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Thought of the Month

The strongest and sweetest songs yet remain to be sung.

Walt Whitman


Testimonials of the Month We love your tapes. We have 12 so far. They

work. I changed. I lost 3 inches on my waist, still eating normal. I

also excel in all other ways and all I touch turns to gold so to speak.

Becoming more successful every day. A. W., San Juan Capistrano, CA.

I recently purchased "Freedom from Alcohol" and have been listening to

it at night while I sleep. It's fantastic, after 1 month I have no

desire for alcohol at all. In any situation... I have no desire! Thanks

for a great product!  R. S., Van Nuys, CA


Why It's So Easy to Fail at Our Resolutions The New Year is upon us and

if you are like so many, you made some resolutions and already have

relented or let go of some of your ambitions. Every year millions of

people do just that. There is such hope in the approach of a new

beginning and yet it is so easy to just let that hope slip into

forgotten dreams of the past.

I have spoken with many people that do not remember their New Year

resolutions from years past. If you think about it for a moment, do you

remember your resolutions from five years ago, from two years ago,

indeed, from last year? Why is it we forget so quickly? First we resign

ourselves to relenting and then we forget what we relented--is that

instructional? I think so.

We are all familiar with "wishful thinking." Yet, most make their

resolutions in much the same way. We can imagine an internal dialog

deciding on the New Year's resolutions:

In this next year I will stop getting angry!

I will use my spare time in wiser ways.

I will save money.

I will get fit.

And so forth.

The problem should be obvious. Let's think of it framed in the same

context, an internal dialog but one that promises success with the


In this next year I will stop getting angry.

How will you do this?

Good question--what triggers my anger?

I know when I get upset and it comes from frustration.

So, how do we control the frustration and get to what's behind it?

When you dialog a resolution in this manner, it becomes easy to see why

most resolutions fail. That is, there is always an underlying cause and

at least one, if not a set of emotional triggers that are incorporated

in and around any and all of our so-called behaviors. What is more,

some emotional "need," at least a perceived need (belief), is satisfied

as a result of our existing behavior. As such, we fail to make the

change we desire until and unless we redefine the context in which our

beliefs rest so we can effectively alter our "needs."

I spend a good deal of time in Choices and Illusions on how we get

these beliefs that fail to serve our highest best. I also discuss how

the context behind our beliefs frames and specifically delimits our

choices. Recently I had a conversation with a talk radio host and it

occurred to me that one of Ellen Langer's ideas might help everyone

understand just how powerful this context stuff is. I use this metaphor

for many things but in particular for smokers and I do know something

about that addiction having smoked three packs of cigarettes a day for

over thirty years. So here is the metaphor, think about the saliva in

your mouth. Move it around and taste it. It may surprise some, but it

actually tastes good and we are glad we have it. Now think of spitting

some saliva into a clear glass and then imagine picking the glass up

and drinking the spit. Something changed--didn't it. When smokers

realize that the context they hold cigarettes in must fundamentally

shift from the saliva in their mouth to spit in the glass, they get it.

All of us have a context to our beliefs and sometimes the context both

betrays common sense and ourselves.

One of the powers people experience with our InnerTalk programs is a

new internal dialog that leads to a shift in context and follows with

the desired change. In my book, Choices and Illusions, you will find

many other ways to alter old self-sabotaging beliefs and replace them

with powerful new convictions that truly do empower you to realize your

highest best.

To your success in 2008!

Thank you,




One of the most asked questions I have encountered since the

publication of Choices and Illusions seeks to understand the notion of

self-fulfillment or self-actualization. In an effort to further our

communication with all of you, we have begun to use You Tube. I invite

all of you to take a look at our first posting there which addresses

the question, "What is self-actualization?"

Go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2W-w6m6t6Uk


Bulletin and Special Offer--Back by Request

Back by demand--take advantage today. If you have not already read your

copy of Choices and Illusions and passed it on to someone you care

about, or if you don't want to let go of your copy, you may want to

take advantage of this special offer. You can go to the URL below and

receive over one thousand dollars in free gifts when you buy a copy of

Choices and Illusions. Check it out for yourself.



Tuesday, January 15, 2008

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