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You Can Create Good Luck!

Jul 06, 2016
Recognizing Luck

Everyone wants to be lucky! You can join the ranks of the lucky ones but there are some requisites for doing so. If you’d like to be one of the lucky ones, then here’s a proven path. When I was a young boy luck was defined for me as preparedness meeting opportunity. I have never forgotten that definition and over the years I have seen it repeatedly born out with few exceptions. One might argue that you would be very lucky to be born in a family of billionaires and I suppose that’s arguably true, but assume you are like most, ...

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Aim Higher—There Is More You Can Achieve!

Jun 22, 2016
How High Is Up?

Last weekend, Eldon and I had the great pleasure of watching our oldest son graduate from the University of Washington. I was not aware beforehand, how big an event this would be for me, but now it is certainly in the same category of achievements as your child getting married or having a first baby! I am sure there are lots of parents out there who totally understand where I am coming from. After 16 years in the educational system, it is very fitting that the event be filled with ceremony, accolades, loud cheers and lots of celebrations. Our son ...

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A Forgotten Element In The Happiness Equation!

Jun 15, 2016
One Idea

Today I want to talk to you about an often forgotten aspect of the happiness equation. Sometimes I think we can get so focused on ‘fixing’ what we deem to be broken that we can forget what the entire purpose is behind our search for success—whatever success may mean! We don’t want to lose weight just because 150 lbs is a prettier number than 200 lbs, have a more positive attitude just because it is more socially acceptable, work hard to pass that exam for the merit badge alone, or seek better health just for the hell of it. No, all of these attributes and the infinite number ...

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Stop Sabotaging Your Own Dreams

Jun 07, 2016
Take the first step

There are two questions I want to address today before I get to our amazing special offer for this week. The first question has to do with something Eldon and I talk about all the time—the fact that you will sabotage your own progress if your inner desires are out of alignment with your stated goals. Last week I was asked if we had a program specifically to achieve this alignment. Quite frankly, that is what InnerTalk is all about—it is just up to you to find the best program for your particular needs. So for example, perhaps you wish to lose ...

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You Can Create Good Luck

Jun 02, 2016

Why are some people just ‘plain downright lucky’ whereas others seem to spend all of their time in a quagmire of misfortune? And, even more importantly, is it possible to create good luck? That is the subject I wish to discuss with you today. There was a time in my life that good luck was simply a matter of chance, but then my life experience showed me something different. I remember being with a friend/colleague when we were asked to purchase tickets for a lottery. The lottery was a fund-raiser for a cause I believed in, so I dutifully purchased ...

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Reverse Your Aging Process — Here’s the Proof!

May 25, 2016
Forever Young

Today I want to share a funny story with you about Eldon! But first, let me give you some background.  As you know, Eldon and I are strong believers in staying as young and healthy as possible for as long as possible, and Eldon has focused a fair bit of research searching for ways that we can achieve this.  Back in the 90s, he prepared a paper that he had planned to give in Israel on Memory Dependent Wellness. The paper covered lots of different areas, and ended up spawning the creation of Eldon’s Forever Young album. Included in this album is a booklet ...

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