is made up of a long list of explanations and defenses that can be summed up in one word: excuses. Hence, the title of this book is really a statement to yourself, as well as to that system of explanations you’ve created. It is my intention that all excuses be . . . gone!

Excuses Begone! was influenced by my work with the Tao Te Ching. Since the Tao Te Ching taught me what kind of thinking harmonized with my higher self, I asked Lao-tzu for advice on how to change long-established habits of thought. I realized that knowing what to think does not necessarily clarify how to go about changing a lifetime of habitual thinking. Thus, I’ve drawn on Lao-tzu’s wisdom by contemplating his teachings and asking for his guidance on what it takes to bring about a change in the long-held habits of thought that manifest as excuses. Through a process of writing that felt as though I were

being directed by a force larger than myself, the Excuses Begone! paradigm evolved.

I’ve taken many people through the seven questions that constitute this exciting new paradigm, and I’ve seen powerful changes take place. By examining the support system that individuals have erected since early childhood and putting these timeworn thoughts through the seven steps in this paradigm, I find that excuses begin to fade away. They become replaced with thoughts that speak fervently, almost shouting, Yes, you can change any excuse pattern, no matter how long or pervasive the conditioning process has been!

If you’re truly serious about changing any long-established habits of thought that have led you to use excuses as your rationale for staying the same, then I encourage you to follow the practices presented in Excuses Begone!

I have created my ninth Public Television special around the topic of my new book, Excuses Begone!, which will begin airing around the country on June 1. I’m so honored to be associated with Public Television—this year will mark my tenth Anniversary doing public broadcasting programs. We have raised more than $100 million for a great, great cause over these ten years. Through these shows, we’ve helped people to live from a place of integrity, higher consciousness, and spirit. I hope you will enjoy the new show.

Wayne Dyer

In celebration of the release of Excuses Begone!, Hay House and our sponsors are offering a variety of gifts and prizes, including a chance to WIN A TRIP TO MAUI for Dr. Dyer's weekend intensive!



A Father’s Day Gift that Costs Nothing

There is a beautiful gift for all Dads that was done by a film producer friend of mine and it is yours to send to you Father without any cost whatsoever.  Take a look at the video, you’ll love it, then send it on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYDzY70Iu1A


A Special Thank You: 5 Used Twenty-Dollar Bills

5 Used Twenty-Dollar Bills

I consider myself to be a very lucky person.  Not always, but for the past twenty plus years luck has smiled on me.  You see, I changed my career focus and ambition about the time my luck changed.  It wasn’t all at once and often I remember stating over and over that trite old saying, albeit very true, “The harder you work the luckier you get.”

When I decided to make my focus that of helping other people while continuing my own path of self-awareness, the path seemed inordinately hard in the beginning.  But then the rewards began to flow.  People wrote me and visited me just to say, “Thank you.”  In some small way my work had aided another human being and that felt good—plain and simple, I repeat, that felt good.

It still feels good twenty plus years later and I say again, I am a lucky person.  Now with this background, I want to share with all of you something that happened this past week that is a first and it brought deep feeling to the surface.  I received a beautiful handwritten note sincerely expressing gratitude for my work and me.  It was signed in a looping scroll.  Folded within the letter were five twenty-dollar bills.  These were well-used bills and there was no return address on the envelope.  The postmark was from Georgia and that is all we could identify.  Perhaps it’s my interpretation, but it appears as though a grateful customer, perhaps one we have gifted with product, is saying thank you.  I want to return that thanks!  So to whomever you are—THANK YOU!  Your blessing is very appreciated!


Radio Show:  Mind Matters with Eldon Taylor

Join Eldon and his guests on talk radio.  Listen in via the Internet from anywhere in the world, call in toll free and/or join the conversation via the chat room (http://www.ctrchat.com Be sure to tune in to Mind Matters every Tuesday and call in with your questions, stories and insight.  The show is broadcast live from Seattle at 4 PM (KRWM 106.9 FMHD3) and across the Internet (http://contacttalkradio.com).  Take part in the show by calling 1-877-230-3062.  If you miss it you can stream or download all the shows from our archives: http://contacttalkradio.com/hosts/eldontaylor.html or get your download from Itunes.


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