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  • Article: Bad Luck Mind Set?    
  • On the Humorous Side
  • Your Comments
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    • This week: Programming the nation
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  • New book by Dr. Judith Orloff


Guiding Thoughts:

All of us have bad luck and good luck.

The man who persists through the bad luck,

Who keeps right on going,

Is the man who is there when the good luck comes,

And is ready to receive it.

~Robert Collier


Article: A Bad Luck Mind Set?

(Excerpted by permission from Choices and Illusions by Eldon Taylor)

For years I have taught self-responsibility of a special sort.  For me, self-responsible means taking responsibility for everything in your life. That does not mean you’re in charge of your environment and in control of all the stimuli you encounter. It does mean that you’re in charge of your own inner environment and you begin to make choices—true choices that are healthy and wise. The so-called bad luck is seen through a different lens. In fact, there’s a story about luck that I like to tell because it illustrates well just how limited our judgments can be. First, however, to frame the story, let me tell you about one of my favorite country songs. The song titled “Unanswered Prayers” tells of a young man who falls in love with a girl in high school. He prays nightly that she will see him and love him in return. She marries another man, and years pass. He eventually meets a woman who turns out to be the real woman of his dreams. A few more years pass, and he receives an invitation to a high school reunion. At the reunion he sees the sweetheart who married another. She has aged early, is nasty and bitter, and in other ways is totally unattractive. He looks at his wife and says, “Thank God for unanswered prayers!”

Thank God for unanswered prayers!”

So here is the story.

            An old rancher back in the Civil War days was just barely getting by. His wife had died giving birth to his only son, and he himself was somewhat crippled with arthritis. His son, therefore, did most the work around the ranch. Now, this rancher was a really nice man, and everyone in town liked him.

One day, the boy was out tilling the ground when lightning struck near the mules. The mules bolted, and the old harness could not hold them. The harness broke, and the mules ran off.

            Without the mules, the rancher and his son would not be able to get their crops in, and they were barely making ends meet as it is was. The whole town turned out to commiserate. “Such bad luck” they said. But the old farmer said, “Good luck, bad luck; who knows?”

Good luck, bad luck; who knows?

The next day the mules came running home, and behind them came a whole herd of wild horses. The farmer and his son seized the opportunity because horses were worth a lot of money. Armies on both sides of the Civil War were paying a lot of money for horses. They ran outside and opened the corral gates. When the horses and mules were inside, they closed the gates.

This time the whole town came out to congratulate them. “Such good luck!” they said. But the farmer just said, “Good luck, bad luck; who knows?”

The next day the son went out to break the horses, as nobody would buy a horse he could not ride. However, the very first pony he mounted simply sunfished and switched over. This means that he went up facing west and came down facing east, and then reared completely over backwards. The boy was lucky he wasn’t more seriously hurt, just a broken arm and collarbone. This time the whole town came out to say, “Such bad luck.” The old farmer simply said, “Good luck, bad luck; who knows?”

The very next day the army marched through town and conscripted every able-bodied man. Of course they did not take the farmer’s son, because his arm and collarbone were broken. The whole town turned out again: “Such good luck.” The old farmer simply said, “Good luck, bad luck; who knows?”

            The army was heading to Shiloh. Not many lived through that battle. You just never know what is good luck and what is bad luck. But when your bones are broken, you tend to think only of the pain, the inconvenience, the discomfort and so on.

In these times we all can choose to find the good luck in everything that comes to us.  Thanks for the read,


P.S. Here is a link that contains some truly wonderful additional incentives when you get a copy of Choices and Illusions, if you don’t already have a copy:



On the Humorous Side

When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.

~Thomas Jefferson


Your Comments

Yeppeeee! I purchased my 1st tape and the pillow, from you, in the middle of December.  With this economic condition I wondered what I was to do. I decided to make the most of this down time and work with my mind. Deepak tells us that we think 60,000 thoughts a day and we think the same thoughts 95% of the time. So I decided I needed some new thoughts.  My first tape was Freedom from Sugar. Diabetes is a very big issue in my family. I have always felt we should be able to handle these conditions without medicinal supports. I always follow a healthy life style with diet and exercise. Yet, I couldn’t seem to make things quite right. After purchasing Freedom from Sugar I was off sugar in two weeks.  I next purchased the tapes on Prosperity, etc.  I love these tapes. I have them on all three computers that I work with alone with my MP3.  24/7 I’m listening to tapes. My pillow has enough extensions to go all over my house. All of this to tell you this! This morning, after breakfast my blood sugar was normal.  I am so very grateful. Thank you so much.  ~M. I.


Radio Show:  Mind Matters with Eldon Taylor

Listen in via the Internet from anywhere in the world, call in toll free and/or join the conversation via the chat room,  this week’s guest is Film Producer Jeff Warwick joins Eldon to discuss the new documentary film. Programming the Nation, which debuts at the 7th Annual Santa Cruz Film Festival. This socially relevant documentary explores the supposed use, influence and potential subconscious side effects of subliminal messaging in advertising, film, music and political campaigning. Do you ever find yourself doing or buying things without any conscious reasoning? How is it that the US consumes roughly 25% of the world's resources while only making up 4.5% of its population? Are we all part of an elaborate scheme that has been Programming the Nation? Decide for yourself...

View the trailer and see a few added clips at Jeff’s site: http://www.programmingthenation.com/

In two weeks join Eldon and Peter Calhoun, author of Soul on Fire: A Transformational Journey from Priest to Shaman, joins Eldon for a conversation on his transformation and spiritual powers.  Christiane Northrup, M.D., has this to say about this week’s guest and his book, "Peter Calhoun is the real deal - a 21st century Carlos Castaneda. This book is alive with insight, compassion, magic, and hope that we can apply to our own lives right now. These stories are amazing and they're all true. I simply couldn't put it down."

Be sure to tune into Eldon every Tuesday and please call in with your questions, stories and insight.  The show is broadcast live from Seattle at 4 PM local time on KRWM 106.9 FMHD-3 and across the Internet (http://contacttalkradio.com).  Take part in the show by calling 1-877-230-3062.  If you miss it you can stream or download all the shows from our archives: http://contacttalkradio.com/hosts/eldontaylor.html

Be sure to see the list of upcoming guests and their details: http://contacttalkradio.com/hosts/eldontaylor.html


New Book by Judith Orloff

Bestselling author Judith Orloff, MD presents new solutions for staying brave and positive in our challenging world. EMOTIONAL FREEDOM describes Dr. Orloff's unique process she uses with patients to view emotions as a path to spiritual and intuitive awakening You learn how to stay calm and centered but not take on the emotional energy of others. She invites you to take a remarkable journey, one that leads to happiness, serenity, and a mastery over negativity that pervades daily life. You possess the ability to liberate yourself from worry, anger, and fear.

Synthesizing neuroscience, intuitive/energy medicine, and psychology, Dr. Orloff maps the elegant relationships between our minds, bodies, spirits, and our environments. With humor and compassion, she shows you how to identify the most powerful negative emotions and how to transform them into hope, kindness, and courage. Compelling patient case-studies, and stories and from her own life illustrate the simple action steps to cope with emotional vampires, disappointments, and rejection.

Emotional Freedom is a road map for those who are stressed out, discouraged, or overwhelmed as well as for those who are in a good emotional place but want to feel even better. As Dr. Orloff shows, each day presents opportunities for us to be heroes in our own lives: to turn away from negativity, react constructively, and seize command of any situation. Complete emotional freedom is within your grasp.

Here is a link to some really special extra incentives when you get your copy of this book: http://drjudithorloff.com/emotional-freedom-promotion


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Somehow I've missed where to sign up for email. And although I have bought from you before albeit usually by phone, I do not receive the specials via email. A friend just ordered an incredible set called the Essential Pillars to Success which was like 9 CDs for $**. Can you see that I get on the email list. Also are there any specials going on in the spiritual area right now, including the Mastery series. ~N.D.


As a postscript, remember to register for the Hay House “I Can” conference in San Diego and join me and all the other speakers for a weekend you won’t forget.  My newest book, “Mind Programming: From Persuasion and Brainwashing, to Self-Help and Practical Metaphysics” will debut at this conference.  I look forward to seeing you there.



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