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Guiding Thoughts:

People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily.  ~ Zig Ziglar


Article:  The Four Views

            (Taken from Mind Programming by Eldon Taylor)

Once a wise master had four students who exceeded all others in ability. One day the five gathered, and the master spoke to the first student, “Tell me what you see when you look into the world.”

“I see savagery. The planet is raped. The world hides from the truth. Contaminating material is released everywhere. There is particulate matter in the heavens and acid rain. The rain forests are being destroyed, and so is the ozone. There is such ignorance and selfishness. The world needs so much correction.”

The master replied, “You are right, and I shall call you Correction, for you by your vision have committed to a world of need.”

To his second student, the master put the same question, “Tell me what you see when you look into the world.”

The second student replied, “Master, I see futility. Nothing can be done to change the ways of the world, though some will repent and call for change. Still, the world is condemned by the acts of man. The sciences teach us that too many people are coming onto the planet, too much destruction has already been done, too little money is provided for science to adequately assist, and there is too little concern for ethics and values. Crime escalates while families decay. Law is lost.

“You too are right, and I shall call you Righteous, for your indignation beholds a corrupt world beyond repair while your heart suffers its pain. You shall be known for your words, and your works will express the sadness of your heart.”

The master turned his gaze to the third student. “And you, what do you see?”

“I see a world needing the restoration of Law. I do not believe hope is lost. I find encouragement in the words of my brothers, for they too recognize the need the world has for a change of ways. It is with confidence that I sense the willingness of man to change. All good government is government of the people and for the people. It is through law and government that change can be effected. The mass will follow the right action and attitude of government. The agent for change exists and is law and government.”

“You also are right. I shall call you Government, for your words forge your observations and become what you teach. You will therefore be committed to a work of law and order through government.”

Finally, to the fourth student, the master put the same question, “And what do you see?”

“Master, I behold only miracles. Life is a miracle. All being is a miracle. Consciousness is a miracle. I behold God in all creation. I sense the beauty of Love in the fragrance of the flower, in the smile of a child, in the warmth of lovers, in the glow of the stars. When I look onto the world, I am greeted with its mysteries. It is with awe and reverence that each day unfolds its beauty. I know that all things are good and that each expresses their good in their own appropriate manner for the moment. I know that which my brothers speak about is but illusion, for only the eternal is real. I will give no power to thoughts of scarcity, of limitation, of need, for all that is truly needed is here for us to behold, to recognize, and to accept. I wish only to give to the world the sight I have been given. For with these modest eyes and senses, my heart is quickened by the glory of being.”

The master smiled before he spoke. “And you, my chosen student, I will call Truth, for your vision is of Truth, and its reward is the reality it sees. You shall go unto man and teach from what you see, for yours is the vision of what is, and all that is possible rests in this peace. You shall be known by all men by your garments of serenity and peace.”

The master, speaking to all, added these words, “To each of you is the blessing of your vision. As you see the world, so the world reveals itself to you. You will know the world by your vision of it. To each of you will go the works of your sight. You will experience life according to your vision.”

Not only is our reality a matter of choice, but so is the power we give it. Only the eternal is incorruptible. Only the eternal is therefore true. All else is inherently false by definition. To be a master, one must begin by acting like a master. To grow, we must give. The old saying “You cannot receive if the cup is full” is absolutely true of the human condition. As we sow, so do we reap. The first step then in self-actualization, is to give forgiveness and care. The old deep mind link memories disappear; the new memories become both the process and the goal.

Blessing to all of you and thanks for the read,



On the Humorous Side

Always read stuff that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.


Thank You for Your Comments

I am currently reading Mind Programming and love it!!!  This book

has awakened me from my slumber - thank you!!! ~J.K.

I believe that I was led to this site.  I felt so elated as I read the material and the testimonials.  Its almost like I knew your site and concept existed but I didn't know where.  I am in the process of changing careers from elementary education to discovering my passion, which is personal development.  I feel so in tune with your philosophy and enamored with your materials that I feel like I just discovered an exciting new food buffet with hundreds of new foods to sample and enjoy. ~E.M.


Radio Show:  Mind Matters with Eldon Taylor

Listen in via the Internet from anywhere in the world, call in toll free and/or join the conversation via the chat room (http://www.ctrchat.com).  If you live in Seattle, tune into KRWM 106.9 FMHD.  Mail your questions and we’ll answer them on the air. This week Eldon is joined by Diane Ray, Radio and TV producer for Hay House, to speak about the aims and objectives behind the creation of the “I Can” events.  Both Eldon and Diane will be freshly back from the San Diego conference where over thirty of today’s motivational and inspirational authors gathered to share their ideas in multi-media presentations.

Next week Terri Marie, producer, author, and composer, joins Eldon to bring the following message to you: “It’s your turn to win the game of life.” The “Big Game” we are all playing, is a game that was actually designed for all of us to win.

Heroes are her specialty. Terri Marie wrote a column called Heroes Among Us and has interviewed thousands of people ranging from World War II prisoners, Nazi concentration camp survivors, Medicine men, artists, sports figures, the US Ski Team, and Olympic champions. She has produced and directed dozens of documentaries.  Terri Marie will be giving you examples from her book, Be the Hero of Your Own Game, including 7 steps to greater creativity that anyone can apply.

Be sure to tune in to Mind Matters every Tuesday and call in with your questions, stories and insight.  The show is broadcast live from Seattle at 4 PM and across the Internet (http://contacttalkradio.com).  Take part in the show by calling 1-877-230-3062.  If you miss it you can stream or download all the shows from our archives: http://contacttalkradio.com/hosts/eldontaylor.html or just go to Itunes and search Eldon Taylor for all of the shows.

Be sure to see the list of upcoming guests and their details: http://contacttalkradio.com/hosts/eldontaylor.html


Coast to Coast Radio

Be sure to listen in this Thursday to the Coast to Coast radio show hosted by George Noory.  Eldon will be his guest for the entire three hours and the subject is Eldon’s new book, “Mind Programming.”  Coast to Coast is broadcast from 11 PM to 2 AM Pacific time, so if you’re up, tune in.


New: The Book: Mind Programming and It’s Film Trailer

Be sure to check out the new trailer for my new book, Mind Programming.

Don’t miss this one:



Some New Books and Some Special Offers

No Matter What

If you’re stressed and worried about the economy or the future, and wondering what to do--or if you’d just like to benefit from some of the best advice about how to make your life work a lot better--there's something I just have to tell you about.

It’s no accident that the strongest muscle in your body is the heart.  You need it if you want to achieve the life YOU were born to lead.  You absolutely need to harness the power of your emotional strength.  And because of that, there is something I just have to tell you about.

If you want the strength and ability to successfully navigate life’s speed bumps—and there’s plenty of them today, or if you’d just like to benefit from some of the best advice about how to make your life work a lot better--there's something I just have to tell you about.

My good friend Lisa Nichols, star of the hit DVD movie The Secret and co-author of two Chicken Soup for the Soul books (some people are touting her as “the next Oprah”), has written a wonderful new book called No Matter What
Plus, if you act in the next 48 hours to get a copy of this book, Lisa will also include a one-hour professionally produced audio program using the principles of No Matter What.  This program, itself, is worth twice the cost of the book. You might just find yourself listening it over and over until your book arrives.

Go to www.Lisa-Nichols.com?aff=NMWET and get yourself a copy. This book really will help you rise above, and even benefit from, any challenge you’re facing – whether tough relationships …the recession … jolts that derail your best intentions … lapses in integrity … faltering determination … resistance to getting ahead – no matter what!

A Suitcase Full of Faith

In her brand new book, A Suitcase Full of Faith- How One Woman Found her Dream Trusting the Compass of Her Soul, Saskia Roell, Author, Transformational Life Coach and mother of five, will inspire you that miracles do happen. Saskia teaches how trust and faith will carry you to through the best and the worst of times and lead you to live the extraordinary life.

A Suitcase Full of Faith is a captivating story of adventure, suspense, wild romance, wisdom and extraordinary miracles. Saskia invites the reader as a fellow companion in her breath-taking encounters around the world, showing us by living in the Now, listening to the message of the heart to allow our inner truth to shine.

A Suitcase Full of Faith is guaranteed to ignite your courage, follow your heart’s lead and put your faith into action to achieve a remarkable life! Saskia shows you HOW by living inside her story.  Go here for a special opportunity and many bonus gifts:


Amazing Manifestation Tool

My friends and colleagues Jeanna Gabellini and Eva Gregory, Master Coaches, Speakers and Authors of several programs and books, including Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction, with Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, are recognized experts on the Law of Attraction. They’ve come up with a brand new edition of their most popular manifestation tool “The Attraction In Action Vision Board Premium PLUS™”.

As you know, it is crucial to keep your goals and dreams in front of you, if you want to achieve them. Imagine how powerful it would be to have your resolutions and goals for 2009 floating around on your screen reminding you of your vision?

The reason this tool is valuable is that by focusing on your goals and dreams all the time, and really feeling as if you have already achieved them, you are putting the Law of Attraction to work in a most effective way.  Go here for yours:



Social Networking

Twitter and Face Book

Join me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter for the social networking advantage.  Just search Eldon Taylor on either or both and let’s communicate.

On At YouTube

We invite you to enjoy our videos now at YouTube.  Go here: http://www.youtube.com/progressiveawareness

You will also enjoy this one, a short from an upcoming documentary movie, “Programming the Nation.” 


Thanks for your comments and support.

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F R E E InnerTalk Subliminal MP3s

We are always adding more MP3 programs as our gifts to you.  It is our desire to provide as much help as we can especially in these times of varied concerns.  You can download a number of helpful programs.  Go to http://www.innertalk.com and use the left hand navigation.  Click on F R E E MP3s and then navigate toward the bottom of the page that loads.  Enjoy.


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