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2005 International Peace Prize

Eldon was awarded the 2005 International Peace Prize by The International Cultural Convention sitting in the United States for his work teaching self-responsibility. Eldon's books, tapes, lectures, radio & television appearances for over twenty years have approached personal empowerment from the cornerstones of forgiveness, gratitude and respect for all life. That is why everyone of our subliminal programs includes "The Forgiveness Set: I forgive myself, I forgive all others and I am forgiven."



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Eldon Taylor

Greetings! I like to write. I like to create. I believe in self help and self actualization. I believe spirit is an essential aspect of understanding the human condition. Mind and body dichotomies are only spokes in a wheel. The human is mind, body and spirit. Just as spokes do not explain the wheel, typical mind / body duality fails to provide a true insight to the animal human --to say nothing of the higher human nature that is the most noble of all that any of us can be. My work and research has tended to support that view.

I've made a lifetime study out of the questions: Who am I? and Who are you?. I have some ideas and opinions on self and consciousness --but then, don't we all.

I consider myself to be both an eclectic and a perennial student --if not on a campus, through correspondence. I believe life is about learning and therefore continuing education is vital to self actualization. However, education comes in a variety of forms. My background is diverse, but it reflects my passion for understanding the human condition.

How does the mind work? What makes the criminal mind so different from the mind of Mother Teresa? I don't believe it's all quite as simple as nature / nurture. No, I believe humans are the only animal that can truly change their mind --not just over an idea or some action, but in a much deeper and more meaningful sense.

Well, those are some of the things I believe. I enjoy life and hope you do as well! To me, living is a miracle full of absolute wonderment and awe! Life is sacred and each of us is blessed in unique ways. How we actualize our gifts may be the only way to acknowledge our gratitude for the gift that we all are.

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