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A Guide to Touching the Infinite

Jun 16, 2015
Magic Hand

I received a lovely e-mail from a reader last week in response to my newsletter on The Creative Doorway to Spiritual Insights. She said: Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your emails. I get so much email—most of it junk—but I always find time to read yours. I’ve set up my email filter to flag yours and mark it in a color that stands out, so I won’t miss it.  Thank you! ~ R.J. Well, I have to confess that these kinds of e-mails really do give me the warm fuzzy feeling that Eldon often talks about. When ...

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The Creative Doorway to Spiritual Insights

Jun 09, 2015
Abstract Space

Being creative is a lot more than just artistic expression or problem solving. For me, opening up my creative abilities is also leading to greater spiritual connectedness. Let me share some experiences with you. When I first met Eldon, just over 25 years ago, I had not even heard of the New Age, and although I was dabbling in self-help, I did not know this was an arena of its own. I have always believed in ‘something higher’ though and really wanted to find out how to access it. One of the techniques I was introduced to very early on ...

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The Third Aspect to Prosperity Creation

Apr 21, 2015

I know this may seem like a dumb question, but why do you wish to be prosperous (or more prosperous as the case may be)? Increasing prosperity is a huge issue these days and that’s why we decided to focus on it this month. In the last few emails, I have explained the two most important factors necessary for creating ccAL prosperity. First you must remove those mental blocks to receiving prosperity, such as the erroneous ideas that ‘money is the source of all evil’ or that you do not ‘deserve’ to be prosperous, etc. Second, you need to put ...

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The Real Path to Prosperity

Apr 04, 2015

Not long ago I wrote to you about the growing trend of those who are urgently seeking financial security and added prosperity. At that time, many of you asked us to put our prosperity program on sale. Well, you asked and we listened, and today we are offering a deep discount on the most important program we offer when it comes to creating prosperity and abundance in your life. However, we always strive to make sure our newsletters provide you with necessary tools, regardless of whether or not you take advantage of any special offers. As such, this newsletter is ...

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What liking yourself REALLY means!

Mar 18, 2015

I was in my early teens when I was struck by a thought that would turn out to be one of the guiding principles for my entire life. I cannot tell you why I had this thought as there wasn’t anything significant going on in my life that would spark it, but some part of me must have realized how important it was, as to this day I can still remember exactly where I was when the thought occurred. The thought was this: I have nothing if I cannot like myself. Self-esteem is a term that has been bandied around ...

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Proof That What You Believe Matters!

Mar 10, 2015
InnerTalk Brain Power

Imagine this, two groups of people are given identical cigarettes. One group is told the cigarettes are nicotine free. The brain processes accordingly and the group who believe the cigarette is nicotine free show entirely different brain activity. Indeed, the reward pathways that lead to addiction fail to exhibit activity in the group who believe the cigarette is nicotine free. Can you imagine this? This is much more than a placebo. What is being suggested in our two groups goes far beyond placebo—it would suggest that our beliefs are as powerful as a physical influence! Beyond The Placebo Effect If ...

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