Have You Ever Wanted to Try Hypnosis? Shed Some Stress!

It's old news that too much stress injures relationships, attacks the immune system, zaps our energy, and so forth. Indeed, there are now a number of hard links between disease and stress, to say nothing of early aging and fatigue. Some stress is actually good for us. Unfortunately, the 'some' is usually much less than many of us have to cope with.

We have added this page dedicated to eliminating unwanted stress. We have activated this page with a hypnosis script that will assist you in two things. First, it will introduce you to a deep state of relaxation commonly called "Light Hypnosis." Next, it will provide a few moments of stress free inner peace that will continue for hours. So, if youÌve ever wanted to experience hypnosis and/or you just want a break from the stress, try the following for your experience...

  1. Click on the image below to load the Hypno Disk animation in a separate window.
    Once the disk is loaded and starts to spin, click on the play button to start the Real Audio soundtrack. You will need Real Player to hear the hypnosis script.

  2. Once the soundtrack starts you will need to return to your web browser to view the spinning disk.

Click the hypno disk to start

This hypnosis program lasts for 20 minutes.

If you enjoy this, take a look at our hypnotic programs:

Self-Hypnosis and Subliminal Technology (Book)
Comes with a Hypnosis Training CD PLUS online audio/video training aids.
Self-hypnosis and subliminal communication have long been mired in mystique, urban legend and disinformation. The truth is that both of these techniques are backed by extensive research demonstrating their efficacy and more importantly, once learned, both tools can be customized for any situation and can be used almost anytime and anywhere. Read More

Power ImagaingTM is a very special guided imagery program. It is assumed that there is a reason why you have not been as successful in the past as you would like to be. It helps you discover the reasons behind your behavior and once you know that, success is much easier to achieve. The Power ImagingTM programs do not require the use of headphones, but they do still require you to take time out, close your eyes and put your feet up.

Optimal Weight Loss
Hypnosis, approved habit training, visualization, post hypnotic cues and our patented InnerTalk technology combine to help you lose weight.

Stop Smoking Forever
Imagine never wanting another cigarette. Remember why you started and truly evaluate what you get out of smoking. You may never smoke again.

Well-Being and Self-Esteem
Esteem comes from knowing who you are and a willingness to accept yourself. Imagine becoming impervious to the pressures of others when you know clearly what is in your best interest.

Power Learning and Memory
Learning and memory are mental skills that dovetail together, and when combined with the right mental attitude, they become natural and fun.

Free of Anxiety and Stress
Anxiety is a heightened state of preparedness often associated with those old fight/flight responses. You can learn to condition your mind to become virtually stress free. Remain relaxed and composed in almost any circumstance. Prepared, ready, but without tensions, anxiety or stress. Calm and relaxed. Sound good"then this program is for you.

Relax Now
This program will lead you to such a profound state of relaxation that you may wonder what the state was that you formerly called relaxed.

Creativity is Natural
There have been so many wonderful testimonials about this program that we can say in a word: inspiring!

Pain Relief and Health Imaging
This audio program is probably the most dispensed by health care providers that we have. If pain and health are issues to you, this program may be important to you.

Personal Peace
Within each of us is a kingdom without strife or turmoil. This kingdom knows only peace. This is the place where judgement is non-existent. This is the safety of our own inner sanctuary. There we can rest and contemplate. There we are secure and at peace.

Sports Hypnosis
You must love your sport to be a champion. You must be committed and focused. This program can assist you. World athletes have proven over and over again that their greatest success stories originated in mental training. Many people are accustomed to personal performance, but addressing "team" effort on a mental level is equally important. This program was among a series of programs used by the Weber State University football team when they won the Big Sky Conference. "Sports are fun. I am strong. My team chooses winning," etc.


"Thank you. You saved my life. From a problem with alcohol to an inability to talk to people of the opposite sex; from a life of shame (including jail) to that of a successful businessman in the movie industry, and I owe it to your programs."
- Dan Lassen, LA, CA

"I have spent so much money on programs from so many different companies, and they didn't do anything. But, with your programs I noticed the difference right away, in all areas of my life, I am an artist, billiards champ and a businessman.
- Terry Baker, Paradise, CA.

"Thank you so very much for specializing in this somewhat unknown or rather just unutilized source of strength and help for so many of us who are trying to make it through this life successfully. My 11 year old daughter wants me to tell you how much the programs were helping just not me, but our whole family."
- Genae Lamb, Layton, UT