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Fulfilling Your Writing Dreams

Feb 20, 2019

Many people today dream about becoming a best-selling author. Many more think about writing their memoir, if for no other reason than to leave their story to their family and loved ones. Still others journal, sometimes recording their dreams, and sometimes putting down the significant aspects of their daily lives.  The fact is, research has demonstrated how therapeutic writing can be, both for our psychological wellbeing and our physical health. Indeed, The Center for Journal Therapy puts it this way; “It’s no secret that writing thoughts and feelings down in a notebook or journal builds bridges to inner strength, self-understanding ...

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How You Can Gain The Prosperity Mindset

Feb 15, 2019

There really is such a thing as a prosperity mindset. If you expect never to be rich, then you never will be. If you believe you do not deserve to be wealthy, or that money is evil, then you will find a way to keep it away from you. Change your thinking and you can change your reality. It is because of this, that we created our brand new album, Wealth, Money, and Prosperity.  In case you do not believe there is any such thing as a prosperity mindset, let me share some customer stories with you. Prosperity Testimonials “I’ve ...

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The Secret to Prosperity Creation

Feb 12, 2019

In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill spells out the secret to wealth. The secret: People have the ability to control their mind. This is the only real control they do have but it is also the most important. It Begins in the Mind Everything begins in the mind. All processes, procedures, acts, choices, actions, and so forth, are ultimately under the power of your own mind. Indeed, your every expectation is but a program scripted in your own mind and research clearly shows that in general, what you expect is what you get. If you doubt yourself, you fail—if ...

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The Benefits of a Gentle Forgiving Heart

Feb 05, 2019

Today, I want to pause for a moment and reflect on the importance of relationships. Recently, Ravinder reminded me of something I wrote many years ago as a result of a dream. The next morning I wrote the dream down and ultimately it became The Little Black Book. The bottom line, something I have referred to as the three Rs—and not for reading, writing and arithmetic. No—my three Rs can be said this way, “Reality is Relative to Relationships!” Lasting Think about it this way, when we leave this corporal life, we will not take our trophies, diplomas, possessions, and ...

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The Missing Key to Retaining/Regaining Cognitive Abilities

Jan 29, 2019

Thirty years later I am still exploring ways in which InnerTalk can help me become the person I want/choose to be. As such, I am always playing around with different programs and combinations to see where I get my best results. In the last few months, I have had some simply incredible results when it comes to memory and cognitive abilities so I thought you may enjoy hearing about them. Cognitive Enhancement As I have told you before, one of my personal phobias has to do with cognitive abilities and aging, and as such, I pay close attention to any ...

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Overcoming Loneliness

Jan 22, 2019

Do you ever feel lonely? I tend to think that everyone experiences these feelings at some time or another, but for some people feelings of loneliness and isolation are common—even normal. Sadness Loneliness is the state of being alone and feeling sad about it. However, feelings of loneliness are not only caused by a lack of social connections, as it is perfectly possible to feel lonely even while you are in a crowd, or surrounded by family and friends. The solution to loneliness therefore does not simply entail being with other people, but finding ways to connect with yourself and ...

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