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Broken Minds Equal Broken People

Feb 21, 2020
InnerTalk... because believing in yourself always matters!

It is interesting to see the social networking posts criticizing people who do not know how to think, or do not seem to have common sense, or who say the dumbest things, or carry out really stupid acts, and so forth. It is also intriguing to me to review the ...

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How to Love Yourself

Feb 18, 2020
Fall in love with the process of becoming the best version of yourself.

Have you stopped to think what it means to love yourself? Learning to love yourself is a common theme in the self-help arena right now along with the concept that you’re perfect just as you are. However, in my newsletters I have not held back sharing some of my own ...

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Enhance the Mind’s Ability to Heal You!

Feb 11, 2020
InnerTalk Tree of Health

I first met Eldon when he was teaching at the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy in England. It was a two-day workshop and one of the areas he spent quite a bit of time discussing was the mind’s role in health—both as healer and slayer. There are two aspects ...

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The Question of Free Will

Jan 10, 2020
Quote from Choices and Illusions by Eldon Taylor

For years there has raged an argument on college campuses across the globe. Since the subconscious appears to make over 90% of our choices, is there really any such thing as free will? The fact is, ever since the pioneering work of Benjamin Libet and his observation of cortical evoked ...

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Better Life?

Oct 29, 2019

In this week’s spotlight I would like to discuss the nature of living better. What does a better life mean to you? Is it more money, additional free time, travel, better relationships, or what? Think about this for a moment before continuing this read. I believe that most people think ...

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