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The universe begins in the mind.
Patented Breakthrough Technology to Make Effortless
Long Lasting Change with Proven Mind Technology Recordings!

All that you can ever be or do must first be a possibility in the mind!

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Most self-help programs focus on changing the conscious mind. InnerTalk goes right to the source, bypassing the critical filter, thus providing long-term results, whereas most other programs can only offer short-term results. blank
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Product Technology Usage Guide
Product Media Usage Product Guide
InnerTalk 1 CD or Tape Background, 1 hour/day min. Background subconscious self-belief enhancement.
InnerTalk (Day and Night) 2 CD or Tape Background, 1 hour/day min. As above, with music for day, nature sounds for night.
Echo-Tech 1CD or Tape Headphones, 30 mins./day Gentle and supportive audible coaching, also features InnerTalk
OZO 1 CD or Tape Headphones, 30 mins./day Forceful, authoritarian audible coaching, also features InnerTalk
Power Sets 2 CD or Tape Background/Headphones Package of both Echo-Tech/OZO technology with InnerTalk
Power Imaging 1 CD or Tape Headphones, 45 mins./day Facilitates discovery of unconscious motives, features self-hypnosis,
progressive relaxation and InnerTalk
Platinum Plus 1 Tape Headphones, 30 mins./day Advanced meditation for those seeking the pinnacle of self-help.
Video Entrainment 1 Video View 30 mins./day Visual and audio subliminal utilizing sacred geometry and patterned mantras
Inner Peace
Inner Strength
Inner Doubts
Inner Joy
Inner Dreams
Inner Desires
Inner Conflict
Inner Needs
Inner Hopes
Inner Fears
Inner Health

When Believing
In Yourself Matters!TM


Music NotesInnerTalk® MP3 Programs On CD
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New and how everyone likes it÷now on MP3.
New format-- great value! Each of these CDs is themed by category, and is packed with four powerful programs in MP3 format. Play them wherever you go, on your computer or your MP3 player. Drop the files on your desktop at the office and take the CD home for use there. The versatility of the MP3 format is incredible. Plus, we have used a special algorithm to insure that the compression has not deteriorated the quality of the InnerTalk® subliminal affirmations by adding noise to the signal/noise ratio or by compressing the format in such a way as to deteriorate essential information when reducing bit rate data. Compare, if you purchased these titles separately as CDs they would cost $111.80--our introductory price is only $48. Try them-- you'll love them!

MP301: Success Series
Success is a state of mind! It requires commitment, mental discipline, tenacity, ambition, motivation, salesmanship, creativity, problem solving skills and so much more. As Joseph Addison said, "If you want success in life make perseverance your bosom friend." Programs include: Ultra Enthusiasm, Millionaire Orbit, Ending Procrastination and I am a Communicator.

MP302: Genius Learning Series
Release the genius within you. Science used to believe that I.Q. was fixed. Today, we know better.
A good education is the key to so many opportunities, why not maximize all of your abilities. Learn quickly and easily with the tools which have helped many people achieve their goals. Our educational programs have been studied and demonstrated effective. Give yourself or someone you love the gift of learning. Programs include: Powerful Memory, Accelerated Learning and Study, I am a Great Reader and Word Power: Spelling and Vocabulary.

MP303: Personal Peace Series
Living in the present moment is advise given by sages, health care professionals and something the physicist says is all there really is. Leave the worries behind, forget the so-called decay rate of time, put your mind totally in now and witness the difference it makes. This series is designed to renew your freshness by allowing the mind to rest--not sleep, but enjoy full waking rest. Peace is after all a state of mind. Programs include: Soaring Self Esteem, Freedom from Stress, Serenity and Forgiving and Letting Go.

MP304: Young People Series
This combination of programs was created to give your child balance in school and in your own home and relationships. Programs include: Respect and Good Manners, Joy of School, Stress in School and Honesty.

MP305: Magnetic Personality
One of our bestselling set of programs! People are attracted to someone who is positive, honest and enjoys life. Programs include: Positive Mental Attitude, Magnetic Personality, I am Cooperative and I am Charismatic.

MP306: Athletics and Sports Series
What does it take to turn an athlete into a champion? To achieve peak performance? Eldon Taylor has worked with many elite athletes and Olympic medalists and has found that, regardless of the sport, they all have certain characteristics in common. This series helps you be more mentally focused on the sporting activities you do in addition to enhancing your physical strength and vitality. Programs include: Winning Sports Performance, Joy of Exercise and Being Fit, Body Building and Firm Body.

MP307: Creativity Series
Unleash the creative genius within you, today! Go that extra step beyond creativity. Add the genius ingredient. Open up to inspiration and serendipity and boost your powers of concentration with this series of programs. Programs include: Infinitely Creative, Visualization, Concentration and Using Both Halves of the Brain.

Special Note--Guarantee information: Our new MP3 CDs are guaranteed to be free of defects in materials. Should you receive a defective MP3 CD, we will replace it free. This is our only MP3 CD guarantee. There is no exchange or return except as provided above.

Free MP3 Files for Download
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Loss of a Loved One - Gift of Love
The death of a loved one need not leave you emotionally and spiritually disabled. Using this tool can help you "over the hump." "I am at peace. I release myself from blame. Grace is forgiveness and one with Divine Love," etc.
We would like to extend our deepest sympathies for all of those who have lost a loved one. We have a special program that is designed to assist and facilitate in the healing process. This program is free. We're sorry--but we cannot afford to give both the tape and the freight. You must pay the shipping charge. Thank you and all the very best to you and yours!


Forgiving & Letting Go
Learning to let go with love is exceedingly challenging to most. Yet not to do so is to bind ourselves and our growth in resentment and anger. "I care without reward or expectation," etc. This tape is free for the asking, one per customer please. We believe the world would be a much better place if we all lived the principles of forgiveness. Research shows that we'll live healthier if we release the anger, guilt, shame and fear that is healed by forgiveness.


I Believe
We have designed a new program to share the idea of world peace. The affirmations are built around the idea that the intention of many will influence most. Here is but a small sample of the affirmations:
I believe in peace. I believe in the sacredness of life. I believe that all life is sacred. I believe there is a future for our children. I believe in caring for our planet. I believe in caring for others. I believe in promoting peace, balance and harmony. I believe in you.


We could all use a little more serenity in our lives from time to time. Many of our customers have indeed reported using this program when they simply felt stressed out. Here is but a small sample of the affirmations:
I am relaxed. I am accepting. I am calm. I am serene. I am non-combative. I allow. My spirit guides me. I am safe. I am blessed.

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There are thousands upon thousands of satisfied customers.

If only every one would use your products, we'd all be truly happy. Thank you for your work. - C.W.

I love your tapes, CDs and website. Thank you for providing such a powerful technology for change. It's just so simple to listen and then have major shifts occur. Thanks for your dedication to improving life on Planet Earth. - L.S.


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