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The Rational Human

Aug 29, 2014
brain puzzle

God sleeps in the minerals, awakens in plants, walks in animals, and thinks in man.      ~Arthur Young Recently I asked a couple of questions on my Facebook page. “What if everything you believe is wrong? Can you even admit that possibility?” What if we discovered tomorrow that foundational “truths” we hold to be dear were in fact false—what would we do? Would we deny the marshal of evidence before us? Would we attack the messenger delivering the news? Would we challenge with arguments of credibility, authenticity, verifiability, and so forth? Well the likelihood is very high that we would do ...

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Self-Improvement: Journey or Destination?

Aug 19, 2014
Ravinder Taylor

Letter from Ravinder Taylor Dear Friend, What does self-improvement mean to you? Is there just one issue that you wish to correct in your life and everything else is perfect, or do you have a series of issues that you are working on? Or do they escalate, one step to the next? I first met Eldon almost 25 years ago when he was teaching in the U.K. at the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy where I was a student. At that time, the workings of the mind fascinated me and I saw my training as being a valuable tool ...

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Learning and Memory Issues

Aug 12, 2014
Abstract Brain

Greetings! August is here and you can find back to school specials every where. But why do we think of learning and education as something only the young need to be concerned about? Of course we want to give our children and grandchildren the best start in life (and there is no easier way to eliminate the negative talk that inhibits learning abilitities than InnerTalk), but most of us are also aware that we too have learning and memory issues at certain times. Whether this is due to our current stress load or is something we attribute to the aging ...

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